Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 1

“Sarge, I’m at the convenience store and I think I just saw Big Ben across the road,” Sam spoke on her mobile phone.

“Follow him and see where he’s headed, but don’t do anything just yet.  He’s armed and dangerous,” was Detective Sergeant Paul MacKay’s reply.

“Ok, will get back to you soon.”

As she dashed across the road, she was stopped dead in her tracks as a motorbike screeched to a halt just inches away from her.

“What do you think you’re doing, lady?  You almost got yourself killed!” shouted the biker.

Sam was frantically searching for Big Ben and didn’t bother to respond to that, but instead of spotting her target, she saw a traffic police officer heading her way.  Showing her badge to him, she said, “Book him for reckless driving,” before she left the two men on the road to pursue her target.

“Your licence please,” the officer said.

“But it wasn’t my fault.  She dashed into my path.”

“We’ll decide on who’s right or wrong later.  Can I have your driver’s licence please?”

Urs Buhler had no choice but to do as he was told.  However, he wasn’t going to take it lying down.

“Look Officer, I wasn’t speeding nor did I skip the red light.  Why are you booking me?  You should book that lady for not using the pedestrian crossing, and for endangering her own life and mine!”

As he was speaking, the officer did a radio call to check on his licence and background.

“Alright, you may go.  Ride more carefully next time,” the officer said, handing over the licence.

“I am always a careful rider and I always abide by the laws!” said an indignant Urs, “I’m Swiss!” 

With that, he put on his helmet and rode off, leaving the officer staring at his back.

Sam had lost Big Ben, but not before seeing him turning into an alley.  She made another call to Sgt MacKay to update him on that, and was told not to proceed any further.  She decided to go back to the convenience store to get her supplies.  As she reached the side of the road where she almost got knocked down by a biker, she saw the him riding away.   She walked up to the officer and asked if he did as she had instructed.

“No, ma’am.  He didn’t break any laws,” was the officer’s reply.  Sam was glad because it was her fault and not the biker’s.  She only did what she did because she wanted a quick way out of the situation; she didn’t want to lose her target.  She proceeded to the store and bought her supplies.


“I’m back!” Sam announced as she entered the apartment that she shared with Ginny, her best friend.

“Did you get the ice-cream?”

“Yeah, cookies and cream.  Guess what happened?”


“I almost got run down by a Harley.  I was trying to track a suspect and ran into the path of the biker.”

“God, Sam!  I think you should seriously consider changing job.   You could get yourself killed one of these days,” Ginny couldn’t help making that remark for the umpteenth times.  Knowing Sam for so many years, she had no doubt that Sam would risk life and limps just to fulfil her duty as a plainclothes officer.  “And what are you doing, tracking suspect when you’re supposed to be on vacation leave?”

“Just happened to see a wanted criminal.  Anyway, was just trailing him to see where he is hiding out or who he is in contact with,” Sam replied while putting away the supplies.

Knowing that Sam was not going to change her job no matter what she said, Ginny turned her attention on something more interesting.

“Remember the fashion show I told you about?  Are you coming with me?”  Ginny asked.

“I don’t know, Gin.  Besides, you might have to work.”

“Oh, come on!  I might not get the job.  Besides, Il Divo will be performing.  You will love them singing ‘LIVE’.  They’re not only good-looking, they can really sing!  Let me show you what I mean.” 

Ginny walked to the DVD player and slot in a disc.  As the disc was loading, she went to get them each a bowl of ice-cream.  Sam had no choice but to sit down on the sofa, because she knew that she would not be let off easily if she did not watch at least ten minutes of the show.  Although she had never really watched that particular DVD that was going to be played, she had an idea what it was going to sound like, as Ginny had been playing Il Divo’s music almost daily, whenever she was home.  Sam wasn’t a big fan of classical music, much less opera, so she always thought that Il Divo sounded weird and too loud for her ears.  Her preference had always been jazz and pop, and she would go to sleep playing that sort of music.

“Listen to Carlos, he’s magnificent isn’t he?  And the American David, what a tenor!  Did you know he was the lead actor in La Boheme? …Look at Sebastien, isn’t he cute?  What a beautiful voice, he’ll make a great tenor if he has proper training…And Urs, he’s another tenor with a beautiful crystal clear and pure voice, his falsetto is simply beautiful!” gushed Ginny, never once stopping to let Sam get a word in.

“Are you done with your comments?  Granted the guys are really cute and can sing, but I’m not sure I can make it to the concert with you.  Unlike some people, I do have to work,” Sam said with a roll of her eyes.

“Hey!  That’s not fair!  I didn’t choose to be unemployed, you know!  Anyway, I’m sure you’ll be able to take leave, since you have so many owing to you.  Aren’t you supposed to be clearing them before the year-end?”

“Ok, I’ll see what I can do, but no promise!”

Sam sat there throughout the whole show with Ginny giving a running commentary on the guys, both of them giggling every now and then at Carlos’ flirtatious interactions with the audience, laughing out loud at his comments about putting the fans in his suitcase and bringing them to the next show with him.  

Slowly Sam found herself giving in to the charm of the four men, slowly accepting the fact that their songs are not that bad at all and that they are all talented and gorgeous.  By the time the DVD ended, she had learnt the names of each group of fans: Carlo’s Cuties, Sebastien’s Sirens, David’s Divas and Urs’s Uberbabes.  She was completely besotted by the group, and thought that she must be an Uber, as her eyes kept focusing on Urs Buhler, the Swiss Divo, but she wasn’t about to let Ginny know that.  That night, she went to bed with images of the four guys, especially the one Ginny called the Uber Lord, stuck in her mind.


“Good Morning!” David greeted Urs with his usual bright and sunny smile.

“Morning,” Urs replied, sounding grumpy and looking like he would rather be elsewhere.

“Which side of the bed did you get off from this morning?  Or did you get to bed at all?”

Without replying, Urs made his way into the meeting room.  Just then, Carlos and Sebastien walked in, Carlos holding a paper bag with some breakfast goodies.

“Where’s Urs?  I bought some breakfast at the bakery, come eat first before we start,” said Carlos.

“Something’s wrong with the Swiss, best leave him alone for now.”

“Must be Jenny.  I heard him talking to her on the phone yesterday.  Seems like she’s not happy that we’ll be touring again when the album is out,” Sebastien offered the explanation.

“That’s sad.  I thought she would have gotten used to that already, since our last world tour took us away for the better part of the year,” David said, shaking his head, secretly thanking God for giving him Sandra, who understood the sacrifices the guys had to make to realise their dreams of sharing their passion with people the world over.

“Well, you can’t blame her.  Unlike your Sandra and my Joanne who are both involved in the entertainment industry one way or another, she is totally an outsider where the world of entertainment is concerned,” Carlos said.

“That’s why I’m not rushing into a relationship.  Too much responsibility.  I know I would feel guilty not being able to spend more time with my girlfriend.”  Thoughts of his last relationship filled Sebastien’s mind as he tucked into his breakfast.  Though they weren’t unpleasant, they weren’t exactly the best memories either.

“Let’s hope Urs manages to convince Jenny soon, otherwise we’ll be having stormy weather for God knows how long,” David remarked, recalling the last time the two of them had a disagreement.  It was during the last world tour, when they had only been on the roads for two months.  Urs had wanted Jenny to join him during their US leg of the tour, but she refused as she did not like travelling and living out of her suitcase all the time.  Even though he tried not to let his frustration affect his relationship with the other guys, they could feel it.  He kept mostly to himself most of the time, finding solace in his guitar.  Luckily for all of them, she finally did join him towards the end of the tour.  That lightened up his mood, which in turn let the guys breathe easier around him.

The three Divos finished up their breakfast in the lounge in silence, leaving a croissant and a cup of coffee for Urs.  Then they headed to the meeting room where Urs sat in solitude, waiting for everyone else to appear.

“Here, have some breakfast while we wait for Patrick and his team,” Carlos said, placing the breakfast in front of Urs.

“Thanks, Carlos.”

“Are you okay, Urs?  Want to talk about it?” Sebastien asked, with genuine concern in his eyes.

“Yeah, I’m okay.  Just that Jenny’s not too happy about the world tour.”

“I’m sure when she has time to think about it, she will see the bigger picture.  She did eventually join you during the last tour, so maybe she’ll do the same this time.  Give her some time,” Sebastien said.

Just then Patrick, their manager, and the rest of the management team appeared, and the meeting went underway.  It was almost three hours before the meeting ended.  Everyone was pleased with the outcome of the discussion, as the tour dates and venues were pretty much decided.

“I’m heading to the mall to get some stuff.  Anyone cares to join me?” Sebastien asked the guys.  None of them was keen, so he set off on his own.


“Hurry up, Gin, it’s just a dress.  I want to be home in time to catch the game show,” Sam shouted outside the dressing room door where Ginny was trying out a dress.

“How do I look?” Gin came out parading a stunning gold dress that hugged her slender figure, showing off most of her lovely long legs.

While Sam looked her up and down, Gin did her best catwalk pose, sashaying up and down the small shop, turning this way and that way.

“Very nice,” said a male voice.

As Ginny turned to see who said that, her mouth almost dropped.  There, standing at the counter near the entrance of the shop, was Sebastien Izambard, the French Divo.  Her French Prince.

As she stood frozen to the ground, Sam followed her gaze and found herself looking into a pair of incredibly lovely green eyes.

“Hey, you’re the French guy from Il Divo aren’t you?” she asked in amazement.

“Yes, I am,” he said, giving both ladies his most charming smiles.

“My name is Sam, and this my friend, Ginny,” Sam extended her hand to Sebastien.

“My pleasure to meet you ladies.  Are you attending a function?  That dress looks absolutely lovely on you,” Sebastien turned to Ginny and said.

“Oh, err, thank you.  Erm, I’m not really attending a function, just need something for an audition.  Err, what are you doing here, Seb?”  Ginny stammered.

“To get something for my mother’s birthday.  I just bought her a lovely scarf,” Sebastien couldn’t help looking into the baby-blue eyes of Ginny as he spoke.  There was something about the lady that he found attractive, and it wasn’t just her looks.  Ginny felt the blood rising to her cheeks when Sebastien looked intently at her, and that made him even more enchanted by her.

“I…I think I’d better change out of the dress,” she said as she proceeded to the dressing room in a daze.

All this time Sam was observing the body language of those two people and she couldn’t help but giggled at her friend’s rosy cheeks.

“She’s a big fan of yours, you know.  Sometimes, I think she lives and breathes Il Divo, and she’s a Siren.”

“Oh really?  Then I must thank her for her support,” Sebastien couldn’t help feeling pleased about this little information, even though he should have been used to it by now. 

“What about you, Sam?  Do you like our music?”

“Oh, I think you guys are really good, but I’m more into jazz and contemporary pop.  Maybe your live concert will help change that?” she added the last sentence as she didn’t want to disappoint him. 

Ginny came out of the dressing room wearing her own garb of tank top and jeans, one hand holding the dress she tried on, the other holding a camera.  She turned to Seb and said, “This is just too good a chance to let by, do you mind?”

“You want me to help you take a picture or you want to have a picture taken with me?” Seb teased.

“Well, what do you think?”

In response, he playfully took the camera from her and pretended to focus it on the two ladies.

“No, no, no!  Why would I want to have a picture taken with someone whom I see everyday?” Ginny couldn’t understand how he could be so thick in the head and snatched the camera from his hand.  Sam laughed at her friend’s naivety, and so did Sebastien, leaving Ginny feeling flustered.

“You look very lovely when you’re blushing, Ginny” Sebastien spoke so softly that Ginny could feel a tingling sensation course through her.  It was all she could do to remain upright when Seb stood next to her, putting his arm around her waist as they waited for Sam to focus and shoot.  When the flash went off, Sebastien turned to look into Ginny’s eyes.  She would have fallen to the floor in a heap if not for his arm holding her.  He, in the meantime, was having difficulty releasing his hold on her.  As their eyes locked in the brief few seconds, he could almost feel himself drowning in the depth of the pale blue of her eyes.  They both snapped out of their reverie when Sam cleared her throat.  It was Sebastien’s turn to blush as he bid the girls farewell.

“I think I should leave now.  I need to make arrangements to fly home tomorrow to celebrate my mother’s birthday with her.” 

“Wait!  Would you guys be performing at the Armani Fashion Show next month?”  Ginny wanted to know.

“Yes.  Will you be coming?”

“I hope so.”

“Great!  See you there.”  With that, he left the shop.

The girls looked at each other and giggled.  Ginny’s giggle was out of embarrassment, while Sam’s was out of amusement.

As Sebastien walked out of the mall, he felt a sense of unexplainable happiness and with a smile on his face, headed to his parked car.  And as he drove home, thoughts of Ginny’s bashful smile and beautiful face lifted the corners of his lips further.  He had not had this feeling in a long while.


Chapter 2

Sam woke up feeling a refreshed and raring to go.  She had spent three days’ leave doing practically nothing at home, and now she couldn’t wait to get back to work.  It took her only twenty minutes to get ready, donning a pair of pants and a jacket over a sleeveless blouse.  Ever since she was posted to do plainclothes duty, those were basically what she would wear on a typical work day.   Make-up was minimal; a touch of lipstick on top of moisturiser was all that she needed.

She made some sandwiches for breakfast, leaving some for Ginny while packing her portion into a paper bag.  As she headed towards the front door, she noticed a cd on the corner table next to the door.  She grabbed it before leaving the apartment.

For the next thirty minutes as she drove to work, Il Divo sang its heart out over her car audio system.  By the time she reached the police station, she was able to hum some of the songs.

As usual, the day started off with a meeting to keep the officers updated on the latest case that was on hand.  As the picture of their most wanted man was passed around, Sam recognised Big Ben immediately.  He was wanted for drug trafficking and arms dealing.

“Big Ben was seen around the vicinity, so keep an eye out for him,” Sgt MacKay said. 

“He’s known to be armed so make sure you report the sighting and wait for further instructions.”

After the meeting, Sam proceeded to her desk to clear some paper work and gobbled down her breakfast before heading out of the building with her partner, Joseph. 

As they made their rounds on the street, she filled him in on her near encounter with Big Ben.  They decided to check out the area where she last saw him.  With Big Ben’s picture in hand, they headed to the shops along the stretch of road and asked shop owners if they had seen him.  Only the old man at the newsstand recognised him, because he had been there to get a magazine few days ago.

“That must be the day I saw him,” Sam told Joseph.

“Right.  He could still be around.  Let’s check on the other side of the road.”

A few more queries and they knew they were on the right track.  Big Ben must be hiding out in one of the apartments in the vicinity.  But as that was all they managed to find out that day, they decided that they should patrol the area the next few days to see if they might bump into him.


While Sam was busy trying to hunt down the wanted criminal, Ginny had a nerve-wrecking time at the audition for fashion models.  It was something that she wanted very badly, but the more she wanted it, the more nervous she felt.  When it was her turn to take to the catwalk, she closed her eyes and tried to say a little prayer.  However, all she managed to do was conjured up the image of Sebastien in her mind.  That somehow gave her all the courage she needed, and with poise and confidence, she strutted out looking glamorous and elegant.

“Thank you, Ginny.  We will let you know if you’ve been selected,” one of the judges informed her afterwards.  Dejected, Ginny left the studio.  They would never call, she was sure of it.


Urs was glad Il Divo were given two weeks off from work after the meeting two days ago, for that would allow him to sort out his personal problems.  He had been on the phone constantly with Jenny trying to sort out their differences over matters like how they should spend more time together before and during the Il Divo world tour.  After a few arguments over the phone, they finally decided to have a little holiday the following week to try and work things out.

It troubled him greatly that Jenny didn’t seem to want to spend more time with him, preferring to climb the corporate ladder instead.  It wasn’t that he expected her to be by his side all the time, neither did he want her to give up her career as a lawyer for him.  He did not even object when she decided to move to Manchester where her office was located, leaving him behind in London.  He just felt that they had not been spending enough quality time together, and he missed her greatly whenever he was flying around with Il Divo. 

Hopefully, they could come to an ideal arrangement during their trip.  He had a feeling that this trip would decide where their relationship was heading.


After two days of staking out around the area where Big Ben was constantly seen, Sam and Joseph finally saw their target stopping a cab two shops away from where they stood.

“Wait here.  I’ll go get the car.” Joseph instructed Sam.

“No time, they’re driving off.  You get the car, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Okay, but make sure you don’t do anything rash.”

As Joseph ran to his car, Sam looked around for another cab.  She could see Big Ben’s cab stopping at the traffic junction a hundred metres away from her.

“Come on, where are the cabs when you need one?” she muttered under her breath.

Just then, she saw a Harley heading in her direction.  With hands waving wildly in the air, she stepped off the pavement and stood right in front of the oncoming bike.  The rider almost lost his balance as he applied the brake too suddenly.

“What the hell are you doing, woman?” Urs shouted as he lifted the visor on his helmet.  Sam jumped onto the bike behind him and said, “Follow that cab!”


“Don’t ask, just do it!”

Something in the urgency of her voice told Urs he should do as he was told, so he rode off with her clinging tightly onto his waist.

“You’re going to have us both booked for riding without a helmet!” Urs shouted to his pillion rider.

“Forget about the helmet, just follow the cab but keep a safe distance.  I don’t want us to be detected.”

“Who are you?  Nancy Drew?”

“Something like that,” Sam said with a slight smile curving her lips, but then Urs couldn’t see that.

As they were following the cab, Sam updated Joseph on her whereabouts over the walkie-talkie, and was told that backup would arrive in less than five minutes.

“I have a feeling someone sent you to get me into trouble,” Urs shouted out to her.  “This isn’t the first time you stopped me on the road.”

“No kidding!  You mean you’re the same guy I stopped the other day?”

Urs wasn’t in a good mood to discuss how they met the first time, so he remained silent.

“Stop here,” Sam ordered when she saw Big Ben’s cab stopping in front of a dilapidated building just a few metres away.

“Yes, ma’am!” Urs couldn’t help being sarcastic.  If anything, he hated being ordered around.

“Thank you for your help.  I’ll buy you coffee when we meet again.”

“Thanks but no thanks, you’re nothing but trouble!”

Sam wasn’t paying much attention to what Urs said, as she had her eyes glued to the cab.  Urs could see she was focused on her target, but couldn’t resist asking, “Why are you following that guy?  Is he a criminal?  Are you a police woman?”

Without replying, she took out her walkie-talkie and spoke with Joseph, telling him her exact whereabouts.  He instructed her to keep an eye on the target, and again warned her not to commit herself but wait for help to arrive.

While she was talking with Joseph, she noticed that Big Ben had turned the corner of the building and had walked to the back alley.  She was about to tail him when she realised the biker was still with her.  She turned to him and was about to dismiss him when she realised she was looking into a pair of almond-shaped eyes.  It couldn’t be.  She must have mixed up the images of Urs Buhler with this guy.

“You friend has just disappeared behind the building.” 

“Oh, umm, yes I know.  Please, you must leave now because backup is arriving, things could get dangerous here.”

“What about you?  Won’t you be in danger also?” Urs asked with concern showing in his eyes.

“I’ll be fine, really.” Sam could only manage a whisper, as she was so enchanted by his beautifully chiselled looks, she almost forgot to breathe.  “I have to go see what he’s up to.  Please leave now.”

“I can’t leave you alone.  Who knows, he could be armed.”

“He is.  I’ll be careful and won’t make a move until help arrives.”  Sam was getting desperate as she was worried for him.  She couldn’t risk having him anywhere near Big Ben or his gang.  Besides, he was becoming a big distraction for her, she wondered if she would be able to pull the trigger if the situation called for it.

“Okay, take care.”  Without knowing why he did it, he gave her a big hug and a kiss on the top of her head before putting on his helmet and rode off.  Before she could react to that gesture, Joseph pulled up beside her, followed by two other cars belonging to the police.  Two police cars were parked at the opposite end of the building to block any possible escape by Big Ben.

“He disappeared behind the building.  I’m not sure if he’s still there,” Sam said as she put on the bullet-proof vest that Joseph handed to her.

“It’s okay; we know who he came to look for.”  Sgt. MacKay took over the operation, signalling some of the officers to station themselves around the building, while leading Sam, Joseph and two other plainclothes towards the alley.  Sure enough, they saw Big Ben standing on the steps of the back door of an apartment, talking to another man.  Sgt. MacKay motioned for the other two officers to round the building and stake out on the other side.  When they had all settled in their positions, he gave the signal to move in.

By now all the officers had their guns ready in their hands and they all stepped into the alley, pointing the guns at the two men. 

“Freeze!  Put your hands behind your head and get down on your knees!” Sgt. MacKay shouted.

Even though the two men were taken by surprise, Big Ben was the first to react.  He pulled out a handgun and shot at the advancing officers in quick succession.  Sam was directly in his line of fire.  She ducked to her right, just in time to avoid a bullet that whizzed past inches from her face.  It was the catalyst she needed as she returned fire with a vengeance, determined to take Big Ben down at all cost.

One of her shots hit Big Ben on his leg.  As he fell, more shots rained down on him until he was lying in a pool of his own blood.  The place had turned eerily quiet all of a sudden.  With gun still aiming at Big Ben, she approached him with caution.   He was dead.  His partner fared no better, as he took his last breath and succumbed to his injury.  Sam heaved a huge sigh of relieve as she took stock of the surrounding, relieved that only one officer was slightly hurt in the shootout.

As the police started cordoning off the scene, she stepped out of the alley to take a breather.  She had apprehended dangerous criminals before, but she had never really been caught in a gun battle like this.  She felt amazed that she survived without a scratch.  As she sank down on the floor with her back to the wall, she let the tears flow.  She was scared, and there was no way she could deny it.  As she was crying, Joseph appeared before her.  He picked her up by the arms and gave her a big hug.

“It’s all over now, Sam.  You did a good job.”

“I was scared, and I still am.”

“That’s only natural.  You’ll have to be a zombie not to be scared.”

“Then you must be one, because you don’t look the least bit afraid at all.”

“Are you trying to tell me I’m cold-blooded?  Gee, thanks buddy!”

That remark brought a big smile from Sam, and instantly she felt much better, although she knew she would have to attend some counselling sessions after this episode.

Unknown to Sam, Urs was standing on the opposite side of the road, witnessing what went on during the stake out.  He was worried about the woman whom he called trouble, and decided to stay on to find out what was going to take place.  He had hid himself well, parking his bike in a back alley.  When he heard the gun shots, his immediate instinct was to run towards the scene, but common sense pulled him back.  Instead, he stood where he was and prayed very hard that the policewoman would be alright.  Now that he knew she was fine, albeit a little shaken, he felt a sense of relieve wash over him.  Besides the sense of relieve, there was something else tugging at his heartstrings, something that he wasn’t able to put his finger on.  But when he saw the officer hugging her, he somehow knew the answer: he wanted to be the one hugging her instead.


“I made it!  I got the job, Sam!” Ginny shouted as she entered the apartment.

“What job?”

“The modelling job.”

“I know it’s a modelling job, you nitwit!  Which one?”

“Oh, the Armani one, the one that the guys are going to perform on.”

“Well, well…looks like someone’s going to be very happy to see you again.”

“Huh?  Oh, do you mean Seb?  Well, I will be the happy one, because I’m not sure he’ll remember me at all,” Ginny replied, feeling a little dejected at the thought, but at the same time, feeling a little hopeful.

“Come on Gin, you know you turn heads wherever you go.  Where is all your confidence?  But if he really doesn’t remember you, I’ll give him a whack on the head to help him remember.”

“I don’t know, Sam.  I felt so small and ugly when I stood beside him.  God, he is simply gorgeous with a capital G!”  With a dreamy look on her face, she added, “Oh, what I wouldn’t do to spend an evening with him!” 

“Yeah, me too, but with someone else,” Sam muttered, her mind conjuring up the image of the Swiss Divo.

It had been three days since the shooting incident, and Sam still hadn’t told Ginny about it.  She still had flashbacks of the scene every now and then, but they happened less frequent now.  The counselling that Sgt. MacKay ordered her to attend must have helped.

As they sat at the dining table enjoying a simple Chinese takeaway, she recounted the story to Ginny.  When she got to the part about looking into Urs’s eyes, and being unsure if it really was him, Ginny said, “Sure it was him.  He’s crazy about motorbikes and Harleys. 

Did you notice if he was wearing a pair of cowboy boots?”

“For goodness sake, Gin, why would I look at his shoes?  I had more important things to do!”

“Yeah, like noticing how handsome he looked, how fast your heart beat, how…”

“Hey!  My life was in danger and all you could do was thinking about that man?”

“Well, didn’t you at least realise how gorgeous he looks in flesh and blood?  Come on, Sam, out with the truth!”

“Okay, so what if I had noticed that?  And also that I had difficulty breathing when he hugged me and gave me a kiss and told me ever so tenderly to be careful?” Sam tried to sound nonchalant about it but failed miserably.

“Ha!  You’re besotted with the Swiss Rock God!”

“Maybe I am, maybe it’s just the heat of the moment, but are you interested in the rest of the story?    Because if you’re not, I’m going to my room,” Sam said, feeling indignant that her friend wasn’t even anxious about the outcome of the story.

“Of course I’m interested.  What happened next?”

When Sam finished her story, Ginny gave her a big hug and told her how glad she was that her best friend survived unscathed.

“Hey, I know something that will make you feel better.”  She went into her room and came out holding a piece of paper that looked like a ticket.

“Here, a pass to the backstage of the Armani fashion show.  I managed to sweet-talk one of the event people to give me one.”

Sam couldn’t contain her happiness at receiving the invitation so she returned her friend’s hug.

“Thanks, Gin.  I’ve never been to an event like this before.  What shall I wear?”

“I seem to recall you weren’t so keen on going to the show, why the change now?” Ginny teased.  Sam had no answer to that, so she just shrugged her shoulders and gave a little smile.

The rest of the evening was spent going through Sam’s wardrobe, but nothing suitable was found, so they decided on a shopping trip over the weekend.

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  2. Here I am again Judy, reading this fabulURS tale for the third time. 😀
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