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Some musings about the coming National Day on 9th August…

I really dislike the new National Day song. Bad arrangement and non-inspirational lyrics, although to be honest, it’s hard to be inspirational these days or even a little patriotic.

Looking around everywhere here I am reminded of the vulnerability of our own races, the original Singapore blend of Chinese, Malay, and Indians that makes up the core population of the city-state since independence 48 years ago.  And you know that things are getting from bad to worse when even your very own minister suggested teaching his own mother-tongue as a foreign language in order to ‘halt the decline in fluency’.  Did he think Singaporeans are stupid?  

That says a lot about what this country has become, doesn’t it?  We are fast losing our identity as Singaporeans, finding ourselves being relegated to second-class citizens with a slew of policies and propaganda by the people who govern the country to promote the acceptance of foreigners who mostly aren’t even here for the long haul, and who clearly take us for suckers!

Anyway, rantings aside, let’s get back to this year’s National Day song.  Methinks this cover by Eli T is a more touching version and less icky than the original (which brings goosebumps for the wrong reason)…


The original is here:


Just sing Chan Mali Chan, Munnaeru Vaalibaa 

and even Kit Chan’s Home

…never tire of listening or singing these on National Day!

One disgruntled born-and-bred citizen signing off now…