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Golly!  Do people actually wait until V Day to have a meal with their loved ones?  I was walking through a mall after work just now when I saw practically all the food outlets filled to the brim with patrons and long queues snaking out of the restaurants.  Needless to say, most are couples, young and old, but a cursory glance showed more young than old. 

Don’t these people actually eat on a normal day with their loved ones?  Or do they think their partners are only worth being treated on a special day?  Maybe some of them were thinking ‘Let’s wait till V Day to treat her to something special…she might not even last that long!’

But maybe they waited for this day just for the ambience, that special love-is-in-the-air feeling.  But whatever it is, let me make it clear that I am NOT mocking people who celebrate V Day.  I’m merely voicing out what came to mind when I saw these people queuing in the mall. 

Of course it would be nice to dine out on this special day with a special someone.  I am after all a woman who loves to be pampered.  But then I am one with a practical side to me.  A simple text by hubby to wish me a happy V Day made me smile.  I am low maintenance 😛

By all means people, go ahead and tell your loved ones in your own special ways how you love them 🙂  I wish all the lovebirds in the world a life full of love and happiness 😉