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Well, as you can probably guess, I just had an EEK! moment…

I came back from buying dinner and was about to make coffee and tea for hubby and myself.  I stood at the kitchen sink and picked up my favourite drinking cup:

My favourite cup

To my horror, I found a wriggling big fat lizard inside!  I let out a small ‘EEK!’ but didn’t drop the cup (I’m so proud of myself :P).  Instead, I poured out the lizard into the kitchen sink without thinking.  It tried to climb up the sink but the sink was wet, so it tried jumping.  I panicked.  I stood there and watched as it struggled from one corner of the sink to the other corner but because of the wet surface, it couldn’t climb out, nor was it able to jump high enough to save itself.

The sight of the lizard was enough to make my skin crawl but the thought of getting rid of it…YIKES!  But I couldn’t let it escape and terrorize me.  I turned on the tap and kept splashing it with water while my mind worked on a solution.  In the end I called in reinforcement.

Hubby came and when he saw what I was trying to do, all he said was ‘I’m in the midst of dinner…’  So I told him to just pass me the lizard repellent that was just below the sink and I’d do the dirty work.  I couldn’t chance bending down to get it lest the lizard managed to jump to safety.

Lizard repellent

So armed with the repellent, I sprayed the lizard till it stopped moving, but experience told me it wasn’t dead yet, probably just stunned.  It stood unmoving near the sink hole cover.  It was either I remove the cover and try to wash it down the sink (all 3 inches of the lizard) or I remove it with my bare hands.

Guess what I did?  I used a piece of newspaper to grab it.  My facial expression was probably contorted to real ugliness as I tried to block out the horror of what I was holding in my hand.  Then I crunched up the paper but not too hard, applying just enough pressure to make sure it was dead.  Then I wrapped bundled up the paper, put it in a plastic bag, tied it up and put it into another plastic bag for security.  Let’s hope it stays there till morning when we throw the rubbish away…

RIP Lizard

I tried washing the cup to make my tea but the thought of what was inside there only minutes ago gave me goosebumps (in the bad sense), so the cup is going to the rubbish bin tomorrow morning with the lizard.  Now I have a new favourite cup:

New favourite cup

Both cups were X’mas pressies so hopefully I get new cups for X’mas again in case this one attracts another lizard 😛

What a way to end my weekend *rolleyes*