Judith Remembers…Part 3

Part 3


I remember one afternoon I was taking a nap in the ‘big’ four post bed.  Remember I was only about 3 or 4 years old then so everything seemed big to me LOL   Anyway, that afternoon when I slowly woke up from my afternoon nap I opened my eyes to find…a snake staring at me!

ARRRRRRHHH!  I screamed and cried, my poor little heart beat wildly as the snake hovered in mid-air just above me.  I kept crying and screaming and tried to squirm away from the monster when somewhere amidst my terror-fill mind, I heard my mother’s soothing voice.  It calmed me enough to settle me back into the bed, still sobbing uncontrollably but not hysterical anymore.

It turned out that my mother was holding a toy snake, its body made up of several segments of carved woods held together by wires or strings and suspended on a stick.  The loose segments of the body made the snake look like it was really slithering as you move the stick.  Poor mum must have felt guilty for scaring her little girl senseless that afternoon when all she wanted to do was to show her girl the new toy she had bought for her 😛

13 thoughts on “Judith Remembers…Part 3”

  1. Pretty scary!! Did you actually ever play with the toy after having it scare you that badly?? And did you develop a fear of snakes forever??

    • I can’t remember if I played with the toy…I think so because I can remember what it looked like so I must have played with it. Do I have a fear of snakes forever? Well, I think people generally have a fear of that creature but I am not adverse to watching them on tv or in the zoo. In a concrete jungle like Singapore, it will be difficult to find a snake even though they do exist here.

  2. I would have been scared too Judy. I don’t like snakes, never have, never will.
    I’m sure your mother felt bad for frightening you like that.

    • Well, whatever mum felt back then I will never know cos we never talked about this incident. I would hate to bring her back to the past because she will remember all the bad things instead of the good ones. That’s just my mum 😛

  3. OMG Judy, what a shocker that must have been..I don’t particularly like snakes, yet I had a pet snake as an older child…My poor husband hated them. Even if he saw one on TV he would stand up on a chair,all 6’5″ of him..That was pretty funny..
    Hugs for you..Great memories..

  4. suberbabe said:

    You had me going there for a minute, Judy. I was about to call for Rikki Tiki Ravi!

  5. Rosemary Dearing said:

    Oh dear me… I was scared stiff just reading this… Snakes and spiders are two
    creatures that could leave this planet and I would be happy.

  6. bluegrass81 said:

    Judy, that was a very vivid description. I could really visualize that toy snake in my mind. 🙂

    I did come across a real life snake in my garden before 2 years back (Methink it was a python, but a rather small one). It was happily curled up like a bundle of rope in a corner when I stumbled upon it. Can you believe I actually had the nerve to squat down and exchange eye contact with it, even to say a “Hi”?? Haha. Anyway, my dad saw the creature and we called for the authorities to come to take it away (to the zoo), I hope.

    Do I sound weird if i say that I love snakes? Yep, I really do. My absolute favorite is definitely the King Cobra. Mayhaps that was why i was not afraid of that python. More fascinated. Why do i love snakes? No idea. Cos i am a wacko. haha. That must be it.

  7. bluegrass81 said:

    I love your vivid description of the toy snake Judy! I could actually visualize it in my mind.

    I actually had a face-to-face encounter with a living snake (Methink it was a python, but it was rather small) in my garden last year. It was curled up in a corner happily soaking up the sun when I stumbled upon it. Would you believe that I had the courage to squat down at close distance and said “Hi”? Haha, my dad then saw it and he called the authorities to take it away (to the zoo, I hope).

    Do i sound like a freak if i say that I totally love snakes? Yep, I do. Especially King Cobra (my absolute favorite breed). I have no idea why I love snakes. Mayve cos I am a certified wacko. (Certified by my friends and some colleagues) LOL..

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