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Hello Peeps,

Sorry for being MIA the whole week.  Real life isn’t a bed of roses and if it is, it’s full of thorns.  I have several things I want to blog about just no time to do them.

Early this week I received 2 batches of photos from my lovely Thai Diva friend, Natcha, who went to Hong Kong with another dear friend Nonie for the Il Divo concert.  She has given me her concert photos to post on my blog.  I’ve sorted through them and picked some for posting here, watermarked them with her name and they’re all just residing in my home pc.  I think I need a full day with no distraction to upload them here.  Please stay tuned 🙂

Then I need to come up with the next installment of Judith Remembers.  So glad to see that people are reading it.  I’ve some recollection which I need to put into words.  Maybe this weekend…

But this weekend is all booked out.  First, brunch with siblings (and baby En En 🙂 ) at a hotel on Saturday, then on Sunday we all head to the crematoriums to pay our respect to our late grandparents and sister.  It’s the time of the year which the Chinese dedicated to remember the dead.  If I’m up for it I might write something about this day.  All I can say right now is that it’s going to be extremely hot and humid and stuffy in these places because everywhere you turn there would be people and burning incense.

I might take Monday off…heck, I think I WILL take Monday off.  Need to get the house in order and that includes this blog!  Not to mention my story, As Love Grows… Hmmm…am I doing too much?

Over and out 😉