Judith Remembers…Part 6

Milkmaid Sweetener Milk


Being ill brought back memories of the time when I was little and sick.  It was never a pleasant experience because of the medications that I had to take.  Being young I couldn’t swallow pills whole so Mum had to pound the pills into powder and add milk made with Milkmaid sweetener.  It was terrible. I remember throwing up again and again and Mum just fed me again and again until she was satisfied that I had some of the medicine in my system.

Another thing I hated as much as the pill is the Chinese medicine.  There is this cure for fever where rhino horn is used.  Mum would purchase the very expensive medicine which was basically scrapped rhino horn and double boiled it with water.  Then the Milkmaid sweetener was added to sweeten it.  But Mum, the whole thing tasted yucky!  I never did like Milkmaid milk, except when it’s added to Milo (a chocolate-based beverage).  To add it to the pills or the rhino horn?  Double yuck!  No wonder I threw up most of the time!  Even now I can still remember the horrible taste of Milkmaid milk with rhino horn or pills.  Eww!

Thank goodness now I can swallow pills whole…

5 thoughts on “Judith Remembers…Part 6”

  1. Rpsemary Dearing said:

    I can see where that was not one of your favorite memories…. LOL

  2. This brought back a memory of the way my mom used to hide my pills in my food.
    Sometimes in white cherries, cottage cheese (can’t stand the stuff ever since), nut still love the cherries. I feel your pain Judy 😀

  3. Sorry you’ve not been well Jusy..hope you are feling bettwr…no need for Milkmaid thank goodness.

  4. lau gong said:

    Poor thing. Sayang

  5. My Mom put the ground up pills on a spoon with grape jelly..wasn’t to bad except for a slightly bitter taste in the jelly…How your memories bring back some of mine…Thanks Judy..Get better fast,,

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