Judith Remembers…Part 1

Part 1

Thought I’d start a page on something I remember of the times when I was growing up.  Since the majority of my readers are from the other side of the pond, I thought you might find the things I grew up with during my childhood interesting.  I will need to dig deep into the recesses of my mind to come up with something interesting or peculiar to this part of the world.

Let me see where to start…

The earliest memories I have of my childhood are from the time I was probably only 3 or 4 years old.  I grew up in a 1-room HDB (Housing Development Board) flat, a government-built housing.  The flat only has a room, a kitchen and a bathroom/toilet; there is no living room.

1-room HDB flat

I remember we had a wooden partition that separated the room into 2, 1 side for the living area, the other for sleeping.  There was a huge 4-post bed in the middle of the ‘bedroom’, huge probably because I was tiny at that time LOL

There were my parents, my 3 elder sisters and myself living in that flat.  A younger sister and 2 younger brothers weren’t born yet at that time.  I distinctly remember the narrow and dark corridor, that the door of our flat opened up to see the door of our neighbour just a few feet away. 

I remember always going into one of the neighbour’s house to play but one day I swallowed a chewing gum (at that time chewing gums weren’t banned yet 😉 ) while playing there and I cried and cried.  Since then I became too shy to even go to that flat anymore and would hide behind my mum whenever we came across the neighbour 😛

We lived on the ground floor of the highrise building so we had a back door that opened to a grassy patch of lawn where we had clothes lines and could play out there. 

There was time I remember when we had our Mid-Autumn Festival fun at the lawn.  We were each carrying a cellophane lantern lighted with a candle and walking and laughing and admiring each other’s choice of lantern.  In those days there were no Pokemon, Dinosaur, Angry Birds lanterns; they are mostly of animals from the 12 Chinese zodiac or fish.  I probably remember this day because my second sister’s lantern caught fire and burnt to ashes LOL  Imagine the horror on our faces because the cellophane and bamboo sticks that made the lantern went up in flames pretty quickly.  Poor sis was left to just watch us play after that… Gone are the days of big, open space just at the doorstep 😦

cellophane lantern

To be continued…

16 thoughts on “Judith Remembers…Part 1”

  1. Rosemary Dearing said:

    Oh Judy, this is a wonderful addition… I look forward to watching you grow up and see you become the lovely young lady you are now.

  2. suberbabe said:

    Keep going Judy. You know how I love learning about other countries and traditions. I think it brings the world together especially hearing about the children. Although some things are very different we can always find some things in common like playiing outside and hanging clothes to dry.

  3. Not surprising that you are still so close to your family, growing up in such close proximity. However having so many family members as playmates was something I envied growing up as an only child with no-one to play with at home. Perhaps why I have built up such a large group of friends?……especially so with my Diva family. I look forward to reading more of your growing years Judy. Thank you so much for sharing. xx

  4. Irene, I’m glad to be able to share my family with you 🙂

  5. Really interesting..What a wonderful idea…I really enjoyed reading it..I agree with the others that it is a wonderful way for us to share some of your culture and your memories..Thanks

  6. Wow! I love reading about this. This is a better way for me to learn about another culture then any class I could ever take. Thank you!

  7. What a great idea, Judy! My first question is……..chewing gum was banned? Really? Why? You sound like me as a little girl……always hiding behind my mum, afraid people were laughing at me. Look at how far we’ve come. 😉 From shy little girls, to becoming friends and posting stories and running blogs. Yay us!

    Can’t wait for Part Two. Soon?


    • Chewing gum is still banned, T. The government got sick of cleaning up the mess that they decided to ban it. Can’t sell or import it.

      I’ll probably still hide…behind your back if we do an M&G with Il Divo together LOL But, yes, YAY US! 🙂

      Part Two? What about my other stories???

  8. What a wonderful snippet of your childhood. While I was an only child, I had plenty of neighborhood children to play with and we were out doors from early morning until
    dark every day. The laundry was hung outdoors as there were no clothes dryers in those days. I vividly remember how cold my hands would get either putting it on the line or taking it down in during the winter months.
    Would love to read more about your culture and childhood.

  9. Really like this addition Judith. Been a little while since I stopped by. Everything’s different now!

    Must. Resist. Change.


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