Chapters 11 & 12

Chapter 11

Ginny woke up feeling like she had a hangover, her head hurt and she felt like throwing up.  She rushed to the bathroom and retched over the toilet bowl but nothing came out.  Still feeling very uncomfortable, she went to wash up at the basin and was horrified to see another woman staring back at her.  Her eyes were puffy and swollen; her hair all over the place and her cheekbones had somehow become even more prominent.  She did look like she had been run over by a truck and she was aghast at herself.  She told herself that if Sebastien was having second thoughts about her, it would most probably be the way she looked.

She set about putting herself right, showering first and putting on more makeup than she normally would.  Then she worked on tying her hair into a French braid.  Picking out a casual but very feminine dress, she put it on and dabbed a little of the Chanel No. 5 that Sebastien bought her.  Taking another look in the mirror, she braced herself for the big confrontation.  If she was going to lose the only man she loved, she would do it with dignity.

Before leaving the apartment, she took a peek into Sam’s bedroom and was relieved to find her still sleeping.  This was something she had to do herself even though she would love to have Sam with her giving her emotional support. She walked out into the cool evening air and hailed a cab.

Sam woke up when she heard the apartment door being closed.  She wanted to run out to tell Ginny to wait for her while she dressed but decided it was better that Ginny went alone.  Instead she called Urs who had also just woken up and was deciding whether to go over to her apartment.  In less than an hour, the two of them were united at Urs’ apartment, sharing a simple take-away dinner in comfortable silence.  After that, they cuddled up on the sofa to some soothing music of Mozart playing in the background, enjoying the peace and serenity that they had brought each other. 

Finally unable to contain his curiosity, Urs spoke.  He wanted to know more about Ginny’s past as he felt that there was more to her than what Sam let on.  Sam was hesitant at first as she felt she had no right to talk about someone else’s past.  But then when she thought about how close Urs and Sebastien were to each other, she decided that Urs should at least know enough to understand his buddy’s partner better.  So she proceeded to tell him parts of which she felt she could share, those parts that she was actually involved in. 

She left out some disturbing details, details that only Ginny could divulge if she so chose to do so.  But she told it in such a way that Urs could piece together Ginny’s sad and harrowing past.  More than once he had tears in his eyes, tears of anger, frustration, and helplessness as he listened to Sam relating the story in a steady voice; only her eyes betrayed her emotions.  By the time she was done, the tears had flowed freely from where they were once hovering at the corners of his eyes.

Seeing how affected Urs was to Ginny’s plight, Sam almost regretted telling him about it but deep down inside she knew it was the right thing to do.  She hugged him tightly and gave in to her own emotions.

“Ginny was very fortunate to have met you, Sam,” Urs murmured as he stroked her hair lovingly.  “I’m so proud of what you have done for her.  Despite the fact that you had your own problems back then, having just lost both your parents to an accident, you were able to look beyond your own pain and loss and helped her through the most difficult time in her life.  I want you to know that I will be what you are to Ginny, someone whom you can always lean on.  I will love, comfort, and support you and I will be your husband, your lover and your best friend, always.”

Looking up into his eyes, Sam could see the sincerity and love he felt for her.  Burying her face in his chest, she let her tears of happiness flow until fatigue took over and she lay sleeping in his arms.


Sebastien spent most of the afternoon sleeping away after taking some painkillers when David and Carlos left.  He was touched by the concern shown by his band mates and felt blessed that he didn’t have to go through this difficult time on his own.  He was frustrated that he could do nothing to alleviate Ginny’s fear of losing him and felt hurt that she seemed not to trust him fully.  David and Carlos could feel his pain and they did everything they could to assure him that all would end well since he and Ginny truly loved each other very much.  The two men had managed to make him feel better by just listening to him and he was grateful for that. 

He had a nice long nap after the visit.  When he woke up, he felt refreshed.  His wound did not give him too much trouble and he was able to sit up, although any sudden movement would cause the pain to shoot up through his side.   He missed Ginny very much and couldn’t wait to see her again.  When the door opened, he went from feeling elated to feeling disappointed when he realised it was just the nurse bringing him dinner and not Ginny.  “Where is Ginny?” he asked himself impatiently.

On the way to the hospital, Ginny felt her stomach churn.   She felt so uncomfortable that she wished she could turn back but she knew her relationship with Sebastien hinged on her telling him the story of her life.  When the cab pulled up at the hospital entrance, she paid the driver and walked into the building, slowing her steps as she got nearer to Sebastien’s room.  Hand on the door, she took a deep breath and opened it.  Sebastien was sitting up eating his dinner while a nurse chatted with him.  When Ginny entered, the room turned quiet.

“Ginny sweetheart, you’re here at last,” Sebastien smiled a big smile as he held out his hand for her.  Knowing her time with her favourite Divo was over, the nurse left the room.  Ginny hurried over and hugged him fiercely, almost knocking him backward.  “Hey!  I’m a patient, remember?” he laughed and took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately.

“I’m so sorry, Seb.  I wished I was the one lying here instead of you,” Ginny mumbled as she laid her head on his shoulder.

“Don’t talk like that, sweetheart.  You know I’d do anything for you.  Now, tell me about Danny.”  Sebastien looked at her intently, waiting for her reply.  He knew he had moved too fast but he just couldn’t wait any longer.

Even though she was certain that Urs must have mentioned Danny to him that morning, she was still taken aback by his bluntness.  Turning her back to him, she walked over to the window and stared blankly at the scenery in front of her.  Finally, she heaved a big sigh and said, “I hope you’re ready for this, Seb.”  Sebastien didn’t reply; he just waited. 

“I met Danny when I was working in a restaurant five years ago.  I had flown all the way from the States where I lived with my parents and was looking to start a new life after the tragic death of my younger sister, Gina.”  At the mention of her sister’s name, she choked on her tears, unable to continue.  Sebastien held out his hand to her and she took it, grateful for the emotional support that he was giving her. 

Composing herself, she continued, “My parents blamed me for her death because she was driving my car on that fateful day.  I couldn’t forgive myself either and needed to get away from my parents as they were constantly reminding me of Gina.  When I reached London, I found a job as a restaurant manager and worked hard at it, hoping to save as much money as I could to continue my education here.  Then I met Danny.  He was a photographer with a fashion magazine and loved to eat at the restaurant where I worked.  He was the sweetest guy I had ever known during the first two months of my life in London.  So when he asked me to move in with him, I never hesitated.”

At this point, Sebastien closed his eyes, jaw and fist clenched as he braced himself for the horror that he felt was to come soon.  And he was right.

“The honeymoon period lasted all of one month.  One night, after being sacked from his job, he got home really drunk and started thrashing things around.  I tried to stop him but he turned on me, hitting me in the face and shouting abuse at me.  That was just the beginning.”

“Why didn’t you leave him then?” Sebastien could hardly contain the anger as his mind played out the event as she had recounted.

“I couldn’t.  Each time after the beatings, he would be so sweet and loving again.  He would apologise and promise me he wouldn’t do it again, blaming it all on being drunk and depressed at not being able to get a job.  I guess I believed him because I wanted to.  I had no one else to turn to.  I told myself that things would get better when he found a job.  But he never did find another job and the beatings I got became more frequent.  I couldn’t work because he would sometimes turn up at the restaurant and create a scene.  I felt so ashamed and humiliated in front of my colleagues that I resigned after just six months into the job. 

“The beatings got worse after I lost my job because we were living on my meagre savings and it was not enough to sustain his drinking habit.  Sometimes it was just a slap, but most times, I had my head banged against the wall, my hair pulled, and…and……sometimes after the beatings he would assault me…sexually.”  Unable to hold back anymore, she broke down and wept.

Horrified by what he heard, Sebastien held her tightly, tears rolling off his face and onto her hair.  “You don’t have to say anymore, Ginny.  I understand now what you had been through…”

“No, I have to say it, Seb.  For our sake, I have to tell you everything about me.  I don’t want anymore secrets between us,” Ginny raised her head and looked into his eyes, the pain he saw in her tortured him so much that he wanted to shout for her to stop but he didn’t.  Instead he let her continue.

“I tried to run away from him but each time he would find me, and then the punishment would be worse than death.  I would have taken my own life if my religious faith wasn’t strong enough,” Ginny’s voice faltered as she said this.  Sebastien’s eyes widened with shock at her revelation.  If it was a story related by another person, he would have found it difficult to believe that such a monster like Danny actually existed.  He wished then that Urs had killed him instead of just broken his arm.

“One night, after he found me hiding in a motel, he dragged me home and beat me up so badly that I was unconscious for a while.  He left me, thinking that I would die from the abuse and he didn’t want to be caught.  A neighbour had heard all the commotion and saw him leaving the apartment hurriedly.  She figured something really bad must have happened so she called the police.  It was at the hospital that I met Sam. 

“Her parents were involved in an accident that same day and they were fighting for their lives in the hospital.  I was in the room next to her mother and she would always drop by my room to chat with me when she knew about my plight.  Her mother passed away the third day I was there and though she was devastated, she seemed prepared for the worse.  Then, when her father succumbed to his injury, I thought it would be too much for her to bear.  But no, she grieved but that did not stop her from visiting me and caring for me.  If it wasn’t for her, I would have gone crazy. 

“The night I was brought to the hospital, I learnt that I had suffered a miscarriage.  I didn’t even know I was pregnant.  When the doctor told me that I probably would never have a child again, it was like my whole world had come crashing down on me,” she stopped and looked at him, her eyes mirroring her pain.

“I’m so sorry, Ginny.”  With tears in his eyes, he hugged her and kissed her forehead.

“When I left the hospital, Danny came back again, asking for forgiveness.  I refused to let him into the apartment and called Sam for help.  When he found out that I had called a cop, he fled.  I never saw him again…until now.”

Eyes lowered, she whispered, “If you feel that this is all too much for you to take, I can understand that.  But believe me, Seb, I never doubted your love, nor have I deliberately tried to keep all these from you.  It was just so traumatising that I had pushed it to the back of my mind.  I spent six months undergoing psychiatric treatment for the trauma of being abused and losing the baby.  I couldn’t work as I had gotten wary of strangers, especially men.  I probably wouldn’t have gotten over that if it wasn’t for Sam’s constant support.  She helped me overcome my fear by taking me along whenever she and her colleagues had a gathering.  Taking up the modelling job was my way of telling myself that I’d been cured.  It was the start of a slow recovery.”

Sebastien looked at her with fresh understanding of the only woman he had ever loved.  He wished he could take away her past and replace it with the present and the future.  His heart hurt so badly for all that she had suffered that he could hardly speak so he just held her tightly as he let his tears flow.  Ginny was beyond crying by now, numbed with the pain of reliving the horrors of her past.


Sebastien had felt uncomfortable after sitting up for too long and his wound started to hurt again so he was given painkillers and was ordered to rest.  Ginny spent the rest of the night in the hospital with him, sleeping on the couch in the room. 

They had spent the rest of the evening talking about their plans for the future and had decided that Ginny should stop working as soon as Il Divo started touring.  Sebastien made it very clear that he would not leave her alone and made her promise she would travel everywhere with him.  She was reluctant at first to give up her modelling job but had to relent when she saw how serious he was about it all.  He had also wanted her to get a priest over to the hospital to preside over their wedding the next day but she managed to talk him out of it by promising that as soon as he was strong enough to walk, they would start planning their wedding.  This promise put his mind at ease and he drifted off to a deep sleep.

Ginny found it difficult to fall asleep.  It wasn’t because the couch wasn’t comfortable, it was more to do with herself.  She had felt queasiness in her stomach all evening but weren’t too bothered by it when she had the talk with Sebastien.  Now that everything had been sorted out and he was fast asleep, she felt it again.  Then she remembered she hadn’t eaten much the whole day.  So off she went in search of food at the hospital canteen where she bought a sandwich and a small bottle of milk before going back to the room to eat in silence.


Sam woke up in the middle of the night feeling extremely tired.  It was like her whole life had been drained out of her.  Her tears earlier were tears of joy for finding the right man to share her life with but it was also tainted with sadness.  Talking about Ginny’s past had brought back her own pain of losing her parents.  Back then, she had channelled all her energy towards helping Ginny get back on her feet again.  She didn’t allow herself to grieve too much, knowing that she was all alone and she had to be strong.  Helping Ginny was her way of getting over her own grief.  She had never allowed herself to dwell too much on her own pain for fear of plunging into a state of depression.  But telling Urs about her own past had opened a floodgate of tears long overdue and she was glad for the release.  Even though she felt emotionally drained, she also felt a new lease of life waiting for her to start living it. 

Turning on her side, she came face to face with a familiar face, a face that she had come to love so unconditionally.  Watching Urs’s beautifully chiselled face and incredibly long eyelashes, she couldn’t help but stole a kiss on his Greek nose.  This brought a flutter to his eyelids and when the eyes slowly open, they were smiling back at her.  She smiled back at him and playfully licked his lips, pulling back when he went for her lips.  Then in a swift motion, she was on top of him.  Straddling him, she kissed his face first, her lips slowly making their way down his neck and across his chest, paying particular attention to his nipples which drew a soft moan from him.  He tried to flip her over onto her back but she held him down by pinning both his arms to his side.  She continued to work her way downwards, wriggling her body lower over his as her lips continued to work its magic on him. 

Urs lay back and let his senses take over until he was on the verge of explosion as she teased him mercilessly.  Breaking free of her hold, he turned her over on her back and took over, giving as good as he got.  Soon the teasing gave way to serious love-making and as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over them, he called out her name.  Finally lying spent on top of her and still breathing heavily, he whispered ‘I love you’.


Urs woke up to the sound of ringing doorbell.  He gently disentangled himself from Sam who was still sleeping soundly and put on a robe before leaving the room to open the door.

“Wanna go see Seb?” David asked as soon as the door opened.  He then walked into the lounge and made himself comfortable on the sofa.  Carlos followed behind but headed for the kitchen instead.  He got himself a glass of orange juice from the fridge and joined the others in the lounge.

“Ok.  Why don’t you guys head on down to the cafe across the street and wait there?  I’ll go wake Sam and we could have breakfast before going to the hospital,” Urs suggested.

“Sam’s here?” Carlos asked, raising his right eyebrow the way only he knew how.

“Of course Sam’s here.  Can’t you see it from his face what they’d been up to last night?” David said with a smug look on his face.

Urs chuckled good-naturedly.  “And I suppose you would know what I ate last night by looking at my poo?” he rejoined, raising both his eyebrows.

Carlos almost choked on his drink as he burst out laughing.  David was initially just grinning but laughed out loud when he saw Carlos choking.  Then Urs joined in and the whole apartment was a cacophony of noise.

“What the hell is going on here?” Sam had to raise her voice to be heard.  Standing in the doorway of the bedroom, she was a picture of sexiness with her wide eyes, dishevelled hair and curvy body dressed only in Urs’ t-shirt.

Urs felt his heart skip a beat at the enchanting sight.  Carlos and David could only stare with their jaws open.  David managed to collect himself and dragged Carlos off the sofa, “Time to go, Carlos.  See you two lovebirds at the cafe.”

When they left, Sam demanded an explanation from Urs for the commotion they had caused and he repeated their conversation.  She was embarrassed by what David had insinuated about what they did the night before but she was even more surprised by Urs’ coarse joke and told him about it.  He just laughed and carried her into the bathroom.  It was a good half an hour before they both emerged from the steaming bathroom and while they would give anything to get back into slumber land again, they couldn’t bring themselves to let the other two Divos wait any longer.


Chapter 12

 At the hospital, Sebastien watched in bewilderment as Ginny dashed from his bedside to the bathroom, almost knocking off his glass of milk in the process.  He could hear her gagging in the bathroom and when she emerged, her face was pale and her eyes red.

“Are you alright, Ginny?” he asked with a worried frown on his face.

“Yes.  I guess I’m just having some gastric problems.  I haven’t been eating regularly lately,” she replied, smiling as she sought to make light of the situation.

“Maybe we should get the doctor to take a look at you, a lady doctor,” he couldn’t help but remember Urs’s words about the young doctor when he was hovering between consciousness and coma.  Of course Urs was just trying to stimulate him to wake up from the coma but he didn’t want to take any chances where Ginny was concerned.

“I’ll be fine when I’m back to eating normal again.  Don’t worry about me, Seb.”  She gave him a little peck on his forehead but he wanted more.  Soon they were hugging and kissing on the bed.  He could hardly keep his hands off her as they travelled up and down her back and then moving to her waist, they rested around her breasts.  Small moans of pleasure escaped her even as their lips stayed locked in a deep, passionate kiss.  It was at this precise moment that his friends walked in.

“Well, well, looks like our Frenchie is on the mend,” David remarked.

The couple pulled apart immediately, surprised by the intrusion.  Sebastien looked annoyed but Ginny was flushed with embarrassment. 

“You should have knocked.  Where are all your manners?” Sebastien retorted with a scowl. 

“Ok, guys, let’s go out and re-do this again.  Take two!” David said laughingly as he ushered the rest out of the room and closed the door.  Sebastien took the cue and pulled Ginny back for one more kiss before someone knocked on the door.

“Come in,” he called out; this time there was laughter in his voice.  Ginny could only smile shyly when the small group walked in with big grins on their faces.

“Happy?” Urs asked.

“Very!” was Sebastien’s reply.  They all laughed.  But before they could get any conversation flowing, Patrick and two ladies from the management team, Doris and Stef, walked in.

“Looks like we’re not needed here,” Sam told Ginny.  “You look like you could use some sleep.”

“Please take her home, Sam.  She’s not feeling too well.  Gastric problem, she said,” Sebastien took Ginny’s hands and kissed them.  “Go home and rest, sweetheart.  The guys and I have things to discuss.”  Ginny pouted prettily but did not say a word.  He took her in his arms and kissed her again, whispering, “Have a good rest and come back soon, I want to continue from where we left off just now.” 


After some discussions on Sebastien’s condition which the doctor had certified to be very satisfactory, the group started to discuss about the tour. Patrick informed them that Simon Cowell, the CEO of Sony BMG, wanted them to go on television to show the world that the group was very much still together despite Sebastien’s unfortunate stabbing incident. There were rumours that the group were on the verge of splitting because Sebastien’s injury had rendered him unable to sing anymore. This was totally untrue of course and the guys were riled that the media could carry such blatant lies. However, Carlos, David and Urs were very protective of Sebastien and insisted that they would not start singing or doing interviews until he was fully recovered and that they would not appear on tv or stage without him.

Stef updated the guys on the forum which was buzzing with activities with fans around the world wanting to know how their beloved Divos were coping. Doris presented Sebastien with a big bag full of cards and letters from well-wishing fans and he was delighted and touched. The forum members were told not to send any gifts or mails for him to the hospital because that would inconvenience the hospital staff. Instead they were told to send just cards and mails and only to Sony BMG office.

“Looks like you’ll have to work even while recuperating here. Poor Ginny’s going to feel so neglected,” Urs commented as he peeped into the bag of letters. To the amusement of the other three Divos, Stef held out another equally big bag to him and he looked pleasantly surprised.

“Looks like you’re not going to have much time with Sam either,” Carlos quipped.  Patrick then informed them that there were 3 more bags, two of which belonged to Carlos and David and another one addressed to Il Divo, still sitting in the office.  It was Sebastien’s and Urs’s turn to pretend to sympathise with the other two Divos.

“Guys, I need some help,” Sebastien said as he stopped rummaging through the bag and looked at the others intently.

“What’s up?” Patrick asked, looking concerned as he thought Sebastien was in some trouble.

“Ginny and I need to get married real soon,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“She’s pregnant,” Urs stated as if he had known it all along but he was only guessing.

“How did you know?” Sebastien was truly surprised as he thought he was the only one who knew.

“By the look on your face,” Urs replied, giving David a sideways glance making him and Carlos chuckle.

“I’m only guessing of course, but I have a very strong feeling that it was morning sickness and not gastric problem that she had this morning and I don’t think she knew about it yet,” Sebastien said smiling, eyes bright with delight at the thought that he was going to be a father soon.

“So you want us to help you with the arrangements?” Patrick asked, wondering how the fans were going to take this piece of news even as he went to congratulate him after the rest were done with their congratulations.

“Yes, but I need to keep it a secret from Ginny. I want to surprise her,” Sebastien replied. “Urs, remember my suggestion about a double wedding? Are you up for it?”

“I thought you told me to whisk Sam off on the Harley and get married in the first chapel we came to…” Urs was really toying with this suggestion but he was ready to accommodate his friend’s request. After all, it was Sam’s idea to have a double wedding. He sat straddling the chair as he waited for Sebastien to reveal his plans.

So the business meeting turned into a meeting to discuss the wedding of the year.  Everyone felt excited and invigorated by the thought and the fact that it would be a secret to the two leading ladies made it all the more exciting.


By the end of the long discussion, they had decided, among other things, to seek out the Dawsons, Ginny’s parents, and to try to persuade them to attend the wedding. It was Sebastien’s wish to see Ginny reconciled with her parents and he was sure she would be the happiest bride if they turned up.  David was tasked with this assignment as the Dawsons lived in Colorado and he had family and friends there who could help him locate them.  It was decided that he would make a short trip back to the States to visit Mr and Mrs Dawson.  With his charm and eloquence, they were all confident that he would succeed in persuading them to make the long flight to London.

Carlos was told to prepare Joanne for the role of maid of honour and David also had to bring back Sandra from the States to play that role too. The two ladies had met the brides-to-be briefly a few weeks back and had hit it off immediately, so Urs and Sebastien were very sure their ladies wouldn’t mind having the maids of honour decided for them.

To keep it all a secret from the two leading ladies, Urs was to tell Sam that Sebastien was planning a secret wedding for Ginny. She would be told that she should get her maid-of-honour gown measured and made secretly, and Sebastien would do like-wise with Ginny, but of course the gowns would be wedding gowns instead.

The management team would take care of the venue, decoration, food and beverage, security and guest list which would be kept to the minimum as the grooms-to-be wanted the event to be an intimate affair.  Media people were to be kept at bay as none of them wanted the event to be a media circus.  The team was also tasked with getting the best jewellers to show Sebastien and Urs their collections of wedding bands at the hospital since Sebastien would be staying there for a while, and contacting Mr Armani to see if he could come up with some designs for the wedding couples at such short notice.

All these were to be done super fast as they only had a month for the planning and delivery. It seemed an impossible task considering Sebastien’s condition, the uncertainty surrounding the Dawson’s reactions to their daughter’s wedding, and the amount of tasks that needed to be done in such short notice but Patrick had promised to rope in another couple of staff from his management team to take care of all the logistics.  All Sebastien had to do was to concentrate on getting fit and pray for a successful trip for David.  Urs’ tasks included flying his own family members to the wedding and finding out who he should invite on Sam’s behalf.  The latter part could be solved by asking Ginny.

Sebastien couldn’t wait to show Ginny off to the rest of the world and most importantly, he couldn’t wait for her to live a new life with him. The pregnancy was also a reason for the haste as he wanted her to look the prettiest on her wedding day and if they waited too long, the tummy would show. Not that he minded the big tummy. In fact, he couldn’t wait to hold the bundle of joy in his hands but he was worried that Ginny would feel fat and unattractive. The more they talked about the plan the more excited he got.  He decided to start getting up and try to walk the very next day so that he would be strong enough to go through the ceremony unaided.

Urs was just as excited about it all. After his proposal in the garden, he didn’t have much time to think about the future nor discuss the wedding with Sam. When Sebastien suggested he whisk Sam off to a quick wedding, it did start him thinking about it.   However, Ginny’s state of mind had everyone worried so it was pushed to the back of his mind.  What happened the night before with Sam had made him even more certain that Sam was the woman for him, the one who would make his life complete.  Right from the beginning she had captured his heart with her strong, independent and caring personality.  The unselfish love she had shown to Ginny and the way she was willing to risk her own life for the safety of others humbled him.  He knew he would do anything for the people he loved but he wasn’t sure he could sacrifice himself in the face of extreme dangers or distress for a stranger like Sam would. 

Even though his plan of a ride-and-wed was scuppered by Sebastien’s suggestion of a double wedding, he was equally pleased with the outcome of the discussion. He was sure Sam would be very happy to be married together with her best friend and she would be even happier to see Ginny reunited with her parents. As long as Sam was happy, he would be happy too.


Back in the apartment, Ginny recounted to Sam what she had told Sebastien and that he had taken it all so well that they would be getting married as soon as he was well again. Sam was delighted at the news but the look on Ginny’s face made her wonder if everything was really all right.

“Aren’t you happy, Ginny?”

“Happy? I’m more than just happy,” Ginny replied with a little smile.

“But you look like there’s something bothering you,” Sam pointed out.

“Oh, Sam…I can’t shake the feeling that all this is just a dream.  I keep thinking that something’s going to happen and my bubble will burst.  I mean, this is too good to be true. Look at me. What does he see in me that make him want to marry me? I’ve been used, abused and almost went to the madhouse, who would ever want a woman like me for a wife?” Ginny rattled off as she looked into Sam’s eyes, searching for answers and assurances.

“Snap out of it, Gin,” Sam said angrily.  “What else does the man need to do to show that he really cares about you?  He risked his life and couldn’t wait to marry you even after knowing your past.  Isn’t that enough evidence for you what kind of man he is?  You have to be fair to him, girl.  He deserves much more than a half-hearted bride.”

“I’m not half-hearted!” Ginny protested.

“But you’re going about with a huge question mark written on your face. You doubt him despite all that he has done for you. You know what I think, Gin? I think you should go back to Doctor Thomas to get yourself sorted out.” Sam was disgusted that Ginny could have so little self-esteem because she had seen the other side of her friend to know she was capable of so much better. She thought Ginny’s fears were totally baseless especially after Sebastien had made it very clear how he felt about her and she couldn’t help being harsh on her.

Ginny was taken aback by Sam’s outburst. Ever since leaving Danny, Sam had been her rock to lean on and she would always listen intently to her fears. Sam had never spoken so harshly to her before, no matter how insecure or silly she was. Head bowed low, she sobbed, feeling miserable and helpless. Watching Ginny cry made Sam feel guilty and wished she had been more patient with her. After all, what Ginny had been through in the past was not something that many people could understand or even imagine.

Hugging Ginny, she whispered, “I’m sorry, Ginny.  I didn’t mean to be so harsh.  But you have to pull yourself together and take this opportunity that is presented to you to live a normal life.  Isn’t that what you’ve been hoping for, to be able to lead a normal life?”

Ginny could only nod her head as she took comfort in Sam’s arms.  She felt so physically and emotionally tired that her head was screaming for her to shut out everything and just go to sleep.   Pulling back, she removed herself Sam’s hug and muttered, “Thanks, Sam.  You’re right about everything.  I’m just being silly.  Guess I really do need some rest.”  Then she walked into her bedroom and lay down on the bed.  It didn’t take long for sleep to claim her.

In the quiet apartment, Sam had time to take stock of all the things that had happened during those short few days. She had been so concerned about Ginny that she hardly had time to think about her own relationship with Urs. In her own room, she let the events unwind in her mind, starting from the moment when she saw Jenny and him kissing in the hospital. She could still feel the pain, like a knife stabbing through her heart, and she had to quickly divert her thoughts to the wonderful things that followed after that in order not to fall into a depression.

Memories of the love-making in the garden, the proposal and last night’s wonderful experience when she truly felt alive and so in love filled her mind. That made her smile, but only for a while. The fact that Urs had not mentioned a word about the wedding again after the night he proposed weighed on her mind. It made her wonder if he had regretted it. But just as quickly as that thought appeared, it disappeared. How could she doubt him when he had shown her in the most beautiful way how much he really loved her? Feeling angry, she chided herself for behaving like Ginny, having doubts about the man who loved her.

2 thoughts on “Chapters 11 & 12”

  1. OK, I’m all caught up and ready for more whenever you get a chance to post.

    • Wow! That’s fast, Carol. Faster than I’m able to post 😛 I’m editing the chapters for the 3rd time just like you’re reading it for the 3rd time 😉 Will hurry up as best as I can. Thanks for the support and encouragement.


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