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Fusion food – Fried Udon

Having to clear my fridge of stuff bought for our Lunar New Year reunion dinner, I decided to fry some Japanese udon with the meat and seafood sitting in the freezer for more than 2 weeks.

We had udon fried with chicken chunks, pork, fish slices, crab sticks, and scallops.  It’s really a fusion of flavours as I fried it with worchester sauce, Chinese cooking wine and Korean anchovy stock.  Added a little bit of small, red chilli to make it spicy.
So it’s a food with Japanese (udon), American (worchester sauce), Korean (anchovy stock), Chinese (cooking wine) origins LOL, much like the popera group I love which is made up of the three opera singers from America (David Miller), Spain (Carlos Marin) and Switzerland (Urs Buhler), and a pop singer from France (Sebastien Izambard) 😀