No, I didn’t burn or try to burn down the office again.  It’s just me struggling with the oven toaster again and making a huge mess out of eating something as simple as ham and eggs sandwiches!

How do you toast a sandwich to a perfect crispy brown on the outside and tenderly warm on the inside?  I mean, a sandwich is supposed to be a simple meal right?  Not so for me!  I bought the 2 sandwiches this morning for lunch, stacked them up and wrapped them on a piece of aluminum foil before popping them into the toaster oven to toast for 10 minutes. Sounds simple enough…So I stood and  waited, not trusting myself to not start a fire.  Ding!  It was done!  No mishap there.  Phew!

Brought the  almost burning hot sandwiches still in the foil to my desk and guess what?  The middle part and the fillings were still cold but the top and bottom slices were browned!  Back to the toaster they went, this time the 2 sandwiches sitting side by side, the cold side up. I made sure they were nicely browned on the top before removing them.  Also made sure no fire was started (this has become a huge concern of mine).

Now came the most difficult part…prying the bottom slice of the bread off the aluminium foil!  Ugh!  It got stuck there with some of the egg filling spilling out onto the foil. It was an ugly sight by the time I managed to pry it off the foil. Almost lost my appetite at the sight.  Look!

But that’s not all…The big mess came when I tried to bite into it.  All the eggs (well, not all, but bits) fell out and some landed on the carpet.  UGH!  I’m such a terrible eater!  Who would marry a girl like me?  Oh, wait, I’m already married 😛  I am so glad nobody, not even the nosey bosses, walked by at this moment.  Terrible me, I had to pick up the bits of eggs from the carpet and put them on to the foil and remember not to eat them (!!!)  I have somehow lost my enjoyment of the sandwiches that I’d been so looking forward to eating this morning.  All because of the mess they created…or was it me who created the mess?

If anyone has any good suggestions on how to toast a perfect sandwich without setting fires to the kitchen, without burning the bread on the outside and still manage to have the insides cold, on how to eat sandwiches with egg fillings without them dropping all over the desk and carpet,…please tell me.  I need lesson 101 on how to have a stress-free lunch at work.  In the meantime, I need to go apply for my leave for tomorrow.  This is getting to be too stressful…I need a day away from my office kitchen…

Oh, btw, did I tell you I spilled strawberry jam onto my belt this morning as I was eating my strawberry jam sandwich?  😛  And no, please don’t tell me to just bring cold salad…it won’t fill my tummy!