Chapters 15 & 16

Chapter 15

Urs was on the verge of throwing away his mobile phone out of frustrations.  Why wasn’t Sam answering her phone?  He knew she wasn’t happy about Jenny’s call and being the astute person that she was, would have guessed that he had gone to meet his ex-lover.  Surely she should have known that nothing was going on between him and Jenny since he had actually returned to her apartment and made passionate love to her.  Or did she think that the experience was all a dream? 

Maybe she wasn’t angry with him because she thought he was having an affair with Jenny, he thought, but for keeping quiet about their meeting.  How could a woman as intelligent and sensible as Sam be so silly at the same time?  If she didn’t answer her phone, how was he going to explain anything to her? 

Running a hand through his hair in exasperation, he sat down on the sofa and thought about where she might be.  The hospital came to mind.  He called Ginny and asked if Sam was there but was disappointed with the answer.  Where else could she be?  Like a lightbulb that suddenly lit up above his head, he thought he knew the answer but before he could go and look for her, he decided he needed to do something first, something equally important.  Hopefully, he thought, she would still be there when he was done with his errand.

Sam decided against going up to Sebastien’s room, knowing full well that Ginny was with him and she didn’t want to intrude upon their privacy.  She also didn’t want Ginny to ask her questions because she was sure her best friend would notice her unhappiness.

The phone had stopped ringing.  Somehow, it made her regret not answering the calls.  She had wandered into the garden aimlessly and now stood in front of the stone bench.  The sun was starting to dim as late afternoon approached.  Giving in to a sigh of loneliness mixed with regret, she sat down and let her mind wander. 

What did she want from Urs?  Why was she so angry with him when he clearly showed her how much he loved her by going home to her last night?  She mulled over her questions for a while and finally came up with an answer; her pride was making her irrational.  She was angry at Urs for not trusting her enough to involve her with his past.  So far, he never really spoke to her about his relationship with Jenny except that they broke up because they had grown apart.  Not that she really wanted to know the details but at least by telling her, it would have made her feel that he was really comfortable in their relationship.  She had told him everything about herself, including something from her past relationships.  Oh well, she thought, men don’t always think the same way as women.

Another sigh escaped her lips as she continued searching deep inside her.  Did it really matter why he went to see Jenny?  Perhaps not, she mused.  Whatever the reason for that meeting, she was sure it wasn’t what she had imagined it to be.  It couldn’t be.  Not when he constantly reminded her how much he loved her.  But what about his constant disappearance during the past week or so?  What was he up to?  She was dying to know and would have called him on the phone when suddenly she felt the presence of someone standing in front of her.  She looked up and saw a pair of smiling hazel brown eyes staring back at her.


“I didn’t know you like to play hide-and-seek,” Urs teased with an indulgent smile, pleased that he had been right about her whereabouts and that she was still here.

“I was feeling bored,” she shrugged nonchalantly, the two halves of her mind battled with each other.  One wanted to get up and hug him; the other wanted to remain angry.

“You know I’d be glad to alleviate that boredom if you had stayed in bed longer,” he gave a cheeky grin as he looked sideways at her while sitting down next to her on the bench.

“Thought you might have other things to attend to,” she replied sardonically, “You seemed pretty busy lately.”

“Well, I do have things to do, you know, helping Seb with his wedding preparations,” he answered smoothly.  Well, it was partly true, he told himself.

Not knowing what else to say, she asked casually, “So, how did you find me here?”

“The last time Jenny turned up, I found you lying here.  So I figured that since it’s about her again, I’d find you here again,” he said with a smug look on his face.  He was surprised at her calmness as he had expected a violent reaction like the last time.  He had purposely mentioned Jenny to open her up even though he was worried it might back-fire on him.  What if she wasn’t really as calm as she looked?  What if she was trying her best not to lose her temper and then he blew it all by mentioning Jenny?

“So you think this is all about Jenny?  Why?”  She wasn’t going to make it easy for him by admitting anything.

“Maybe it wasn’t all about Jenny, but it started with her,” he stated frankly.  It was time to settle this once and for all.  He didn’t want a jealous woman for a wife and he knew Sam wasn’t that sort of woman.  Her mind must have gone into overdrive thinking wild thoughts because he hadn’t told her much about his daily activities, and with Jenny coming into the picture, she must have put two and two together and came up with five.

Sam raised her eyes questioningly, “So you noticed?”

“Yes, I may be just a talented singer, but I do use my brain once in a while,” he gave an irresistible grin and continued, “Sam, remember how you thought Ginny was being silly for doubting Seb’s love for her?”

She nodded.

“Well, I think you’re just like her right now.  How many times have I told you that I love you?  How often have I shown it to you?  You know the answer, so why are you feeling so insecure?  Because of Jenny?  If that’s it, I would have ended our relationship the last time we sat here.”

“But you never mentioned anything about her, I thought it’s because you still haven’t gotten over her yet,” she hated it when she sounded like a whining dog.  This man was making her lose all her self-control and she wasn’t sure if she hated it at all.

“I thought women don’t like their partners to talk about other women in their lives,” he exclaimed with a look of astonishment.  Did he read her wrong?

Sighing, she said, “I’m not like any other women you know, Urs.  I’m a policewoman.”

He chuckled at the statement and nodded, “Yes, I’m beginning to see that already.”

Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her gently, slowing probing her lips until she opened up to him and put her arms around him.

“I wish it was night time,” she said in between short passionate kisses.

“I could knock out the lights around here,” he offered playfully before lowering her down on her back.

“Stop it, Urs.  Someone might be taking a walk,” she glanced around shyly as he continued his assault on her neck, making smacking sound as he kissed the skin there loudly, doing it on purpose.  She giggled at the tickling sensation and his playfulness.  She tried to shove him away when it was too ticklish for her to handle and they almost fell off the narrow bench as a result.

She was still laughing and trying to catch her breath when he looked at her quietly, eyes fixed on her beautiful face.  “What?” she asked when she realised the place had gone all quiet.

Hands in the pocket of his jacket, he took out what looked like a ring box.  Opening it, the shine of the massive solitaire diamond sparkled brightly in the late afternoon light.

“I think you deserve a proper proposal,” he said as he took hold of her left hand.  “Will you marry me?”

Sam was speechless as she looked from his face to the ring and back to his face again.  Smiling brightly, she teased, “Where are the flowers?” before holding his face in her hands and kissing him tenderly, and then whispering against his lips, “Yes, my lord.”


As they made their way out of the garden in contented silence, Sam suddenly felt the hairs on the back of her neck stood, as if someone or something was watching her in the shadows of the now darkened garden.  She turned to look around but didn’t see anything, but she just couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. 

Letting go of Urs’s hand, she retraced a few steps and looked up in the opposite direction.  Sure enough, she saw the flutter of the curtains in one of the rooms in the other wing of the hospital, a few floors up.  A quick count of which floor that room was on revealed what she suspected: Danny was watching them.

“What’s wrong, Sam?” Being ever so perceptive, Urs could sense her unease.

Turning back to face Urs, she debated for only a fraction of a second before she decided he had a right to know.

“Come with me.  I want to show you something,” she said in a deadly quiet tone, sending a chill up his spine.  Without wasting another second, she pulled him towards the entrance of the building and headed to where Danny was kept imprisoned.  Hopefully he still was.

They made their way up in the lift and she guided him towards Danny’s room.  But before they could reach the door of the room, their passage was blocked by Mark.

“Evening, Sam.  I see you brought a friend,” he sneered when he saw them holding hands.  He sized Urs up with a not-so-subtle assessment from head to toe.  Perhaps she wasn’t as professional or smart as he thought she was.  That man looked like a toy boy with his good looks.

“Oh hi, Mark.  This is Urs Buhler.  The guy who broke Webster’s arm,” she added the extra bit of information to make a statement, hoping Mark wouldn’t look at her the way he did earlier on, like a wolf sizing up his prey.  Urs stood firm under Mark’s scrutiny, his free hand clenched in a fist as he returned Mark’s gaze with his own steely ones. 

Surprised by the silent challenge issued by Urs, Mark’s assessment of him took on a different conclusion and he stood aside, allowing the couple to approach the door. 

Urs peeped through the glass panel and saw Danny lying in bed with eyes closed.  His eyes darkened at the realization that Ginny and Sebastien were actually so close to their attacker all this while.  He turned to look at Sam questioningly.  She understood the unspoken question.  She shrugged and replied quietly, “I only found out this morning from Joseph.”

“This is crazy.  What if he managed to escape?  Does he know Seb is also here,” he whispered back.  Pulling him away from the door and towards the lift, Sam thanked Mark and quickly got into the closing lift.  They remained silent as the lift descended. 

Instead of walking to the other building, they walked into the garden, staying silent all the while.  Urs looked back at the wing of the hospital they had just came out from and looked back up to the floor where Danny was located.  Scanning the whole area as if determining the possibility of an escape by the criminal, he took in the details with dark, keen eyes. 

Sam observed him while he made a full 360 degree turn slowly, quietly accessing the surroundings.  She couldn’t help but feel a chill run up her spine as she looked at the calm and dangerous demeanour of the man she had fallen in love with.  It was the same feeling she felt when he prepared to take on Danny.  She was glad that he was on her side but was also worried for him.  However, she told herself that perhaps they were over-reacting to the fact that the criminal was housed under the same roof as his victim.

But what about her uneasiness earlier on?  She did see the curtain on his window moved, as if someone had been standing behind it, watching out the window and then moved out of sight when she looked up.  Or was that just her imagination?  Somehow, she didn’t think she was paranoid; her intuition had so far never let her down.

It was a long while before Urs spoke, a frown adorning his handsome face.  Asking the same questions that had been plaguing her the moment Joseph told her about Danny’s hospital stay, he said, “What if he escaped?  What if he knew that Seb is here and had been observing both him and Ginny?  You know Seb always takes his morning walk here since he could move about.  Why must they send that guy here?”

“Because this is the only hospital in the vicinity.  Joseph said he will be heavily guarded,” she replied, hoping to calm him down with her quiet tone.

“You call planting that wimp at the door ‘heavily guarded’?  The way I look at it, he was there to guard the nurses and anything in a skirt,” his tone contained more than a hint of disdain at the thought of Mark.  In fact, he had wanted to take a swipe at that man’s smug look when they met.  And when Mark sized him up, it was all he could do to hold it together and not let fly his right fist.  There was certainly something in Mark that clearly didn’t sit well with Urs, for Urs had never felt such strong aversion towards any other men before, with exceptions to criminals like Danny.

With a soft chuckle at the uncharacteristically sarcastic outburst, Sam tried to divert his line of thoughts by stroking his face gently.  “Let’s not get too paranoid about this.  Maybe Joseph was right; what could Danny do with just one good arm?” 

Hooking her arm through his, she tried to guide him towards Sebastien’s room but he refused to move.

“You sensed something here just now, that was why you looked up at the building where Danny’s room is.  What did you see?” he probed.

She was surprised at the question and his perceptiveness.  She looked up into his eyes with admiration and wondered if he ever considered taking up a job in the police force.  No, she hoped not as she’d rather keep him safe so he could sing in his angelic voice for her and all his devoted fans.

“I saw his curtain flutter,” she replied, biting her lips as she considered the possibility that Danny had been watching the garden daily, but pretended to be in pain and under the influence of the pain-killers.  What was he up to?

“You’ll have to tell Joseph to do something about that.  We can’t chance him running loose since he really wanted Ginny dead,” he stated flatly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back at work tomorrow and will be able to hold a discussion with him and Sarge on this,” she promised.

Raising his eyes at that piece of news, he was quiet for a moment.  “Why are you working tomorrow?  I thought you have a few more days of leave left?”

“Well, I was feeling a little bored and decided to get back to work earlier,” she replied hesitantly, hoping he wouldn’t feel disappointed with her decision.  “Besides, hearing about Danny made me think it was the right decision to make.  I hope you don’t mind,” she added when he remained quiet.

Seeing the uncertainty in her eyes, Urs felt guilty for neglecting her while he went about preparing for some really big surprises for her.  He really should start being more sensitive to her needs if he was to make this relationship work, he thought.  He seemed to be taking her independence for granted and assumed that she would be fine being left alone most of the time.  How selfish of him to think that way since he would definitely not like it if the tables were turned.

Giving her an assuring smile, he bent down and kissed her lips before muttering, “No, I don’t mind.  Just as long as you take care and stay safe.  I don’t want even a little scratch on you, okay?”

“Um hmm,” she mumbled in response, enjoying the kiss and the closeness she felt with him.


Sam and Urs finally appeared at the door to Sebastien’s room.  Ginny was peeling an orange for him and looked a picture of blissful calm as Sebastien sang her a tune in his native tongue.  They turned around when Urs knocked on the door and greeted their friends with a warm smile.

“I hope we’re not interrupting anything this time,” Urs said by way of a greeting.

“Yes you are,” Ginny replied, “It took me a while to get him to sing and now he’s stopped and I’m not sure he’ll sing again.”

Sebastien grinned.  “I will if you keep your promise.”  Both Sam and Urs looked from one to the other with curiosity.

“She promised to go to a gynaecologist tomorrow morning.”

Sam heaved a sigh of relieve as she walked over to hug her best friend.  At this moment, Sebastien noticed the exquisite diamond ring on Sam’s finger and raised his eyes at Urs, who was observing both ladies and noticed the ring on Ginny’s finger too.  Both men looked at each other and laughed quietly.

Sam and Urs had decided not to mention Danny to avoid alarming their friends unnecessarily so they chatted about some mundane stuff instead.  When they decided to leave for dinner, they asked Ginny along but she refused.  They decided to come back after dinner to accompany her home.  They didn’t want her to walk around the hospital on her own.

When Sam and Urs left, Sebastien got up from the bed and made his way to the bathroom, wanting to take a shower as the day had been very warm and he felt hot and sticky.  Ginny followed closely behind.

“Are you going to shower with me?” Sebastien looked amusingly at her.

“I…I’m just worried you might slip and fall.  I’ll stand outside and wait,” she stammered, blushing slightly at Sebastien’s cheeky grin. 

Reaching out a hand, he pulled her inside the bathroom and locked the door.

“But Seb, they are going to serve dinner anytime soon,” she protested.

“I’ll have the appetizer first,” he replied and pulled her into the shower stall.  Shedding his clothes in record time, he worked at hers fervently.  His intention caught Ginny by surprise and she could only stood and watch.  Even after all this time of being with such a passionate Frenchman, she was still quite unused to his openly passionate nature.  His kisses spoke to her of his love and his hands showed her how much he missed her.

Having been out of action for so long, Seb had almost forgotten how sweet and heavenly it felt to make love to Ginny.  And though he was aware of the soreness around his wound, he was just too far gone in his ecstatic state to worry about the consequences of over-exerting himself.  Nothing could have stopped him nor Ginny, not even the sound of the nurse calling for him outside the bathroom just moments before they both surrendered to their senses.  

Slumped against Ginny, he remained so still that for a moment there she thought he might have hurt himself, until he lifted his head and smiled into her eyes.

“We should do this everyday,” he managed between each struggle for breath.  Ginny giggled into his neck even as she tried to even her breathing.  Sebastien looked at her with a wide grin; he loved the sound of her giggles.  In fact, he loved everything about her.

When their breathing had returned to normal, they showered, scrubbed each other lovingly and dressed before Sebastien poked his head out the bathroom door to make sure no one was out there.  “The coast is clear,” he announced and they both stepped out of the steaming bathroom like two naughty high school kids who had just committed mischief.

The look of satisfaction on Sebastien’s face was still evident when Sam and Urs returned.  Ginny, on the other hand, failed to get rid of the look of guilt and embarrassment.  It prompted Urs to remark to Sam, “I think we just missed something exciting.”  That earned him a jab in the side from her.


Chapter 16 

 “No, Urs, don’t leave me!” Sam screamed silently as she trashed about in bed, her hands seemingly trying to catch hold of something.  Urs almost jumped out of his skin when one of her arms connected with his jaw as he was sleeping peacefully next to her.

“Sam, wake up.  It’s just a dream,” he caught her flailing arms and held her down.  She opened her eyes and stared blankly at him.  When she realised what had happened, she hugged him tightly, her body shaking uncontrollably out of fear.  “It’s alright, love, I’m here,” he assured her as he stroked her hair, letting her cry as she continued to sob.  Emotion spent, she lay cradled in his arms, feeling sleepy but afraid to go back to sleep.  He tried to lay her down on the bed but she clung on to him, refusing to lie down.

“Want to talk about it?” he gently probed. 

Shaking her head, she replied, “Just hold me, Urs.” 

He held her till she fell asleep, and then gently lay her down.  He watched her for a moment, stroking her tear-stained cheeks and wondered what was in the dream that made her so afraid.  Soon, he too succumbed to a troubled sleep.

Morning came and Sam woke up with a splitting headache.  It took her a while to remember what happened the night before and she turned to look beside her.  Panic gripped her when she realised Urs wasn’t sleeping next to her.  She jumped out of the bed, causing her head to spin and her eyes to see stars as she stumbled blindly to the bathroom, only to find it empty.  Clinging onto the door frame of the bathroom for support, she waited till her head stopped spinning and her eyes could focus properly before walking out of the room in search of Urs.  Soon the sound of his pure and crystal clear voice was heard coming from the kitchen singing one of his favourite aria from The Magic Flute.

Sam stood in the kitchen doorway and listened to the song with a big smile on her face, her eyes taking in every detail of his well proportioned and beautifully toned body as he stood next to the stove making a breakfast of pancakes and sausages.  On the table were some tasty-looking French toast and scrambled eggs.  Sam raised an eyebrow on the enormous amount of food being prepared and wondered if he had a beautiful dream the night before, as opposed to her horrifying one.

He seemed to sense her presence and stopped singing, saying instead, “Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes.”

Sam walked up to him and hugged him from behind, sniffing and kissing his bare shoulder before she went back to the bathroom to get ready.  She had almost forgotten that she was starting work today and scrambled to shower, brush, make-up and change. 

By the time she was done, breakfast was already nicely laid out on the table and Urs was just bringing out the coffee.  Setting down the coffee, he held out his hands and said, “Come here.”  She walked into the waiting arms and was greeted by a fresh-tasting kiss.

“So, what was the dream about?” he searched her eyes as he asked the question.

“I don’t really know.  It was all a blur but It was just a dream,” she smiled at him and returned his kiss.  They sat down for breakfast and discussed what they should do for Ginny and Sebastien.

“I’ll take her to the doctor later,” Urs offered.

“I don’t think you can.  If I’m right, she’s probably there already and I’m late for work.  Just make sure you head on to the hospital when you’re free and try to keep an eye on the two of them.  I’ll see if I can talk to Sarge about providing extra security.”  With that she picked up her jacket, kissed him on his cheek and was out of the apartment before he could steal a few more kisses.

Urs cleared the table and planned his day as he went along doing that.  He would have loved to have the whole afternoon to himself as he had some important work to finish but he understood the importance of keeping an eye on his friends.  Looking at the clock, he figured he could use two hours to get some things done before going to the hospital.


Danny looked down from the window with a smirk on his face.  So those two lovebirds are at it again, smooching and hugging in the garden, he thought.  Very soon, they would head back to the room and he wondered which room it was.  It didn’t matter, she’d come to him.  The thought brought a smile to his face as he sat back down on the bed just before a nurse came in.  An officer followed her in and stood just inside the closed door.

“Good morning, Diane,” he greeted the nurse with a sweet smile.

“Morning, Danny,” the young nurse smiled shyly.

“Did you bring enough medicine to knock me out for good?” he asked as his eyes followed her movement with interest.

“No, you really shouldn’t be taking too much of the painkillers.  I’m here to prepare you for an x-ray and then a physiotherapy session.  This will be your last session here; you will continue with that in the prison hospital,” she replied as she went about removing the sling that held his arm in place.  He gave a slight wince as she tried to straighten his arm.

“I’m sorry it hurts but it will get better with more exercise,” Diane looked at Danny apologetically and he nodded.  Thomas, the officer, moved forward as the nurse helped Danny to his feet.  He took out a handcuff and proceeded to handcuff both of Danny’s hands.  Danny let out a gasp as Thomas pulled on his right arm.

“For goodness’ sake, Officer!  Couldn’t you have been gentler with him?” Diane gave the officer a disapproving scowl.

“I, I can’t move my hand just yet,” Danny winced as he clutched at his right arm.

The officer looked at Danny for a moment before handcuffing himself to Danny’s left hand instead.  They walked out the room where Mark, the other officer, was waiting.  He was supposed to be off duty but received an order to assist in escorting Danny to his x-ray and physiotherapy before another officer turned up to report for duty.  Unknown to all the officers involved, Sam was the reason an extra guard was sent to keep watch on Danny.  She had managed to convince her superiors that Danny should be guarded heavily since he was housed in the same hospital as his victim.

Very soon, the x-ray was completed and Danny was led to the physiotherapist room to work on his right arm.  Both officers stood guard all the time while the therapist helped Danny with some arm exercises.  It was almost an hour before the session completed and according to the therapist, Danny made some improvement in the movement of his arm and it was slowly gaining strength.

As the trio made their way back to Danny’s room, Mark got a call from the station.  It was his superior informing him the name of the extra officer who was on his way to take over from him.  As the superior had a few instructions to give, Mark motioned for his partner to wait while he moved to a corner to listen intently on the phone. 

At this moment, Danny noticed a nurse pushing a trolley of supplies in their direction.  He moved his body slightly as she approached, causing her to knock into his right arm with the trolley.  Clutching on his right arm and doubling over in pain, he almost took the officer down with him since they were handcuffed together.  The trolley overturned when the officer was thrown against it.  Both men ended up on the floor with the supplies on the trolley strewn all over them and on the floor as the nurse looked on horrified.

Mark came running towards the men and hauled Danny up on his feet as the other officer picked himself up.  Danny groaned as both officers tried to get him to walk back to the room.  He complained of being in a lot of pain and refused to move.  In the end they had to wheel him back in a wheelchair.  Danny hid a satisfied smile as he thought about the lucky break he just had as he patted his shirt pocket; the nurse and the trolley must be heaven sent.


Nurse Diane wasn’t very pleased when she saw Danny’s look of pain and ordered the officers to leave them while she set about helping Danny onto his bed.  The moment the officers left, Danny whipped out a scalpel he managed to pinch from the trolley of supplies and held it to Diane’s neck with his left hand.

“Quiet!  Or I’ll slash your throat, understand?” he hissed.

Diane nodded, trembling with fear as she felt the cold sharp end of the knife being pushed against the delicate skin of her throat.  Glancing at the door to make sure the officers weren’t looking through the glass panel, Danny stood up slowly and with his right arm, turned the nurse around so he could hold her in front of him with his left arm, the knife pressed firmly against her throat.

“Now, move slowly to the door,” he instructed.  Once at the door, he whispered in her ear, “I’m going to lower my hand and hide behind you.  Show your face on the glass panel and smile as you ask them to open the door.  Don’t try anything funny ‘cos I’ll plunge the knife into your back, get it?”

Again she nodded.  Then she rapped on the glass panel on the door, summoning up the courage to smile.  Mark saw her and unlocked the door without hesitation.  The moment the door opened, Danny stood up and had his left arm and knife around Diane’s neck again.

“Move back or she dies,” he growled with deadly calm.

Hands on their holsters, both officers were ready to draw their guns when he issued another warning, “Don’t!  I won’t hesitate to kill her.”  And as if to make a point, he pressed the knife harder against her neck and blood started dripping down from the cut.  Diane winced at the pain but tried to keep her calm, knowing any sudden movement could signal her death.  He slowly pushed her forward until they were just outside the room.

“Now, put those guns down on the chair.  Come on!  I haven’t got all day!” he almost screamed as both officers continued to stare at him with their hands on their holsters, as if frozen in time.  Mark, seeing the blood trickling down the nurse’s pristine white uniform, slowly removed his gun and put it on the chair next to the door.  Thomas followed suit.  Danny then pointed to their walkie-talkies and they left those on the chair as well, followed by their mobile phones.  Motioning for both officers to move into the room, Danny ordered the nurse to take the key from Mark and lock the doors.

For a moment, Danny stood staring at the guns.  His mind raced as he tried to decide if he should use a gun instead.  No, he couldn’t shoot fast enough or accurately with his left hand, and his right hand, although gaining strength through secret exercises that he did daily in the room, was still too weak to operate a gun.  He told Diane to pick up both guns and throw one into a rubbish bin a few feet away and put the other one in his right hand, just in case it might come in handy.  The phones and walkie-talkie went into the bin as well.  All this while, no one else witnessed what had happened as they were at the far end of the corridor.  However, as soon as they approached the nurse station, the nurses there were terrified by the sight of a blood soaked Diane.

“If you don’t want her dead, don’t scream!” Danny growled.  “Tell Ginny Dawson I will be waiting for her at the rooftop.  And I don’t want to see any police officers up on the roof.  If I do, I’ll throw her down.  And don’t follow me!” he shouted when some male staff appeared and surrounded him and Diane.

“Please Danny, you’re hurting me,” Diane pleaded, sniffling as she tried to stem the flow of her tears.

“You won’t die if I get what I want,” he said as he led her to the lift, screaming for the lift occupants to get out as he entered it with Diane still firmly grasped in his left arm, his right arm circled around her waist, the gun dangling from his fingers.  The few people leaving the lift gave Danny and the nurse a wide berth and watched in trepidation as the lift door closed on the hostage taker and his hostage.

It took both officers a few moments to kick the sturdy door open but by then, the lift had already gone up to the top floor.  Mark asked the nurses if Danny was using a gun and was told he had one.  Upon hearing that, his partner set about searching for the other gun and their other belongings, hoping that Danny didn’t take both guns with him.  Mark continued to question the nurses and realised they could potentially endanger Diane’s life if they appeared on the rooftop without Ginny.  He immediately got on the phone with his superior and reported the incident to him. 

After that, he issued an instruction for Thomas to keep an eye on Danny at the rooftop without being seen.  Before Thomas left, a nurse walked up to Mark and said, “Officer, let me go with him.  I can talk to Danny and try to calm him down and see if I can attend to Diane’s wound.”

Mark assessed the nurse for a moment before asking, “What’s your name?”

“Nelly,” the nurse replied calmly.

“Ok, Nelly, go with Officer Thomas but don’t try to get too near that guy.  I’ll be up there with Miss Dawson soon,” he nodded at Nelly who left with a first aid kit, while he left with another nurse who knew where Ginny might be.  Turning back to the nurse station, he issued another instruction, “Go back to your work and try not to raise an alarm.”


Urs stepped into the hospital building just as Sam and Joseph arrived with a few other plainclothes and immediately sensed something wasn’t right. He got in step with Sam and would have asked her what was going on when she gave him a look that said it all.  Joseph and two other plainclothes headed for the wing where Danny was held, while Sam and a lady officer took the lift up to Sebastien’s room with Urs.  At the door, they heard a commotion.

“Ginny, don’t go.  He tried to kill you, and he’ll do it again.  Please don’t go,” Sebastien held out his hand to Ginny and looked into her eyes pleadingly.  “Come to me.  Let the police handle him.”

“Mr Izambard, we need Ms Dawson to talk to Danny.  I believe she can persuade him to give up,” Mark tried to convince Sebastien.

“NO!  She’s not going anywhere with you.  You do your job and save the nurse, but leave Ginny alone, you hear?” Sebastien shouted at the officer, his eyes showing such fury that even Ginny was stunned.  They stood staring at each other until Urs spoke.

“What happened?” he asked quietly.  Although he had already figured out what was going on, he wanted more details. 

Mark turned around and looked at him and the ladies standing behind him.  Directing his answers at Sam, he said, “We need to get Miss Dawson up there to try to talk to Danny.  He has threatened to throw the nurse down the building if he sees any police officers up there.  He’s serious about hurting the nurse.  She’s already bleeding at the neck.”

“Now wait a minute, officer,” the lady officer said, “You don’t just bring Miss Dawson up there and expect everyone to come down safe and sound.  Besides, what purpose would it serve him if he were to throw the nurse down without getting what he wanted?”  The female officer sounded incredulously; this had to be the most idiotic officer she had ever met, she thought.  Mark’s face turned a shade of crimson when he realised there was logic in what the lady said.

“Sam, I feel so terrible.  I can’t let another person get hurt because of me.  Let me go to him.  Maybe I can talk him around,” Ginny walked up to Sam and held her hands, her eyes pleading with Sam to let her help.

“Ginny, don’t do this to me.  I can’t take it if anything happens to you,” Sebastien made a move towards her with a pained look on his face but she moved further away from him.  The same feeling of panic when he noticed Danny making his way towards her with a knife in hand came back to him.  This time, the feeling was much worse as he wasn’t sure if he was strong enough to save her again if anything should happen to her.

“Let me go, Seb.  I need to end this once and for all or I’ll never live in peace,” she stared at him unwaveringly.

Seeing the determination written all over her face, he muttered in resignation, “Alright, if that’s the case, I’m coming along too.”

“Seb, I’m sorry this is happening but rest assured we will do everything we can to keep Ginny safe,” Sam stated as calmly as she could, even though she was terrified of what might happen if their plan failed. 

When she had heard from Sgt MacKay that Danny had escaped to the rooftop of the hospital with a hostage, a chill ran down her spine; the moment she feared most had happened.  Somehow, the dream she had the night before flashed across her mind.  She turned to look at Urs with a shock revelation that he could be in great danger if her dream was a premonition of what was to happen.  She was about to tell him to stay out of the operation when her colleague spoke again.

“Before we make any move, let me introduce myself and brief everyone on what is happening.  My name is Sarah Langley, and I’m a police negotiator.  Now, I don’t think Danny will make a move for the time being since his objective has not been met yet,” she paused and looked at Ginny before continuing, “Although he threatened to kill the nurse if he sees a police officer up there, I doubt he will do it, at least, not until he gets what he wants.  I will go up there and try to talk to him while the team prepare for the rescue operations.  Snipers are being deployed at strategic locations.  If my talk fails, Miss Dawson will have to come into the picture.  We will find the best moment to take him without endangering anyone’s life.”

Urs raked his mind for details of the building he had taken in the night before as he stood in the garden with Sam and found that he knew a way to get on the rooftop without being seen by Danny.  He doubt any snipers would be able to find an ideal spot to take a good aim since that part of the building where Danny was in was the tallest around the vicinity and if Urs was right, Danny would be at the side facing the public park.

“What weapon is he using?” Urs asked in a quiet and calm tone though his eyes betrayed his anger and fury at the incompetence of the police officers guarding their prisoner.

“He’s holding a scalpel and a gun,” Mark replied uneasily.  Urs looked down at the holster around the officer’s waist and noticed it was empty.  A small smirk curved his lips a little; he was right to think this guy a greenhorn.  Sam observed Urs as he spoke and realised it would be difficult to stop him from showing up at the rooftop. 

She looked at everyone in the room and said, “It’s time to move.  Seb, are you sure you’re feeling up to this?”  When Sebastien nodded his head, she turned to Urs, hoping that he would listen, “Urs, there’s really no need for you to get involved.  It should be over very soon, Sarah is a good negotiator.”

“No, Sam, you can’t stop me from coming with you.  I was the one who put him here; I’ll send him to hell this time if I have to.”  Again, he spoke with such quiet tone that it unnerved his listeners. 

Concerned for his safety, Sarah cautioned, “Urs, we are facing someone who probably has given up hope of living and that makes him a dangerous man.”

“I know that, Sarah,” Urs simply replied.  Sarah marvelled at the calm demeanour of her idol and wished he had taken a longer look at her instead of turning to look at Sam with unspoken words of reassurance.  Now is not the time to be star-struck, Officer, she told herself and mentally gave herself a kick.

Sam looked at Urs for a moment with fear showing in her eyes but still she relented, “Be careful then.”

Just as they were making their way towards the lift, Carlos and David stepped out of it and were greeted by the sombre faces of their friends who were escorted by a trio of officers.

“What’s going on here?” Carlos asked as he and David followed the small group into the lift again.  “We saw police officers in and around the building.”

Sarah was in a good mind to stop them from entering the lift but a look on their faces told her it would be a waste of time.  It dawned on her then that these Divos were not just pretty boys who could only sing; they were tough guys who could really hurt someone if they had to.  Urs was a good example.  Even though she knew a lot about him as a Divo, it didn’t prepare her for the cold and calculated side of him that she had just witnessed. 

As the lift went up, Urs briefly explained to the two Divos the situation they were in.  They were speechless with disbelief that something like this could have happened to them.  Carlos muttered some Spanish vulgarities under his breath as the lift slowly snaked up to the top level.

2 thoughts on “Chapters 15 & 16”

  1. I think Mark should have been fired, or at least put back on foot patrol the last time you posted this. 😀
    Poor Diane must be so frightened of what Danny will do to her.
    Let’s get the police up there to check on him shall we.

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