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 International Buffet for brunch at Cafebiz, The Trader’s Hotel

Yesterday was my birthday.  A year older, a year wiser.  Perhaps. Anyway, it was a quiet day except for the fact that Hougang, the stronghold of the Workers’ Party (one of Singapore’s opposition parties), went into by-election.  Despite all the setbacks that the party faced as a result of their former MP’s indiscretion and subsequent expulsion from the party, the WP’s new man, Mr Png Eng Huat, still managed to garner a hefty 62.09% of the votes.

If the results of the 2011 GE weren’t indicative of a changing political scene in Singapore in the eyes of the ruling party, than this by-election result should tell them that the people of Singapore are no longer willing to be led by the nose.  If they haven’t learnt to sit up, listen and take appropriate actions after the GE, perhaps starting from 26 May 2012 (my birthday), they will!

There is a lot of harping on how the ruling party candidate had a marginally better showing than his previous two GE results.  Well, considering what had gone on in Hougang before the by-election was called, it isn’t such a big surprise that the WP candidate suffered a slight drop in vote count.  What is surprising is that Mr Desmond Choo didn’t win by a bigger margin, having the heavy weights of the PAP campaigning for him, including our PM Lee, on top of having worked the grounds much longer than the new MP, Mr Png Eng Huat.

It would do well for the ruling party to heed the cries of its people and address the issues that have been plaguing the true-blue Singaporeans (who are sadly becoming extinct by the way).  It’s foreign policy of spending big bucks on buying foreign ‘talents’, who more often than not dessert their adoptive country for greener pasture elsewhere after obtaining PR status or citizenships, makes the government look bad. Our transportation woes where fares keep increasing while service level drops horrendously are becoming a daily topic on all forms of media.  Then there is the increased cost of living vs virtually non-existent salary increase.  Oh wait, there is some increase – National Wage Council recommends for the first time since 1984 a minimum wage increase of $50 for lower wage earner – but SERIOUSLY?  What had they been doing for the past 28 years for these people???  And public services turning into commercial entities (ie, MRT, SBS)…The gripes are endless for us Singaporeans who are supposed to be living in a first world country but feel more like second-classed citizens in our own backyard.

Sigh…this is supposed to be a blog about my birthday celebration yesterday and was supposed to be posted last night with a description of the buffet I had with hubby and kids but somehow the long happy post was accidentally deleted.  So this morning I sat here intending to rewrite it but the sentiments of last night’s poll results are too fresh to ignore.  I have tried very hard to stay away from blogging about our political scene but my fingers just wouldn’t listen.  Hope you don’t mind this out-of-character rant from me, dear friends from all over the world 😛