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Sorry this blog has been so quiet lately but I’m pretty stuffed up right now…my nose is stuffy and it’s making my ears stuffy too!  I just about blew out my ears when I blew my nose, so in addition to can’t smell properly I should add I can’t hear very well either LOL

The good thing is that this time I am not coughing much (touch wood!).  I used to have very bad cough that develops into bronchitis whenever I have a cold but this time, I am coughing less, only more irritated by my stuffy nose.  Perhaps it’s the ginger tea I’ve been drinking?  Or that I’ve been taking lots of fruits and yogurt and cereal?  Not sure which but thank Gott I have been able to sleep through the night without waking up in a coughing fit.

Good thing too that it’s not Christmas now or I could be strung along with Rudolf the Red Nosed reindeer to pull the sleigh…we’re like cousins now!

Thank you to all of you who’ve commented on my blog posts.  I haven’t got the head-space to reply to every one of the comments so I hope you don’t mind (does anybody actually read my replies???).   I still have the Spa blog to do and some Judith Remembers sitting at the edge of my grey matters waiting to be written but all these will have to wait while I clear out the stuffiness in both my nose and my ears.

Judith the Red-nosed Reindeer signing out for now…