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Daisy, Xiaobai and Snowy (Mei-Mei)

Today was vet day.  Despite being still unwell, I had to take my mum’s dog, Daisy, to the vet for her annual jab.  Together with my sis, Stef and her hubby, Kok, and their 2 dogs, we went to pick Daisy up at my mum’s early this morning.

As I was late when Stef and hubby came to pick me up, I hurriedly pulled on my tank top and skort (skirt + shorts underneath) and went downstairs to the waiting car.  All the way to the car I was feeling quite uncomfortable in my skort and kept picking on my underwear 😛  Then when we got to my mum’s and I collected Daisy, on the ride down in the elevator I realised why I kept picking on my underwear: I had my skort the wrong way round!

The moment we stepped out of the elevator and I saw Stef, I told her about it and we laughed.  I told her I had to go change it around and she said “Can’t you just turn it around?”  Um…no, sis, I can’t because it’s a skort and it has shorts underneath that are attached to the skirt.  Then I saw the tinted windows of the backseat of the car and made a decision.  Kok was ordered out of the car…and the skort got turned around 😉

The trip to the vet was uneventful, even with 3 dogs in the car.  Poor Daisy was so stressed that she shed lots of fur in the back of the car.  She didn’t flinch when she had the jab but her tail was permanently down and hooked onto the edge of the observation table, as if hanging on to dear life LOL  But at least she’s subdued when stressed or afraid and sits quietly.  The other two small dogs were something altogether, barking, growling and jumping about.

Did Daisy get any treat for being a good girl?  Well, if deworming tablets can be considered as a treat, then yes, she did 😛