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It is Friday!  It’s a day of non-productivity since people are generally more sluggish by the time Friday rolls around, perhaps stressed out by the days preceeding it or already in a ‘weekend mood’.  Perhaps they should just declare Friday a weekend like Saturday and Sunday since most people are just mucking around in the office… But then if Friday becomes a public holiday, then soon Thursday will be too cos it’s the last day of the week and everyone’s in weekend mood, then Wednesday, Tuesday and gradually we won’t be working on Monday either…Hmmm…

I always tell my friends whoever invented the system whereby you need to work to earn a living ought to be shot.  Why can’t we live be simple life like in the days of barter trade…you trade what you have for what you want, hence only working for what you need?  Why do we need so many things that are really just excesses to make us feel good but that we can life without? Why can’t we go back to the simple life?  Why?