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Ok, so the set list is out.  I’m happy that I made some pretty accurate prediction of the song list but then it’s not so difficult to guess, is it?  I mean, for the last 3 tours they were singing basically the same songs again and again, only adding new materials from their new album.  But at least this time they’ve incorporated 4 songs into a medley, one of the songs being a totally new one for concert (Ti Amero from their debut album).  

It would’ve been nice to be able to attend at least one of the concerts since they’re singing 8 songs out of 10 from their new album, Wicked Game, but unless my fortune changes, I’ll just have to settle with the videos shared by kind Divas from all over the world.  No matter that most of the songs are over-sung in concerts, it’s always nice to see the Divos’ interaction among themselves and also with the fans.  Who knows?  Seb might fluffed his lines or cues again, and Carlos might get a pair of tiny knickers instead of the mammoth one he got during the London Coliseum concert.  Sweet David might get his tongue twisted again introducing the orchestra and gorgeoURS Urs might do a full salsa move…yeah, I’m dreaming, I know 😛  Urs doing a salsa?  When pigs fly!  But maybe he does dance in private, who knows?

Enough ramblings, time to get cracking at work.  Until next time something comes to mind…