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Seated here watching a documentary on the weirdest animal of the world.  There is this botfly that lays its eggs on a host, like animals or human beings.  Saw a woman with the botfly maggot in her scalp. YIKES!  A man tried to remove it through a small hole on her scalp by using heat method, it wouldn’t come out.  Then he placed a tape over the hole and out came the bloody maggot! ICKKKKK!  Then he proceeded to pull out the offending, horrible bug with a pair of tweezers and some white gooey stuff oozed out of the hole after the bug.  I watched the whole procedure through the gaps between my fingers…maggots and worms…EEEEKKKKKKKKK!  Just the thought of the wriggly maggot makes my skin crawl!

Maybe living in a concrete jungle suits me better…