Chapters 13 & 14


Chapter 13

The next few days went by uneventfully for the ladies.  Ginny still felt uncomfortable and tired most of the time but she tried her best not to let Sebastien know about it.  She didn’t want him to worry about her because she was sure there was nothing wrong with her and that she only needed more rest.  Ever since young she had a weak constitution and if she did not get enough rest or eat regularly, she would fall ill quite easily.  She would have gone to the doctor normally but as Sebastien needed her beside him, she decided to just let it be.  Besides, she would feel fine again as the day went by.

Sebastien managed to get up and walked, although only for a short distance and time for each session.  He especially enjoyed the exercise when Ginny was around to fuss over him; it made him feel like the luckiest guy on earth. But one thing that slightly dampened his mood was Ginny’s silence about her condition; up until then she had not mentioned anything about her pregnancy.  He wondered if she knew she was pregnant but chose not to tell him or if she was really ignorant as she had not expected it at all.  He didn’t want to ask her about it since he knew she didn’t want him to worry about her. 

Instead of asking or talking about her health, Sebastien told her about Urs’ secret wedding plan for Sam.  Ginny was elated and promised to keep it a secret from Sam.  She volunteered to give the names of people that she thought Sam would love to invite to her wedding.  She even told Sebastien Sam’s ring size which she said was the same as her own.  The information pleased him as it would make it easier for him and Urs to get the wedding rings made.

Sam had put in her leave application for two weeks as she wanted to spend more time with Urs while he was still available since the world tour had been postponed indefinitely.  Most days she would spend at Urs’s apartment but she would always make sure that Ginny was home every evening and would always call to chat with her.  She knew about Ginny’s morning sickness and suggested to her that it could be pregnancy.  Ginny shrugged it off and told her the miscarriage she suffered had made it near impossible for her to conceive.  Sam couldn’t talk her into seeing a doctor or gynaecologist so she just made Ginny promise not to take any medicines without getting medical advice first.

Sam spent most of her time flipping through cook books to learn how to cook a proper meal since Urs loved home-cooked food.  She had bought a cook book and after looking through the whole book, decided that she should start with simple stuff like salad.  She decided on the Dill Potato Salad one morning.  This should be idiot-proof, she thought as she set about boiling the potatoes and chopping up the onions.  While she was doing this, Urs got home from his daily trip to the gym and popped into the kitchen.

“Mmmm, what’s cooking,” he asked as he slipped his arms around her waist from behind and nuzzled her neck.


“That’s all you’re going to feed me with?” he muttered against her neck, tingling her skin.

“That’s all I have time for now.  We’ll have a proper meal for dinner, I promise.  But in the meantime, please leave me alone to do the cooking; you’re too much of a distraction.”

She turned around in his arms and tried to shove him out of the kitchen but he refused to budge.  Instead, he tugged her hair back and kissed her invitingly on her lips, just enough to leave her wanting more.  Arching her back and wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him back passionately. 

Urs was delighted with the response, not that he had ever been disappointed at all with her.  She had always been so responsive to his touch and so sensitive to his feelings that he felt totally at ease and in love with her.  With an effortless sweep of his arms, he lifted her up and made his way towards the door.  He would have gotten further than the door if the stove didn’t hiss with water spilling out of the pot of boiling potatoes.

“Oh no, my potato salad is ruined!” Sam shrieked and after disentangling herself from his arms, ran to the stove to turn off the heat.  “Look what you’ve done, Buhler!  The potatoes are too soft for the salad now,” she said after using a fork to poke at the potatoes.

“We could always satisfy our hunger in other ways,” Urs said with devilish grin, before pulling her out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.


Unknown to the two ladies, the Divos had each gone about with their own mission.  Carlos headed for Spain where Joanne was doing a show in Madrid. The initial plan was for her to visit him when her show was over in another couple of days but he decided to give her a surprise visit instead.  He couldn’t wait to let her in on the secret wedding for Sam and Ginny.  Since he knew that she had a designer in Madrid whom she would love to get her gown from, he thought it more logical for him to visit her.

As it turned out, she was surprised to see him but that was not all. She wasn’t too happy that Sam and Ginny were getting married despite having just met the men they loved while she was still waiting for his proposal after three years of being with him.  So, instead of being all nice and sweet as she always was when they had a chance to meet up, she gave him an earful.  Carlos was rendered speechless by her outburst.  He had always thought marriage was the last thing on her mind while her career flourished.  It took him every sweet word of promises he knew to pacify her. He was finally let off the hook after promising her a grand wedding when the world tour was over.

“A grand wedding and nothing less, you hear?”  Carlos could only nod his head as Joanne’s tirade finally subsided.  He was secretly pleased though to know how strongly she felt about him since he had been wondering lately if she would ever say yes to marriage.  The couple happily spent most of the holidays locked in each other’s arms, shopping, visiting family and friends.

Prior to leaving for the States, David had called up his family and friends living in Colorado to ask them to help find out where the Dawsons lived. Sebastien had mentioned the mountain town of Bailey but wasn’t sure if Ginny’s parents still lived there or if they were still alive at all, but at least the search had been narrowed down to that little town.  David had arranged with Sandra to meet in Bailey and looked forward to seeing her again. The last time they were together, they only had two weeks in London as she had to return to the States to do some television programmes. Ever since joining Il Divo he had seen less of her and because of this, he always made sure that whenever possible, they would spend quality time together.   This time was no exception because besides the little mission he had to carry out, he also planned a little getaway in the mountains, having booked the Deer Creek Cabin in Deer Creek Valley for their stay.

After checking into the cabin and making sure everything they required was there, David turned to Sandra and said with a wicked grin on his face as he tried to back her up against the wall, “Perhaps we should wait till tomorrow to check out the Dawsons?  The bed looks inviting.”

“Oh no, you don’t, David.  We’re never going to get things done with what you have in mind right now.” Sandra laughed as she pushed him away and led him out of the cabin.

They drove the rented SUV to the place where the Dawsons were supposed to live.  At the doorstep of a nice little house, David took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell.  Sandra gave his hand a little squeeze and smiled at him encouragingly.  She had been briefed on their mission and was thrilled to be able to help out in what little ways that she could.  A sprightly elderly woman opened the door.


“Yes?” she asked.

“Good afternoon, ma’am,” David replied somewhat gingerly, “May I ask if the Dawsons live here?”

“Yes.  I’m Marie Dawson.  What can I do for you?” the lady smiled at them warmly.

With his trademark boyish grin he replied, “Well, I’m a friend of Ginny Dawson…”

“Ginny?  Did you say Ginny?  Oh no!  I hope nothing bad has happened to our Ginny,” Marie Dawson clasped her hand to her mouth as the unpleasant thought came to her mind.  Tears were almost rolling off her eyes as she waited for David’s reply.

“Oh no, ma’am.  On the contrary, I’m here to bring you good news,” David quickly assured her.  Deep down he was relieved to know that Ginny’s mother had not given up on her.  Just then they heard a shout from inside the house.

“Who is it, dear?”

“Ted, come here.  You won’t believe it.  It’s Ginny’s friends and they’re here with good news about her,” Marie Dawson shouted back and gestured for her guests to enter the house, drying her eyes with the apron she was wearing.

“Ginny?  Our Ginny?” Ted Dawson repeated as he slowly walked down the stairs.

“Yes, sir.  We’ve been asked by a friend look you up and to bring you the good news.  But before I start, perhaps you’d like to know how Ginny is doing right now?” 

“Yes, yes, of course.  Please sit,” Ted replied.  Turning to his wife, he said in a gentle voice, “Mother, please get us some tea.”  Marie was overwhelmed by the sheer emotion of knowing her daughter was alive and well.  The fact that Ted had not called her ‘Mother’ since Ginny’s disappearance but had just uttered the word added to her emotional state.  She could hardly utter a word while she left them in the living room and went to make some tea, all the while shedding tears of relief.

Knowing that Mrs Dawson would want to hear all about Ginny, David waited patiently for her to reappear.  Ted Dawson must have had the same thoughts too as he sat there in his rocking chair, waiting and puffing on his pipe.  He looked at the young couple before him with keen eyes as he assessed them, making both of them feel awkward.  It seemed like an eternity to David when Marie finally appeared and set the tea down in front of them.

“Please, tell us about Ginny,” she said as she dabbed at her eyes with her apron.  But almost as soon as that was out of her mouth, she exclaimed, “Oh, pardon me.  I don’t believe you’ve mentioned your name yet?”

“Yes, how rude of me, I’m sorry.  My name is David Miller, and this is my girlfriend, Sandra Gibson,” David said as he stood to shake the Dawson’s hands.  Sandra did the same.  After the introductions, they settled back down on the sofa and David begun by telling Mr and Mrs Dawson that Ginny had been living in London since she left home.

“London?  Oh dear, that’s so far away.  She must have been through a lot since she had never been so far away from home before,” Marie mumbled, trying not to disgrace herself by breaking into tears again.

“Yes, but everything’s going to be fine now,” David said as he looked from one Dawson to the other, a big smile on his face.  “She’s getting married to our friend, Sebastien Izambard.”  But before he could continue, Ted Dawson spoke up.

“Who is this friend of yours?  He’s not English, is he?  How long have they known each other?”

David was momentarily taken aback by the barrage of questions from the quiet man sitting opposite him.  It took a gentle squeeze of his hand from Sandra to bring him back into focus.

“He is French, and he is my band mate.  Together with two other guys, Urs Buhler and Carlos Marin, we form a band called Il Divo and we are well-known internationally,” he couldn’t resist sounding just a little proud about that piece of information.  Sandra had to smile at the smugness. 

“Ginny and Sebastien have known each other for a few months now and are very much in love.  That’s the reason why I’ve been asked by Sebastien to come look for you, to let you know that they are getting married in the hope that you would attend the wedding.”  David waited with bated breath when silence followed.

“Why isn’t she here to tell us this news?” Ted continued with his interrogation as he looked suspiciously at the young couple.  Marie Dawson was about to speak up when he silenced her with a look; she shifted uncomfortably in her chair instead.

David knew the only way to gain his trust was to start from the beginning, and so begun recounting to them how the two lovers met, right up to the knife attack.  He did not elaborate on Ginny’s past because he did not know the details.  Instead, he just told them that she was attacked by her ex-boyfriend but that attack was foiled by Sebastien risking his own life to save her.

“You mean to say that someone tried to kill Ginny and that young man saved her?” Ted Dawson asked in disbelief.  “What has she got herself into now?”

“Ted, please.  It’s not her fault,” Marie tried to calm her husband down.  He looked at her for a moment, the anger in his eyes slowly faded away as he saw how worried she looked.  He recalled their constant argument over whose fault it was that made Ginny leave home.  He didn’t want to go through that again; neither did he want to repeat the same mistake of pointing the finger when things went wrong.  That was what he did to Ginny when his younger daughter died in the car accident.  He had blamed Ginny for letting Gina drive the car so soon after she had passed her driving test.  He was only aware of his own pain of losing Gina and did not give a thought about how guilty Ginny must have felt then.  And now, he thought, she must still be thinking that he hadn’t forgiven her, which was why she did not bother to inform them about her wedding.  He conceded to himself that he was the reason why she ran away.

“What you said didn’t explain why she’s not here to tell us the news about her wedding,” he pointed out more politely this time.  David then began the second part of the story: the secret wedding plan.  Finally Ted smiled.

The Dawsons could hardly digest what they had been told about their daughter and were very reluctant to let the couple leave, so David and Sandra were invited to stay over for dinner.  David talking about Ginny made them feel that she wasn’t so far away and they couldn’t wait to fly over to London to be reunited with her.  Three weeks seemed like an eternity to them. 


While Carlos and David went about their businesses, Urs and Sebastien had chosen their wedding bands and had their suits measured.  For the wedding bands, Sebastien chose a full circle princess, baguette and brilliant cut diamond ring for Ginny, and a simple but stylish one with a wave design for himself.  He had also chosen a beautiful one-carat diamond solitaire engagement ring and waited patiently for the right time to present it to her.

Urs, on the other hand, wanted something practical and identical for both him and Sam so he chose a set of simple designer wedding bands in two-tone. 

For the suits and gowns, Mr Armani was kind enough to agree to take on the challenge of designing and making them in such a short time. Ginny went to get herself measured for the maid of honour gown but was not too happy when told she could not see the design until it was done.  The truth was that she would get a bridal gown instead but that was a top secret which the designer and his team were aware of.

Urs had been busy with the wedding preparation behind Sam’s back.  He had to make arrangements for his family members to fly to the wedding venue on the actual day, on top of getting the wedding band and his suit made.  He also had to find out whom among Sam’s friends to invite and he did that with Ginny’s help. 

He had already told Sam about the secret wedding that Sebastien was planning for Ginny and had arranged for her to meet the designer of her maid of honour gown.  Sam was thrilled and excited about the wedding plan and begged Urs to let her help in the arrangements. He cleverly suggested, “The management team had agreed to handle everything else.  Why don’t you take Ginny to the beauty parlour and prepare her for the big day?  You should also do that for yourself, too.”

“Why, Urs? Are you saying I’m not beautiful enough?” she pretended to be hurt.  He laughed and said, “No comment.”  That earned him a playful punch on his arm.

That night after another sweet love-making session, Sam stayed awake and pondered on what had been bothering her since she learnt about Ginny’s wedding.  It seemed strange to her that while Urs was the first to announce their plan to get married, Sebastien and Ginny were the ones who were really getting married first.  Why hadn’t he, Urs, mention anything about his own wedding?  She couldn’t help but wonder if he was having second thoughts about it.  And it didn’t’ help that he had been going out a lot lately and not telling her where he was going or what he was doing.  It couldn’t have been for work as Carlos and David had gone off on holidays while Sebastien was still in the hospital.  And those phone calls he had been making, why was he speaking in his own language? 

Her doubts seemed to be justified the next day when Urs’s cell phone rang while he was in the bathroom.

“Hello.  Can I speak to Urs please,” a lady asked over the phone.

Even though she could see from the phone screen who was on the other end of the line, Sam still had to ask, “May I know who’s calling?”

“This is Jenny.  Is Urs in?” 

There was a pause before Sam replied, “He’s in the bathroom right now.  Would you like to leave a message for him?”  She couldn’t help but feel a dull ache in her heart as she listened on.

“Could you ask him to return my call then?” Jenny asked.

“Sure,” Sam replied before hanging up.  She bit her lip as she sat on the bed wondering what the call was about.  When Urs got out of the bathroom, he saw her sitting quietly with a faraway look on her face.  He sneaked up beside her on the bed, kissed her bare shoulder and asked what was wrong.  Normally a kiss like that would have caused her to go weak and crave for more but this time she didn’t feel a thing. 

“Jenny just called.  She wants you to call her back,” she said as she turned to face him, searching his face for some reaction.

He had a frown on his face as he asked, “Did she say what it was about?”  She shook her head.  He took his cell phone and went out of the room to make the call.  She wished he had done that in the room since that would at least put her mind at ease about their relationship.  Now she was left wondering if she was wrong to worry about him not mentioning their wedding at all. 

When he came back into the room all he said was that he needed to go out for a while and left.  If she was worried before, she was terrified now.  Losing Urs was a horrible thought that she would not even dare contemplate but his action left her with no doubt that she was close to losing him.  For one crazy moment she almost followed him out of the apartment to see what he was up to with Jenny but common sense prevailed. 

Curled up on the bed, she tried to sleep off the terrible ache in her heart but it didn’t work, so she got up and started tidying up the place, hoping that would take her mind off her heartache.  She scrubbed and mopped and cleaned till every bone in her body cried out for some rest and finally when she lay down in bed, she fell asleep.


Chapter 14

As he rode his Harley towards the cafe where Jenny would be waiting, his mind tried to come up with the reason for her call.  She didn’t say much on the phone, just that she had something important to tell him.  He didn’t like to be kept in suspense but he didn’t want to insist she tell him over the phone lest they ended up arguing with Sam within earshot. 

He thought he had made it clear to Jenny at the hospital that their relationship was over.  He even took pains to describe to her how he felt about Sam, something which he felt he didn’t have to do since it was his personal feelings and only Sam should hear it from him.  He was never one to reveal too much about his feelings to other people although he would readily show that loving and caring side of him to people who mattered most to him.  The only reason he bothered to explain to Jenny was because he wanted to part with her amicably.  He hoped that she was having the same thoughts and was going to tell him that she had found someone else.

Urs walked into the café.  She gave him a little wave to catch his attention and he sauntered over to her table in a corner, a little frown on his face.

“I’m so glad you came,” she said with a big smile as she stood up to kiss him ardently on his lips.  It surprised him that the kiss evoked no feelings in him at all.  Instead, it only irritated him.

“Please, Jenny.  No more of this,” he said as he took his seat without returning her kiss.  He ordered a coffee before turning his attention back to her, “What is it?”

“Urs, I know you said it’s all over between us but do you have to be so cold towards me?” she questioned as she looked at him, eyes sparkling with hurt and anger.

“I told you before at the hospital that we should stop seeing each other.  I have Sam now and we plan to get married…”

“Married?  Are you serious, Urs?  I seem to recall you saying that you’d like to concentrate on your career with Il Divo first and that you’re not one for marriage.  Why the sudden change of heart?  Is she pregnant?” the flash of anger in her eyes bore through him but he wasn’t about to let it get the better of him.

“No, she’s not pregnant,” he stately flatly.  Why was she always assuming things, he thought irritably.  But her question of why he wanted to get married stuck on his mind.  Why?  What made him decide that he wanted to settle down with her?  Before he could come up with the perfect answer, he was jolted back into reality by Jenny.

“I’m sorry Urs, for putting my career before our relationship but you know how hard I worked to get where I am today, don’t you?”  Realising that she wasn’t going to get anywhere by raising her voice and making a scene, she toned down a little.

He didn’t answer, just stared silently at her, his legs stretched out underneath the table as he lazily stirred the coffee that he ordered.  He had a feeling of déjà vu.  They had gone through this discussion about her career versus their relationship countless of times.  Even though they always managed to come to a compromise, the underlying resentment that he felt towards her putting her job before him was always there.  He had not realised that feeling until she walked away.  He was too busy with his own career to really take stock of where their relationship was headed and was blindly trying to keep it going.  He remembered when she insisted on moving to Manchester to be closer to her office.  They had a big fight about it until he finally relented, thinking that with him travelling around so often, it would be selfish of him to keep her in London all the time and make her travel long distance to work.  Perhaps that was when the crack started; they had grown apart.  As thoughts of the past made a comeback to his mind, Jenny drew his attention back to her again with a touch on his hand.

“When we parted, I thought I could easily adapt to not having you around,” and with a little smirk, she continued, “Not that you were always around, mind you.”  Seeing that he was about to rebuke her, she quickly interjected, “But I was wrong.  No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t forget you.  I’m still in love with you, Urs.”

She held on to his hand on the table, eyes pleading with him to say he still loved her and wanted her.  He withdrew his hand and remained silent for a while; staring at her while he processed what he had just heard.  She took his silence to mean that he was seriously considering what she just said and continued, “I made a mistake of putting myself and my career first, before you.  Let me make it right again.  I’ll even give up my job to go wherever you go.  Just tell me you love me.”  A tear rolled down her cheek as she said it.

It seemed to have an effect on him for he caught the teardrop with his finger, wiping it off her face gently.  Then he leaned forward and kissed her lips.

“I’m sorry, Jenny.  I can’t turn my back on Sam, nor do I want to do that.  I love her too much to let her go; she’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.  I hope you understand that and move on from here,” he said quietly as he wiped away more tears from her face.  Even though he was feeling increasingly uncomfortable being there with her, he couldn’t bring himself to be curt or hurtful towards her.  He would never deliberately hurt anyone’s feelings, especially not someone whom he had loved before.

A long silence followed as they sat looking into each other’s eyes.  It was as if time had stood still and the people around them were just mannequins; the place seemed to have gone very quiet all of a sudden.

“Three years of relationship.  How could you just give it up and fall in love with someone else so soon?” she whispered as she looked down and tried to stem the flow of tears.

Sighing, he said, “I didn’t give it up.  It was you.”

She stared at him, trying to make out what was on his mind.  Was he trying to make her feel guilty?  If he was, then it meant that he still cared, she thought.

“I’ve been offered a job in the States, as a corporate lawyer for a big firm.  I’m supposed to leave for LA this Friday,” she paused and looked up at him, hoping to see some feelings or even just a hint of interest on his face but there was not even a frown on his beautiful face.  Instead he sat quietly and mulled over what she just said.

“Maybe that’s for the better, Jenny.  We both need to start a new chapter of our lives,” he held her hand and smiled tenderly at her.  He didn’t feel surprised by that piece of news at all because he knew how ambitious she was and that she would jump at the chance for better development no matter where it took her.  At this moment, he found the answer to his own question: he wanted to marry Sam because she was different from all the other women in his life; he loved her for her loving and unselfish nature.

“No, Urs.  I will not give you up just like that.”  Reaching into her purse, she took out a card and scribbled something on it and pushed it towards him on the table.  “This is where I’m staying right now.  If you change your mind, you know where to find me.  I’ll be there till noon, Friday.”


“No, Urs.  Don’t decide now.  Be fair to me and give it a thought, please.”

Seeing that she wasn’t going to listen to him, he sighed deeply as he took the card and put it into one of the pockets of his jacket.

“If there’s nothing else, I really need to be going.  Sam’s waiting for me at home.”  The mention of the word ‘home’ made him feel for the first time in many years that he was indeed going back to a home; a home where he was sure there would be someone waiting for him and he couldn’t wait to go back.

Jenny sat and watched as he walked briskly out of the café, never once turning back to look at her.  She sighed.  She lost. 


It was late when he got back.  He hadn’t taken notice of the time but when he walked into the apartment and didn’t find Sam on the couch, he headed straight for the bedroom.  Tucked up in bed, she was sleeping away peacefully.  Normally he would have let her sleep but not tonight.  Somehow after meeting Jenny, he began to have a deep craving to be with Sam.  She was the opposite of Jenny.  She never demanded anything from him, nor would she put him in the backseat to her job.  She was a serious policewoman at work but off work, she was a woman through and through.  He had never known what sort of woman would be his best mate but now he knew. 

He snuggled up close to her and nuzzled her neck like he always did.  It brought a small sigh from her lips and he continued to work his lips over her neck and then her face, kissing her lightly and teasingly on her lips.  Out of instinct, she parted her lips to welcome his probing tongue and wrapped her arms and legs around him.  Deep within the recesses of her mind she reminded herself that she was supposed to be angry with him, but damn it, he was just too good to resist.  Still in a groggy state, she gave in completely and he took the invitation without hesitation, and slowly but surely built up the tempo of their rhythm to a dizzying height.  They rode the waves, peaked and fell back to earth together in a tight embrace.

Sam woke up to find Urs asleep next to her, one arm wrapped around her waist.  Slowly and gently, she removed his arm and got up.  After washing up in the bathroom, she changed and left the apartment.  She was cross with herself for giving in to him so easily and needed some time to herself to clear her thoughts.  She thought of asking him about his extra curricular activity but decided against it.  He would have to tell her himself if he really loved her as he claimed to be.  In a confused state of mind, she stepped into the police station and walked towards her desk.

“Sam, what are you doing here?  Your leave isn’t up yet,” Joseph walked up to her and sat down on the chair opposite her.

She blinked at her partner.  “Thought I’d come and catch up on what’s going on here,” she managed to reply with a smile.  “Tell me, what happened to that guy Danny Webster?”

“Nothing much, except that he will be behind bars for a long time for a string of crimes he committed before his attempted murder on Ginny.  Your boyfriend had clean broken his right arm and he’s now recovering from the operation to set it back.  You won’t believe how many screws were needed to keep the arm in its joint.”

“So where is he now?” Sam asked, squinting her eyes in suspicion. She didn’t like what her instinct told her and she was right to feel the way she did.

“He’s in the hospital under heavy watch.  Now, don’t you worry a thing about it because he’s far away from where your friend is staying in the hospital; he’s in another wing of the building.  Besides, with only one arm, I doubt he could do very much.”  

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

“Because I didn’t want you to worry unnecessarily.  Anyway, he’s due to be taken back to jail to await trial soon.  Probably the day after tomorrow he’ll be discharged from the hospital.”

“I’m coming back to work tomorrow,” she informed him.

“Come on Sam, there’s nothing to worry about.  He’ll be gone before you know it.  Besides, you only have a few more days left of your leave, so go and enjoy yourself.”

“It’s not just Danny.  I’m sick and tired of doing nothing.  I want to be back in action,” she gave him a look that told him there was no changing her mind.

Joseph had heard from Urs about the secret wedding plan and looked forward to being a part of the occasion, hence he was reluctant to let Sam get back to work so soon.  He’d rather she extend her leave to cover the wedding day and honeymoon just so she could be kept safe and sound to make it to her own wedding.  Not that he thought anything bad might happen to her while she was back on duty; he just didn’t want to risk her safety.  But looking at the determination on her face, he knew there was no stopping her, short of telling her she was not wanted by the police force anymore.  So it was agreed that she would report back to work the next day.  He wondered if Urs was aware of her decision but thought that even if he didn’t know about it, he would soon find out.

After being briefed on the recent cases on hand, instead of going back home, she went to the hospital instead.


Sebastien was having his usual walk in the garden with Ginny’s help when he broached the subject of her morning sickness.

“What morning sickness?” she tried to feign ignorance but it didn’t work.

Giving a sigh, he said, “You’re pregnant, Ginny.  Don’t you know that?”

“I think I told you before that’s not possible,” she replied feeling a little irritated.  She had been wondering about the possibility of her pregnancy but each time she thought about it, she would dismiss it.  Not possible, she thought.  She tried not to get her hopes up for fear that the disappointment would be too hard for her to take and Sebastien would be disappointed too.  Besides, if she really was pregnant and told Sebastien about it, would he feel obliged to marry her out of responsibility?  She knew that he loved her but was it enough for him to forget about her sordid past?  She was confused; a part of her said yes, and the other said no.  No man would be able to forget something that horrid, not even herself, she concluded.

“It’s not impossible, you know that.  Why are you trying to deny it?  Don’t you like the idea of being pregnant with my child?”  The hurt in his eyes jolted her conscience a little.  How could she have doubted his sincerity?

“Alright, I’ll go to the doctor tomorrow.  But promise me that you won’t be too disappointed if it was a false alarm.”  So this was why she kept denying it, Sebastien thought; she was afraid of disappointment.  He looked at her with eyes full of love and concern.

“Ginny, you don’t have to be afraid at all.  You will never be alone, I promise you.  If you are not pregnant now, we will work harder when I’m fully recovered.  Someday I’m sure God will grant us our wish.”

Ginny’s lips quivered a little as she tried to hold back her tears.  Touching his face tenderly, she whispered, “What have I done to deserve you, Seb?  You are the best thing that ever happened in my life.  If my life is to be taken away right this minute, I’ll die a happy person knowing that you really love me.”

“Don’t talk like that, Ginny.  You’re not going to die; we have a whole life ahead of us, we will grow old together and have our children and grandchildren and their children beside us.  I want you to promise me you will never think or talk of dying, or I would think that you’re not happy with me, you hear?” his normally smooth voice now had a rough edge to it as emotions welled up inside him.  How could she talk about dying when they had finally found each other?

Ginny’s delicate state of mind since the stabbing incident worried him so much it frustrated him that he could not alleviate her fear.  He felt so lost; he was afraid that she might fall back into that deep depression that had gripped her before they met that he could feel his own sanity slipping away from him.

Eyes not leaving hers, he reached into his pants pocket and took out a small red box.  If this couldn’t set her mind at ease, then he would really be at a total loss as to what to do with her.  Heart pounding with the urgency to prove his love for her, he opened the box hastily to take out the sparkling engagement ring he bought and got down gingerly on one knee, holding up the ring as he declared in an emotion-choked voice, “I love you, Ginny.  Will you marry me?”

Surprised at the gesture, she cupped her hand to her mouth as tears rolled down her cheeks.  Unable to speak with the sheer happiness, she nodded her head and knelt down on both knees and hugged him.   Tears flowing with overwhelming happiness and sense of relief, he held on to her tightly.  The embrace soon led to a passionate kiss which seemed to last forever, until she had to let go of his lips to gulp for air.

His watery green eyes stared deep into her sparkling blue ones, searching for a hint that she was truly happy and content.  What he saw did not disappoint him as she gave him the loveliest smile that he had not seen in a long while.  It lifted his spirit and also raised his hope that she was on the way to becoming the same adorable and bubbly young lady they first met.  He held up her hand and kissed it before slipping the beautiful ring on her ring finger.

“I love you, Ginny,” he whispered against her lips.

“I love you, too, Sebastien,” she whispered back and added, “With all my heart and soul.”

He smiled ever so tenderly as he wiped away her tears while she did the same for him.  But when he tried to get up his smile turned into a grimace as he clutched at his wounded side.

“Here, let me help you,” Ginny quickly stood up and helped pull him to a standing position.  “Are you alright, Seb?”

“Yes, I’m fine, don’t worry,” he gave a wink and said, “Soon we’ll be able to make love again.”

“Hmmm, how soon is soon?” she asked with wide innocent eyes.

With a chuckle, he replied, “Very!”

With a spring in their steps, they walked hand in hand back to the hospital building and then to his room.


Sam had received a dozen phone calls on her mobile but she ignored them.  They were all from Urs.  She decided she wasn’t going to speak to him at all until he told her about Jenny.  He couldn’t have been so stupid as not to know why she was mad at him.  Instead of raising her blood pressure higher with each thought about him, she concentrated on her mission as she walked into the hospital building.  She went straight up to the information counter and enquired, “Can you tell me where Danny Webster is staying?”

The nurse looked up with a curious stare as she replied, “May I know how are you related to him?”

Sam took out her police badge and showed it to the older woman who nodded wisely and told her the ward and room number of where Danny was staying.  Sam thanked her and headed towards Danny’s room, all the while looking serious and very professional.  But she was feeling far from being professional.  Her mind was jumbled up with thoughts of Urs and worries of Ginny’s safety.  When she reached the outside of the room, she noticed a police officer sitting next to the closed door.

She introduced herself to the officer before looking into the small glass panel on the door.  She could see the patient lying in bed, his shoulder and upper arm heavily bandaged.  He didn’t seem to be very active; in fact, he looked as if he was about to doze off to sleep.  She asked the officer a few questions about Danny’s mobility and found that he was able to walk about in the room without assistance.   However, because of the broken shoulder joint and the number of pins inserted to attach his arm back in place, he was constantly in pain and required large doses of painkillers daily.  That was the reason for his grogginess.

“So he will be moved back to jail in two days’ time?” she inquired.

“Yes.  He has been receiving physiotherapy treatment every morning for the past few days and will continue with that when he’s in prison,” Mark, the good-looking officer, replied as he stared at her with an interested look.

Nodding her head in satisfaction at the answers she got, she looked straight into the officer’s eyes and said, “Please keep a close watch on him.  The lady he was after is constantly visiting this hospital.  We can’t afford any hiccup.”

“Don’t worry.  We keep watch twenty-four-seven,” the officer smiled enchantingly at her.  For a second, Sam thought he was going to ask her out and mentally tried to come up with some excuses but then her phone rang and she was jolted back to reality.  Looking at the screen of her phone, she frowned.  Urs again.  Maybe she should just switch the phone off.

“I have to go now.  Thanks for everything, Mark,” she smiled warmly at the officer.

“No problem,” he smiled back, looking at her a little too longingly for her comfort.  She stuck out a hand for a handshake and left before he could open his mouth again.  As she walked towards the lift, she could see from the reflection on the metal lift door that he was watching her with that intense gaze.  Suddenly a thought came to her mind:  If only Urs was here, he would know how she felt when Jenny showed up at the hospital.

2 thoughts on “Chapters 13 & 14”

  1. I knew sooner or later Jenny would show up wanting him back..Tough luck sister, he’s taken. Hopefully he got rid of the contact information she gave him.
    Sam, how is Urs supposed to tell you what Jenny wanted if you won’t talk to him or take his calls???
    Not liking the fact that Danny is in the same hospital as Seb. Thankfully he is under guard at all times.

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