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As I sat here blogging about my lunch, I was suddenly attacked by a swamp of flying insects.  They flew in from the living room window which was just beside me.  At first it didn’t bother me as I get all sorts of insects attacking me as I sat at my coffee table using the pc but this time it was different.  The sheer number of black and long-winged insects got my attention and it took me awhile to terminate those that had landed in my living room.

Flying insects

I managed to close the windows to a lot more flying outside.  These little creatures were thinking of taking refuge from the heavy rain but I couldn’t risk them getting into the bedrooms.  Son would freak out when he comes home to see all these creatures flying or lying about in his bedroom.

However, I neglected to tell hubby about it and he was swamped too, in the other room with windows on the same side as the living room windows.  This was what happened after he called in the terminator aka me…


Now the flat is stuffy and warm because of the closed windows.  I think I need another shower…

Oh, btw, if you know what these insects are called, please tell me 😉