Chapter 5 & 6

Chapter 5

On their way to the hospital, Urs filled Carlos in on his previous meetings with Sam.  Sam did a proper introduction of herself to the two men, “Friends call me Sam, but my real name is Samantha Ryan.”  Then she proceeded to explain her job as a plainclothes officer and that she had just been promoted to that post after being a uniformed officer for almost three years.  She also told them what had transpired backstage before the attack.  “It was plain jealousy,” she told them.

Jokingly, Carlos turned to Urs and asked, “What did you do to that woman?”

Urs looked perplexed and retorted, “Nothing that none of us would do!”

That brought a little smile on Sam’s lips.  ‘He’s so cute,’ she thought, ‘even if he did have a very serious and intense look most of the time.’

“Your job must be dangerous.  No?” Carlos wanted to know.

“Of course it’s dangerous, she almost got herself killed at the shoot out,” Urs replied before Sam could say anything, looking into her eyes as he spoke.  Sam almost melted at the tenderness and concern she saw in his eyes and let out a small sigh without realising it.  Urs heard it and gave a small chuckle that brought a blush to her face.  

Throughout the journey, Carlos entertained them all with his quick wit and ‘talking eyebrows’, moving his eyebrows up and down whenever he made some cheesy or funny comments.  He did it to take Sam’s attention away from the pain in her arm, and Urs was well aware of it and he appreciated his friend’s thoughtfulness.  Very soon, they arrived at the hospital.

An x-ray revealed a small fracture in the forearm which wasn’t too serious.  Sam had her arm in a cast and a sling to hold it in front of her to reduce the pressure on her arm.  She was given painkillers and was told to return in a month’s time for assessment and was also granted medical leave for the whole month.

When she emerged from the examination room, both Divos anxiously asked about her condition.  She repeated what the doctor just told her and they were relieved to hear that she did not suffer from any nerve damage, especially Urs.  He felt bad that she was suffering because of him.

It was past midnight when they reached Sam’s apartment.  Sam felt a little hungry and thought the guys must also be feeling the same, so she invited them up for a little light snack.  Urs dismissed the driver of the luxury car, telling him that they would take a cab back instead.

Once inside the apartment, Sam headed to the kitchen to put some water to boil.  But as she was a right-hander, she had difficulty getting her left hand to work on its own and accidentally dropped the kettle into the sink.  That had the two guys rushing to her side.

“I’m so sorry, my left hand is virtually useless without its partner.”

“It’s ok, my dear.  Let me do the work, I’ll have tea ready in a few minutes,” Carlos said emphatically as he led her out of the kitchen.  “You go sit there and look pretty for our Swiss Divo.”  Sam didn’t know whether to laugh or blush because she caught Urs looking at her from top to toe.

“You know, I didn’t recognise you at first when we were backstage.  I thought I knew you but couldn’t remember how we met.  You look so different in that dress,” Urs offered the explanation when he realised Sam was blushing from his close inspection.

To cover up her uneasiness, she told Urs that there was a Sheppard’s pie in the fridge and asked if he could put it in the microwave oven to heat it up; he did as he was told.

As the guys were busy in the kitchen, she took the opportunity to tidy up the sitting room.  There was her jacket slung over an armchair, Ginny’s shoes in a corner of the room, a book on the sofa and Il Divo cds scattered on the tv console.  While she was putting away the cds, Urs came up behind her and said, “Don’t you ladies ever get tired of listening to our cds?”

Sam almost jumped out of her skin as he was standing so close behind her, she could almost feel his breath on her neck.

“No, should we?” she managed a whisper.

“Of course not, just teasing you.  So, what are you?  Siren, Cutie, Diva or Uberbabe?”

“Sam the cop,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Okay, he laughed, “tell me what do I have to do to convert you to be an Uberbabe?”

“Sing for me,” she whispered, staring at his beautifully curved lips unconsciously, then into his hazel eyes.

For a minute they just stood there unable to look away from each other, both acknowledging the attraction that each had for the other.  They stood like statue facing each other until Carlos’ booming voice broke the spell that gripped them.

“Come and eat, the pie is ready and so is the tea.”

Spell broken, they looked away slightly flustered and walked towards the dining table.  As the three of them sat around the small dining table and ate their supper, they chatted and traded anecdotes relating to their jobs.  Then the door opened and in came Ginny and Sebastien.

“Sam, why didn’t you pick up your phone?” Ginny almost shouted as she walked towards her friend and gave a little hug, being careful not to hurt her.

“Did you call?  Sorry, must have missed it.  It’s hard to hear anything else when Il Divo is talking, even if only two members are here,” she said with a wink at Carlos and Urs.

Sebastien laughed.  “And now you have three.”

Urs wondered where David was and was told he had gone back home.  He had promised to make a video call to Sandra after the show and so he had to rush back.

“Awww, that’s so sweet of him,” Carlos teased, and the others all laughed.  Their conversation lasted for almost an hour, with more stories and light banter.  The guys also got to know why Sam ended up as a policewoman as she told them about her childhood, growing up in a notorious section of the city where most people lived in constant fear of being mugged or hurt.  The more she related her experience and revealed her desire to bring law and order to the society, the more Urs felt fascinated by her; he had never met a lady who was as strong and brave as her.

Soon, it was time for the guys to bid the two ladies farewell.  Carlos was the first to leave the apartment.  Sebastien looked longingly at Ginny, and as if on cue, she offered to walk him to the street where a cab would be waiting.  That left only Urs and Sam at the door.


“How are you feeling,” Urs asked ever so softly.

“My arm still hurts, but I’ll survive,” Sam replied with a slight smile.

“You’ll be resting for a whole month, won’t you feel bored?”

“What are you suggesting, Urs?  You going to come baby sit me and keep me occupied?” Sam couldn’t resist a little tease.

Urs was surprised at her outspokenness and decided to play along.

“Yeah, I’m pretty good at babysitting.  And I cook too.  How much would you be paying me?”

“We’ll have to see how you perform.  If you can do all that as well as you sing, I may have to sell my apartment to pay you.”   They both laughed.  Just then, they heard the blare of a horn, and they knew the cab had arrived.  It sounded a couple more times.

“Must be Carlos.  He gets impatient when he’s feeling tired or sleepy.  I had better get going.”  He started to walk away when he changed his mind and turned around.  Being very careful with her injured arm, he gently embraced her and kissed her fully on her lips.  It took her by surprise but when his kiss deepened, she felt herself giving in to her senses, revelling in the sweetness of his kiss.  She didn’t want it to stop, so when he started pulling away, she pulled him back and kissed him with such ferocity that he was taken aback.  This time, it was he who surrendered to the passion in her kiss, giving in to the exquisite sensation that her probing tongue had evoked.

The blaring of the horn again broke the spell for them.  And somewhere near the building, it did the same for Ginny and Sebastien.

Ginny couldn’t bear to part so she clung on to Sebastien very tightly as if her life depended on him.  He tried to loosen her grip on him but she had such a death grip on him that he gave up trying.  With another tender kiss to her lips, he whispered, “Ginny, please, I have to go.  But I promise to be back tomorrow, okay?”

That seemed to settle it for her.  She let go of him reluctantly with a beautiful pout.  “Promise?”

“Yes, Sweetie, I promise.” And with another quick kiss, he was off.  God, he hated goodbyes!

The horn sounded a couple more times and that brought the other occupants of the building hurling abuses at the cab.  When both Urs and Sebastien got into the car, they were greeted by a thunderous-looking Carlos.

“I don’t know why I bothered to wait for you two,” he said angrily, “You both should have stayed here instead.”

Sebastien, in a cheery mood, replied, “Really?  Can we?” and pretended to open the door to leave.

“Not funny!”

Urs could see that Carlos was almost losing it so he quickly apologised.  “I’m sorry, Carlos.”  And almost as an after-thought, added, “Next time we’ll wait for you when you bid Joanne farewell.  No horns.”

Seb laughed heartily at the last sentence and got a murderous glare from Carlos.  Urs couldn’t help smiling to himself too, even as he wondered why he had said what he did.  He only meant to apologise but somehow he felt so alive and happy to risk Carlo’s explosive temper.


Urs woke up with a start.  A look on the alarm clock told him it was close to noon.   He got up and stretched gloriously before heading for the shower.  As he let the water flow over his well-toned body, the previous night’s event played on his mind.  He had not intended to get involved with Sam but somehow it just happened.  Memories of his last days inRomecame back to haunt him.  Will he ever find someone who loved him enough to follow his dreams?  What if Sam wasn’t that person?  It would be too much for him to take, too soon.  But when thoughts of Sam and her kiss invaded his mind, he was glad that he was having a cold shower. 

When the phone rang, he dried himself quickly with a tower before wrapping it around his waist.  He wondered who could be calling him as he searched for his cell phone in his pants.  The LCD indicated that it was Jenny.  What did she want?  He thought of switching off the phone but decided against it.


“Hi, Urs.  How are you?”

“Alive and kicking, thanks to you,” there was sarcasm in his voice.

“Please Urs, don’t make it difficult.”

“What do you mean?  You were the one who walked away, not me,” he retorted.

“I…I just wanted to see how you are coping.   And I want to tell you that I had seen your performance last night and thought that you guys sounded great.”

“Well, you could have just written a letter or sent me an email.”  He couldn’t help being cynical.  The last few weeks since the break up he had thought he had gotten over her.  Maybe he had but he was still angry with her for ending it the way she did.  He had expected it would come but not in the manner which she had chosen.

“I’m sorry for leaving you the way I did.  I couldn’t bring myself to see you hurting so badly, neither did I want you to see me cry.  Please forgive me, Urs.”  He could hear the break in her voice and knew that she was crying.  It softened him a little as he never did like to see a woman cry.

“You know I love you, don’t you?  We could have worked it out somehow.”  This time Jenny could hear the hurt in his voice.

“No, it wouldn’t work out.  We’re two very different people leading two different lifestyles; it would only hurt us more if we had continued.”

There was a little pause as Urs digested that statement and he finally conceded that she was right.

“I hope you’re coping well yourself, Jenny,” he relented, genuine concern in his voice.

“Thanks, Urs…I have a meeting to attend now.  Please take care.”  With that, she hung up.

As he hung up the phone, he felt a weight lifted off his shoulder.  His anger was gone, although it might take a while longer for the scars to heal.

A few apartments away, Sebastien had woken up early and even though he only had a few hours’ sleep, he felt refreshed.  He couldn’t wait to start the day and so with a song in his heart, he went to take a shower.  He whistled and sang one of Il Divo’s songs as he worked the soap over his masculine body.  Then as he brushed and shaved, he thought about what he would do that day.  He decided that it was too early to put his plans into action so he set about making coffee and breakfast, and then tidied the apartment a little.


Chapter 6

The girls were still sleeping when the doorbell rang.  They had spent the night exchanging notes of what happened during and after the show.  When Sam told Ginny about her experience with Urs, Ginny couldn’t help but felt uneasy.  Sam could sense it and insisted that Ginny tell her what was bothering her.  After much prodding she managed to learn about Urs’s girlfriend and how he met her during one of the concerts in the early days.

Sam couldn’t believe what she heard.  She had always been a good judge of character and Urs had seemed like a trustworthy person.  She decided to give him the benefit of a doubt.  Maybe his relationship with the girl had ended?  Or maybe he made it up so that there would not be any nasty rumours about him?  Well, she wasn’t going to dwell on it; she was going to take one day at a time.  That was Sam, ever the practical girl.

The doorbell continued to ring but none of the girls stirred from their sleep.  Sam had popped two painkillers before going to bed at four o’clock in the morning and Ginny was simply a sleepy-head; she needed to be pushed and shoved before she would wake up.

Both Sebastien and Urs were starting to panic.  They had both arrived at the same time without prior arrangement, one of them holding a nice bouquet, the other a paper bag containing lunch.  Thoughts of something bad happening to the ladies were playing on their minds when Urs decided he had had enough of waiting.  He started banging on the door with his fists, shouting out both ladies’ names.  Sebastien joined in with the banging and shouting and soon they had neighbours popping their heads out to see what the commotion was about.

In a hazy mist, Sam thought she heard something.  “Oh my goodness, someone’s trying to knock down the door!” she exclaimed as she sat up immediately when the mist cleared.  Grabbing her robe off the floor, she hastily put it over herself, only managing to get one arm into the sleeve.  Holding the robe tightly around her with her good arm, she stumbled out of her room to open the door.  Just as the door opened, Urs’s fist came clashing down on her forehead.

“Ouch!  Watch it, you idiot!” Sam quickly put up her arm to shield herself from another blow.

“Oh, I’m sorry!  Are you okay?  Let me take a look,” Urs tried to touch her but she flinched.  He felt terrible that he had been causing her so much pain in such a short space of time that he just stood there, silently pleading with her to forgive him.

“I’m fine, just having a major headache,” she replied when she saw how concerned he was.

“I’m so sorry.  But I…we had been standing out here for the past ten to fifteen minutes, ringing the doorbell and banging on the door.  We thought something bad had happened to you two,” he said sheepishly.  She gave him an incredulous look before opening the door wider to let both men in.

“Ginny’s still sleeping, Seb.  You may have to shove her to wake her.”

“My pleasure,” Seb said with a delighted grin on his face as he headed towards the room where Sam had indicated.

As Sebastien disappeared into Ginny’s room, Sam became increasingly aware of her appearance.  She clutched tightly at her robe and told Urs to make himself comfortable while she went and wash up.  He reached out and grabbed her hand as she turned to leave.  Searching her face, he tried to see if she was still angry with him.  When he was sure she was not, he kissed her gently.  She put her left hand on his chest and lightly pushed at him.

“Stop, Urs.  I need to go wash up and change.”

“Do you need help getting dressed?”  There was a twinkle in his eyes.

“I’ll let you know if I do.”  And she left him standing alone in the sitting room, wondering if she was serious or just joking.


Sebastien finally realised what Sam meant by shoving Ginny awake.  He touched her face, called her name, poked at her arm, but she didn’t even stir one bit.  But when he shoved her a little, he got a little response.  He shoved harder and was rewarded with a little moan as she tossed and turned, unwilling to wake up.  He smiled at her angelic face.

“Wake up, Sweetheart,” he whispered in her ears, “time for lunch and a little walk in the park.”

“Mmm, are you for real, Seb?  Or am I dreaming?” she mumbled, her eyes still closed.

“Open you eyes.”

As she opened her eyes, he ducked at the side of the bed.

“I must be dreaming,” she said as she rubbed her eyes. 

Seb showed himself at this moment and annouced, “No you’re not.”

Ginny screamed in surprised at his sudden appearance and that brought Urs and Sam running to her room, wondering what had happened.  Sebastien threw back his head laughing, causing Ginny’s face to turn red with embarrassment.  She took a pillow and started hitting him with it.  It soon turned into a pillow fight between the two.  Urs and Sam looked on awhile with smiles on their face and then left them alone.

In her haste to get to Ginny, Sam had her buttons all done up wrongly.  As a result, one side of her shirt was longer than the other and she had run out without her pants on.  Urs thought she looked endearing and smiled when she realised what she had done.  Before she could run and hide from her embarrassment, he led her by her hand into her own room.  There, he undid all her buttons before buttoning them up properly and then helped her into her jeans.

“Next time if you need help dressing, just tell me.” 

Then he bent his head and kissed her once more.  This time she didn’t object.  Instead, she gave in to the pleasure he was creating inside her, matching his passion with her own.  Again, she didn’t want it to stop but something inside her told her she should.  He had the same thoughts too but like her, he was powerless to walk away.  In their quest to hold each other closer, they forgot about her broken arm until she cried out in pain as it got crushed between their bodies.

“I’m so sorry, Sam, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Urs said with a worried look on his face.  Sam assured him that she was alright and said that she was glad it happened.

“God knows where this kiss was going to lead us, Urs.”  She looked at him with eyes as big as saucers as she said that.

Even though he appreciated her honesty, he didn’t know what to make of her statement.  Did she regret the kiss?  Was it just the heat of the moment for her and nothing else?  Seeing the confused look on his face, she quickly continued, “Don’t you think we’re going too fast?  I mean, we’ve only really just met yesterday, even though you almost ran me down twice before that.”  She tried to inject a little light-heartedness to her words and it worked.  Urs smiled and said, “If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought that you were trying to get me locked up for good.”

“Now, why would I do that, Mr Buhler?”

“So that the other Ubers won’t be able to see me again, except for you since you’re a police officer.”

“You know, when Ginny gave me an education on the personalities of the four Divos, she forgot to mention cockiness as one of your traits.”

That brought a hearty laugh from Urs and Sam decided she should make him laugh like that more often.  She loved the sound of his laughter, in fact, she loved everything about him.  As she marvelled at her own revelation, he spoke to her quietly, “Sam, I can’t promise you anything.  With this life I’m leading it’s going to be very difficult for us.  I don’t know where we’re heading but I promise you that I will try to make it work for us if you’d let me and that I will never intentionally hurt you.”  He said it with such sincerity that it warmed her heart.

Conflicting emotions ran through his mind as he looked at her.  He wanted to love her with all his heart but didn’t know if he could after what had happened between him and Jenny.  He really wanted a relationship that would work because he believed that love makes a person whole.  However, he had not expected to fall in love again so soon but Sam had crept into his heart unexpectedly.  Was he ready to take the risk?

“You don’t have to promise me anything at all, Urs.  We’ll take it one day at a time and see where it leads.”  She gave him a kiss and smiled into his eyes.

He found his answer in her eyes and her smile.  If she was willing to take the plunge, so would he.  Having made up his mind, he led her out of the room telling her that he had bought lunch.  As they passed by Ginny’s room, they could hear her squeals and Sebastien’s laughter and they assumed the two were still having a pillow fight.


What they didn’t know was Sebastien was trying to prevent Ginny from leaving the room by blocking the door with his body.  When she tried to pull him away, he picked her up with a laugh and carried her to the bed, making her squeal with surprise.  And as he nuzzled and rained little kisses on her neck, she squealed and giggled till she was so breathless that she had to beg him to stop.  As she tried to catch her breath, he looked at her lovingly.

“You’re so sweet and beautiful, Ginny,” he whispered.

“Thank you, Sebastien.  It’s very nice of you to say that,” she replied with a slight blush.

“I love you, Sweetheart.  Will you marry me?”  He surprised himself as he said those words.  He didn’t know why he said it but was glad he did, as he saw her face lit up with a beautiful smile.  Her blue eyes sparked like diamonds as tears threatened to fall.

“I love you too, Seb, and I want to marry you.  But don’t you think it’s too soon?”

When she saw his expression changed from delight to disappointment, she quickly added, “Don’t you think I deserve to be taken out on dates first?”

Immediately he understood.  He stood and pulled her up from the bed.

“Let’s go,” he said.


“Our first date,” he replied with a devilish smile.

“But Seb darling, I need to change out of this,” she gestured at her flimsy nightdress.

“But you look lovely in it,” he pretended not to understand.

“I’m not going to be seen dating my French Prince wearing this!” she replied with her hands on her hips, looking indignant.

Sebastien chuckled and leant forward to plant a kiss on her lips.

“You look lovely when you are angry.  I’ll wait outside.”

“Yes, please do.  And please, keep an eye on your Swiss friend for me.”

Sebastien was puzzled and looked at her questioningly.

“I think he’s a two-timer,” she explained.

“Huh?  What do you mean by ‘two-timer’?”

“I mean, he’s attached to Jenny but he can’t keep his hands, and lips, off Sam,” she said with a slight disdain in her voice.

“I don’t believe that.  In fact, I think he and Jenny are over.”  So far, only David knew about Urs’s break up with Jenny, but Sebastien could sense a change in his friend when he returned from hisRometrip; he never mentioned her name again since then.

“But as your wish is my command, I shall do as you say.”  He bowed and kissed her hand before he left the room, leaving her in another giggling fit.

Outside, Urs and Sam were sharing a boxed lunch.  Urs told Sebastien that he could have one of the other two boxes left, explaining that he only bought three boxes as he hadn’t expected Sebastien to turn up.

“Thanks, but I’m taking Ginny out for our first date,” Sebastien replied with a proud look and huge smile, his eyes twinkling with happiness.

“Well, why didn’t you say so?” Urs said as he reached out for one of the two boxes and proceeded to eat from it.

Sebastien observed his friend for a while, finally concluding that his suspicion was right; Urs hadn’t had such a voracious appetite in a long while.


Weeks had passed since their first date.  Ginny was elated one day when Sebastien asked her to join him on the world tour.  But when she looked at his tour schedule, she was dismayed to find that a whole chunk of it had clashed with her own commitments.  Ever since her performance at the Armani Fashion Show, she had been offered more projects, some of which would take her to places likeParisandRome.  Sebastien had so far been very supportive of her career but she wasn’t sure how he would react as she told him about her own schedule.  She looked at him worriedly as it took him awhile to reply.

“Cancel your appointments,” he simply said.

“Huh?  Are you crazy?  I worked so hard to get here and you want me to give it all up?”

“I’m not asking you to give up.  I just want you to cancel those appointments that clash with the tour.”

“But nobody would want me again if I did that,” she replied with exasperation.

“I do.  You know I want you,” was his reply, a cheeky grin on his face.

“Oh Seb, you’re deliberately twisting my words again!”  And with a purse of her lips, she continued, “Okay, I’ll think about it.  No promise.”

As soon as she said it, Sebastien picked her up and headed towards his bedroom, slamming the door shut with a kick of his leg.  It was just as well that they were at his place, not hers, as the sound emanating from the room soon after would have turned anyone’s face red, as Sam had found out on several occasions.

Sam finally had her cast removed and to regain full functionality of her arm, she had undergone a few physiotherapy sessions.  During those times when she was slightly incapacitated, Urs had been her source of help and support.  True to his words, he did know how to cook and very well too.  On days when Ginny wasn’t around, he would stay overnight to ‘help her get dressed’ as he would put it.  They had become quite good at avoiding crushing Sam’s injured arm when they embraced.  Even when their passion reached a feverish height the arm remained safe.

She was taking a shower when Urs showed up at the apartment and poked his head around the bathroom door.

“Ah ha!  Here you are.  Thought you had gone out.”  And in less than a minute, he had shed all his clothes and joined her in the shower.

Sam took the bar of soap and worked it over his body, running her fingers over his taut muscles, discovering and re-discovering the body that she had come to know so well in such a short space of time.  As he revelled in her touch, he worked his own magic on her body, gently touching and massaging her.  Soon their passion escalated and as waves of pleasure washed over their bodies, rocking them both, they slumped against each other and remained locked in an embrace until the last quiver of excitement subsided.

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