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Not working on Thursday, I had planned to do some housework since I didn’t do much last weekend.  Well, as it turned out, ‘planned’ is the key word.  It didn’t actually mean it will be done.  I should’ve known better than to plan anything because it almost always never worked out the way I planned! 

Instead, I sat in front of the tv screen, hands on the keyboard, Beethoven on the stereo, eyes glued to the pc watching some Youtube vide0s of the Il Divo Sydney concerts posted by some very devoted and thoughtful Divas 🙂 

Watching these videos and reading a couple of the concert reviews on the official forum gave me an inspiration to write something about Il Divo and share some of their videos here.  A kind Diva has allowed me to use her videos taken during the Sydney concerts to complement my blog.  She is Erika, aka bbsmummy on the Il Divo Official Forum. 

Here is one of my favourite videos, My Way.  It’s not necessary one of my favourite songs simply because I think it is over-sung (done too frequently), but it’s favourite because of the antics the guys get up to when performing it.


From this video taken at the Sydney Opera House on the 15th of February we can see that the guys have come a long way in forging a strong bond with each other.  Four guys of very different personalities, from different cultures and different background being thrust upon each other to create a whole new genre of music called Popera.  Il Divo could’ve self-destructed after its first or second successful album like so many pop bands due to differences among its members.  Instead the band turned those differences into an asset that carried it into its eighth year since its inception.  It has even won the Classical Brits Artist of the Decade Award just last year for its contribution to the Classical music industry in Britain.

The fact that the Divos have been able to work through their differences to achieve such phenomenal success says a lot of their characters.  We are often treated to videos of the guys interacting with fans outside of studios and at sound check before concerts or performances.  These guys are always so willing to share their precious time with their fans and have often shown their appreciation of the fans’ support.  

I always believe that it is their humanity that makes the Diva community such a warm and caring one.  Over the years they have united the world with their music and their passion and have brought us all together through their official website.  It is this community that allows those of us who are unable to attend their concerts to experience the thrill of the LIVE shows through the accounts of those who have attended the concerts as well as videos and photographs posted on the forum and other social media sites like FB and Twitters.

Here’s another video by Erika that shows the fun side of Il Divo, a medley of 4 songs (La Vida Sin Amor/Ti Amero/Un Regalo Que Te Dio La Vida/Angelina):


Eight years on and it seems like the guys are still enjoying what they do and are even more happy working together now.  From the fun they had on stage in Sydney both nights we can see that they really enjoy being on the road again.  It will be another gruelling tour like their previous 3 world tours but there is never any doubt that they can pull it off with a bang.   

And here I sat reliving somebody else’s experience through their cameras, ignoring housework.  It’s great to be in such a community and I hope Il Divo continues to give us another  20 years and more of their beautiful voices, charismatic personalities and this friendship that we have forged through the cyber world over the years.  I promise to be good and will do my housework tomorrow in return for that 20+ years of Il Divo 😛

Yes, another plan, let’s hope it works…can somebody lock up my pc???