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Oven on Fire

What do you do when your lunch broke out in a fire???  Blow it out, of course! 

This was what happened to me this afternoon when I put a McDonald’s Saugage McMuffin into the toaster oven to heat up.   Instead of removing the wrapper before toasting, I simply open it up and put the whole burger + wrapper into the oven to toast.  Stupidly I thought if I kept watch it should be ok but no, the thin wrapper immediately caught fire! 

Strangely the thought that the office pantry was going to turn into a towering inferno wasn’t the top most concern in my mind.  Instead, I was more worried that all the staff in the same office were going to witness me setting the office pantry alight.  Luckily, only 2 ladies sitting near the open pantry and an Indian colleague who was headed for the washroom were there to witness the fire. 

So what did I do?  As calmly and as coolly as I could, I opened the oven door and switched off the power.   Kudos to the 2 ladies, they didn’t run out the office screaming ‘Fire! Fire!’ even as they saw the flames licking at the burger inside the oven.  Instead, they asked if everything was ok as I huffed and puffed and finally blew out the fire.  The Indian guy made an exclamation (can’t remember what he said) and then headed straight for the washroom when he saw that I had put out fire with my mouth.

Funnily, instead of being flustered, I managed to laugh it off with the 2 ladies while I hurriedly wipe away the ashes of the burnt wrapper, determined not to leave a trace of the accident even though there was nothing I could do about the burning smell.  

Thank goodness the wrapper was thin which was why it burnt itself out pretty quick!  And even more so, thank goodness I had the presence of mind to stay and watch over my lunch!  My burger was left unscarred and unscathed, which seemed to be the main concern of one of the ladies who kept saying ‘what a waste!’ when she thought my lunch had gone to waste.  But when some other colleagues walked into the office and asked if I had burnt my lunch, I just said yes.   Couldn’t let them know I nearly evacuated the whole office building, could I???

And did I ever tell you I had a hard-boiled egg explode in the microwave oven in the same pantry???