Judith Remembers…Part 10


My memories of the time after we moved to the new flat consisted of my kindergarten lessons.  It wasn’t so much the lessons for I was probably too distracted to pay attention 😛 Anyway, I believe lessons back then weren’t as difficult as they are right now.  It was the tea breaks, art lessons and a performance that I remember most vividly.

During tea breaks, we would each be given a chocolate drink.  At that time I believe it was Ovaltine, which somehow got displaced in the market by Milo these days.  This was the beverage I grew up drinking and would even wake in the middle of the night asking my parents for it 😛



Besides this chocolate beverage, we were given some animal-shaped biscuits to share too.  I remember picking out my favourite animals from the plate and comparing them with my classmates.

Animal-shaped biscuits

Animal-shaped biscuits

Then there were the arts and crafts lessons.  I can’t remember what else we did during these lessons besides hand painting.  I distinctively remember having to sit out one of these lessons (maybe I was sick then) and was feeling very sorry for myself 😛  As a result, I had only done it once which was not enough for little me 😦


– All pictures taken from Yahoo Image

Also, there was the performance of a lifetime 😛  We performed the Chinese chopsticks dance on stage for some event which I couldn’t recall what it was.  We were decked out in red Chinese costumes, our faces painted with red blushers and lipsticks, our hair (the girls’) were tied up in pony tails with little red boa feathers.

LIttle kids dancing

– This picture was taken from Yahoo Image and is for illustration only.  That’s not a chopstick dance by the way.

We practised and practised but on the day of the event, one of the boys still managed to get lost in formation LOL  He just stood there in front of the stage not sure which circle of dancers he was supposed to join (there were 2 circles).  I remember waving frantically to him with my chopsticks in the air trying to get his attention and telling him to come to our group.  I could hear the audience chuckling at us LOL  I should’ve minded my own business!

Also in my memory is the blurry scene of going home with two of my best friends, a boy and a girl, and holding hands with them as we walked.  Ah, the joys of an innocent childhood!

5 thoughts on “Judith Remembers…Part 10”

  1. Your personal stories are such a joy to read… Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. K memories are so great…I remember ovaltine whuch I grew up on also…K seems like itwas more fun and def easier in the past….love your memories


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