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Woke up this morning and got ready for work just like any other day.  What’s there so special about V Day, especially if you’ve been married for close to 23 years?  As usual hubby dropped me off at the train station.  “Bye!” and he was off.  What did I expect?  Nothing!  It didn’t even occur to me that today is V Day until I saw someone walked by with a stalk of rose.

Guess David Miller (Il Divo) was right when he said that this day is hyped up by the marketing people and is over-rated.  Everything from chocolates to flowers to dinner on the 14th of February have their prices jacked up sky-high.  But still, there are people willing to fork out the money even when they know they can get a stalk of rose at 50% less on other days.  Guess there are romantics in the world who still believe in the old school of courtship…

That being said, I certainly wouldn’t mind if hubby returns home with a box of chocolate, a stalk of rose or even a tiny piece of cake for me 🙂  That would be a great way to tell me he still treasures me.  As Asians, we don’t communicate our love and affection enough, we’re not touchy-feely and we certainly don’t hug and kiss freely in public.  A gesture like that on a special day would definitely be even more special but I’m not going to hold it against him if he doesn’t do anything.  My bet is he’s probably forgotten that today is V Day LOL!

Anyway, V Day isn’t just a day for the lovers to show their affection to each other.  I came into the office and saw a male colleague carrying a bag with a stalk of rose in it and I was curious as to who he was going to give it to.   No, it wasn’t for moi, it was for my colleague from another department.  He said the rose was from the whole department.  How sweet of them!

That reminds me of my ex-colleague who ordered a bunch of roses a couple of days before V Day 4 years ago and stored them in his fridge because they were cheaper than if he had bought them a day before or on the actual day.  And who did he give the roses to?  All the lady colleagues in the office including moi!  Can you understand why I miss him today? 😛