Chapters 29 & 30

Chapter 29

Sebastien was whistling as he packed his bag. He was going home and nothing could dampen his mood. Then his phone rang.

“What’s up, David?”

“We have a few more hours before heading to the airport; want to go for a swim?”

“Are you crazy? In this weather?”

“Come on, it’s not that cold yet, besides, the pool is indoors. The other guys are headed there. I have something that I want to discuss with you guys.”

Hearing that, Sebastien agreed to meet them all at the hotel’s indoor pool. Changing into his swimming gear, he slipped on the hotel bathrobe and bedroom slippers before leaving the room with a towel in his hand.

When he got there, he saw only David and they had the pool all to themselves.

“This had better be worth the cold,” he warned the youngest Divo who was grinning widely, “Where are the others?”

As soon has the words were out and his bathrobe and slippers were discarded by the side of the pool, both Urs and Carlos had sneaked up behind him. As David stood back with his arms folded across his chest to watch, they picked up the unsuspecting Frenchie and threw him into the water.

With a loud splash and a few wild thrashing in the water later, Sebastien appeared on the surface sputtering and spewing obscenities at his band of brothers.

“Sebastien, rinse your mouth, you reeked of foul breath,” Urs shouted at him before diving into the pool.

“What the hell was that for?” Sebastien shouted angrily at them.

“Fun!” they replied in unison.

He was still sulking and standing at the side of the pool when the other three had done their laps and rested alongside him.

”Oh come on, Seb, we were just having a little fun after all the hectic schedule.” David tried to get his friend to lighten up.

“But why does it always have to be at my expense?” Irritation was clearly in Sebastien’s voice.

“Because you’re the funny Frenchie and we all love you,” Carlos piped in.

“Yeah, cos if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have just thrown you in the water; we would’ve kept you under till you stopped kicking,” Urs teased.

“Very funny, Swiss!” Sebastien scowled.

“Alright everybody, fun’s over. Let’s talk,” David announced as he settled in the middle of them all.

“What about?” Carlos asked.

“My fiancée,” he replied.

“Having problems already?” Urs brows raised an inch.

“No, but she wouldn’t let me know about our wedding plan. Do you guys know what your wives are doing?”

“Of course,” all three replied in unison.

“My Ginny is busy keeping Nick out of trouble in school. You know how playful he can be at times and Mrs Thomson, the teacher, had spoken with Ginny a couple of times about his antics recently. But she also said that she had seen some improvements in him.” Sebastien rattled on about his children, telling them how Lily scored the highest in a spelling test. He couldn’t help himself when he talked about his family and would go on and on if nobody stopped him.

“Right, thank you for keeping us updated about your family, Seb.” David tried not to sound impatient. “But do you think Ginny and the girls are up to something?”

“Non,” he replied, a little puzzled.

“Urs?” David shifted his attention to the Swiss.

“Ah, no, I don’t think so,” Urs replied a little hesitantly. David raised an eyebrow at him. “Well, we spoke last night, and she asked how your wedding preparation is going. I told her what you told us and she said perhaps Claire was just sparing you the pain of remembering your time with Sandra.”

David was dumbstruck. Was that why she didn’t involve him in the planning? Slowly, a smile appeared. “So, do you think I’m going to be getting a surprise wedding?”

The others looked at each other before Carlos answered, “You think too highly of yourself, Yank. Who knows, maybe she’s already having second thoughts about marrying you that’s why she didn’t want to plan it with you.”

Urs and Sebastien snickered.

“Thank you, Spaniard.” David grinned good-naturedly. “So, what is Joanne doing?”

“She has been shopping and sight-seeing with your girls. Don’t tell me you didn’t even know that.” Carlos looked at him incredulously.

“Yeah, I do know that. What I meant was, did she mention anything about my wedding?”


“David, why don’t you just sit back and relax? Let her surprise you. We had all been through so much trouble planning our own weddings, I, for one, would have loved to have it the other way around,” Urs said, trying to divert his friend’s attention away from wedding. If the girls were indeed planning anything, he wanted it to be a success.

“And who’s going to marry you now that you’re all wrinkled up?” Sebastien joked.

“I meant back then. But I don’t regret a moment of it at all.”

“Alright, talking about wrinkles, I think I’ve just wrinkled and shrunk an inch. Shall we leave this place?” Carlos looked down at himself as the others laughed at his crude joke.


While Sebastien, Carlos and Urs flew back to London, David and his new family headed to Colorado to his parents’ home. Claire was just a little nervous about meeting her future in-laws because she had spoken with them over the phone about the wedding. Initially she didn’t know what to expect of them but they soon put her at ease with their support of her decision. It seemed that Sam had done a good job advertising Claire’s plus points to David’s parents and they were really looking forward to finally seeing their son get married. Since all their conversation was done behind David’s back, Claire had to be careful not to let slip on how well she and his parents were acquainted when they met face to face.

Claire reached over for David’s hand as he drove them up the driveway of a modest-looking house. At the sound of the car approaching, the front door opened and out came his parents. David opened the door of the backseat and released little Amelia from her car seat while Claire waited for them. When they were all ready, they walked up to where his parents were standing.

“Mom, Dad, I would like you to meet Claire and Amelia,” he introduced with a smile, an arm around Claire and another holding Amelia’s hand.

Seeing his parents, Claire had no doubt where he got his height from. John Miller was as tall as his son and though well into his sixties, he still had the military man physique. Stacey Miller, though not as tall, was easily an inch or two taller than Claire. She had an easy smile and Claire immediately felt at ease.

Stacey hugged her warmly, “It’s so good to finally meet you, Claire. You and Amelia must be tired out by the tour.” Then for Claire’s ear only, “The wedding gown has arrived.” Giving her a wink, she stepped back to allow her husband to greet their future daughter-in-law while she turned her attention to little Amelia.

Dad was equally as warm as Mom and Claire was overwhelmed with happiness that she had finally met the two most important people in David’s life and so far so good. “His sisters have been told about the wedding. Bring it on,” John whispered in her ear as he hugged her before stepping back to give Amelia a hug. As he led Amelia into the house, Mom had a hand across Claire’s shoulder as she chatted with her like old friends, leaving David to bring in the luggage.

As David followed the two ladies in front of him, he had a wide grin on his face. “Hey mum, you’re not going to abandon your son now that you have a daughter-in-law, are you?”

“Well, it depends on how well my son behaves.” Mom gave him a wink. Claire giggled as they continued into the house.

David took both Amelia and Claire into their rooms while her parents got dinner ready. Amelia’s room was just next to David and Claire’s room and Claire could see that his parents took great pains to make it comfortable for her daughter. There were a few toys waiting on the bed for her, and even the bed was fitted out in cartoon bedspreads.

“That’s so thoughtful of them.” Claire smiled up at David.

“They’re delighted to finally have a granddaughter since they only have grandsons right now.”

“So, do we have to be on our best behavior?” She looked up at him shyly, licking her lips subconsciously and sending David’s senses into overdrive.

“Well, if we don’t make too much noise.” He looked at her seriously, as if discussing something of great importance.

She giggled. “I know the floor doesn’t creak, but what about the bed?”

“Let’s check it out.” He took her hand and led her into their room, leaving Amelia to play with her new toys.

“David, not now!” Claire glanced worriedly back at Amelia’s room.

“What? We’re just going to test the bed, nothing else.”

The bed passed the test, and they managed to leave the room without being caught out by Amelia or his parents and still be on time for dinner.


“Joanne’s having difficulty sleeping,” a very worried Carlos whispered over the phone from his London home.

“Carlos, you call me at two in the morning to tell me that your wife is having difficulty sleeping?” Sebastien replied incredulously, annoyance evidence in his voice as he had been woken up from a deep and peaceful sleep.

“Sorry, Seb, but she’s tossing and turning. It’s been like that for the past few days. I figured with two children already, you’d know what to do,” the Spaniard continued to whisper into the phone.

“Why are you whispering?”

“I don’t want her to know I called you. She doesn’t want me to worry about her but I can’t help it.”

Sebastien chuckled. “Try Urs. He has three kids so he should know better.”

“I thought you and I are best friends, Seb!” Carlos spat out.

“Hold on, Carlito. I was only joking. Now, about the sleep problem, it’s normal. Try propping her up with more pillows. She should also sleep on her side with a small pillow supporting her back.”

“Thanks, brother. Sorry for waking you up at this ungodly hour,” his whispering replaced by his normal tone since Joanne was now standing beside him in the living room.

“Is she now beside you?” Sebastien grinned.

“How did you know? Never mind, I have some explaining to do so goodnight.”

The moment he said that, Joanne took the phone and put it on the table, her eyes staring at her husband. “I hope you’re happy now that you’ve woken up your friend with your silly concern.”

“It isn’t silly. Sleep is very important.” He tried to defend his action.

Shaking her head, she took his hand and led him back into their bedroom. “What did Seb say?”

“He said to prop you up with more pillows and also you should sleep on your side with a small pillow behind your back.”

“That’s all?”


“It didn’t work.”

“I’ll call Urs.” He was about to turn back to retrieve the phone.

“No. You make love to me, I get tired and I sleep. Come, Carlito, let’s get to work.”

After a tiring workout in bed, Joanne finally managed to fall asleep, leaving Carlos with a big satisfied grin on his face. It certainly was a better idea than what Sebastien had suggested.

“What was that all about?” Ginny asked when Sebastien returned to bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Carlos wanting to know how to help Joanne sleep.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him to prop her up with lots of pillows.”

“Not a very good answer.”

“What? Why?”

“It doesn’t work with everyone.”

“Then how?”

“Have you forgotten what we did when I was ballooning and couldn’t sleep?”

“We made love.” Sebastien’s face turned from a frown to a grin. “I’ll tell him right now.”

“I think Joanne should’ve figured it out by now. Let’s sleep.”

“I can’t sleep.” His grin widened.

“Prop your head up with pillows.”

“I’m not pregnant, Ginny.”

“I’ll make you a cup of hot chocolate.”

“Doesn’t work for me.” He looked at her hopefully.

“Hot milk?”

He sighed and turned over. “Never mind.”

Ginny smiled as she snuggled against his back and fell asleep. She would make it up to him in the morning.


The first three days of staying with David’s family, Claire and Amelia got to meet his sisters and their families, were taken to his favorite childhood haunts and did some sightseeing as well. They had also gone and applied for a marriage license and bought their wedding bands.

Claire was glad none of his sisters or their family members let slip of their secret mission. They just took the time to get to know her better and she appreciated it.

On the fourth day, they decided to have a quiet time at home. As they all settled down for dinner, David’s mobile phone rang. It was Patrick, Il Divo’s manager.

“What’s up, Pat.”

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything, David,” Patrick said over the phone. When David assured him that he was not, he continued, “Remember Simon had this crazy idea of a music video for Valentine’s Day? He wants to do it before the tour starts.”

“What? When does he want to do it?” David’s incredulous tone made Claire and his parents look up.

“Next week.”

“He’s crazy alright. We’ve only just settled down to relax after a gruelling schedule and he wants us back at work? No way! Besides, my wedding is the week after next. Lots of things to do.” He looked up at Claire; she didn’t look happy.

“I’m sorry, Dave, but it seems that’s the only time that the director Simon wants you guys to work with would be free to do it. She’s booked out the whole of next year with a big movie project. The boss himself worked with the production team to come up with the script and I thought it was brilliant. Besides, I thought you guys were interested in doing the music video?”

“Yes, but not during our breaks. We need the rest before we start travelling again, and I need time to sort out my own wedding.”

“How come I’m not invited?” Patrick sounded hurt.

“Sorry, it’s supposed to be a family-only affair, with the other Divos of course. They’d skin me alive if I didn’t invite them.” He grinned boyishly and Claire couldn’t take her eyes off him. He then told Patrick he would post a message on the forum for the fans and release a press statement about his wedding after it was over. He then asked if Patrick had spoken with any of the guys.

“Yes, and they are ok as long as you are ok.”

“Well, I’m not ok. Besides, since when is it that we guys don’t get to discuss the script at all? And why is Simon suddenly so involved in a video shoot?” He had a stubborn look on his face.

“I’m sorry, but I guess he’s pretty much set on the storyline for this video. I’ll let him know you’re not ok with it, though I have a feeling you’re not going to win.” With that, they both hung up.

“What’s the matter?” Claire asked.

Sighing, he told her and his parents about Simon’s plan for Il Divo and that he had rejected it.

“But it’s such a good idea; a music video for Valentine’s Day. I can think of many songs from your albums to make into a romantic mini-movie.” Claire proceeded to list a few of the songs that she loved.

“Have you forgotten our wedding? Or is there going to be one at all?”

“Of course there is. I’m just saying that if you guys could get the film shot before the wedding, it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m sure Simon knows your schedule really well and he had planned the shoot around it.”

“He doesn’t know of our wedding.”

“You just have to go for a fitting that’s all. We’re just going to have a small ceremony, nothing fancy. I’m sure it won’t require that much energy from you.”

“And where would it be held?”

“You mum has suggested the local church that you attended and I think it’s a wonderful idea.”

“Our wedding is only two weeks away and the venue is not planned?” He looked at her in disbelieve.

“Oh, it’s settled, I was just going to tell you later tonight.” She gave him her sweetest smile but inwardly she silently prayed for some help. God must have heard her.

“You’re a lucky man, David. Claire did all this planning so you won’t have to go through all the trouble again.” Dad decided to step in and render Claire some assistance.

“Yes, and I think she’s done a wonderful job,” Mom’s turn.

“I know. It just feels so strange that instead of planning for my own wedding, I’m being invited to it.” He laughed at the thought.

Relieved that he was taking it all very well, Claire switched their conversation back to the video shoot. She convinced him that she didn’t mind him being back at work so soon and told him she would stay back and get ready for their wedding.

“Are you sure everything’s ready?”

“Yup. I’ve already chosen my gown, Amelia has hers, and the other girls are prepared too. My parents and siblings will fly in at the appropriate time. We’re not having an elaborate wedding so it’s that simple.”

“Is that really what you want?” he asked quietly.

“Yes. My first wedding had all the makings of the wedding of the year and it still didn’t work out. I’d like to keep it simple this time. Do you mind?” Mom and Dad looked at each other with new understanding of their future daughter-in-law.

“No. I’d be just as happy to elope with you,” he said with a grin. At the sound of his father clearing his throat, he quickly added, “But of course that’s just wishful thinking.”

After putting Amelia to bed, they set about their getting ready for bed. Claire made sure he was well tired out so he wouldn’t ask anymore questions. She heaved a sigh of relief when she felt his even breathing.

Chapter 30

Back in London, Joanne, Ginny and Sam got together constantly to do girly stuff. They spent countless afternoons having tea, shopping, and getting pampered after dropping the little ones off at school or playschool while their men relaxed at home. They didn’t tell their husbands about the wedding date and location until Patrick called to inform about the music video shoot.

All the guys were annoyed at having to work on their rest days and the girls pouted prettily at the thought of them having to rush for the shoot and then the wedding. But they all agreed that the shoot was a good idea to help promote their album and tour. And since it would be released for Valentine’s Day, it was sure to rake in some big money as it would make great gifts for the lovebirds. With all that in mind, they all agreed to the shoot. However, they did warn Patrick about David’s wedding but he said that could be taken care of.

“So, do you think David smelt a rat so far?” Joanne was curious.

“Claire said she gave him as much information as she could give, and not all of it was accurate, mind you.” Sam chuckled.

“Poor David. He’ll be wondering what hit him when the day comes,” Ginny said with a giggle. “Think we should let out guys know?

“Yes, so that they will let us tag along when they fly off for the shoot.” Sam gave a conspiratorial wink and they all laughed.

“This is going to be so much fun…ouch!” Joanne gasped. “I think instead of a singer, I’m going to get a footballer. Little Carlito is such a strong kicker!”

Sam and Ginny laughed as they both smoothed their hands over Joanne’s little baby bump.

Joanne got home later and saw Carlos bent over in the nursery, painting the lower wall.

“This is lovely, Carlito,” she gazed around the room with delight. He had painted it in pastel blue, Joanne’s favorite color besides red.

“You’re not supposed to come in here. The smell of paint isn’t good for you.” He put back the paint brush and ushered her out of the room.

When he stopped pushing her, she turned around and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him full on his lips. They engaged in a war of the tongues before finally pulling apart.

“You’re going to be the best daddy a child could ever have.” Joanne sighed as she rested her head on his chest.

“And you’re going to be the bestest and most beautiful mommy. Now, I have a little bit more to do before we take a shower and a nap. How’s that?”

“Nap? Are you sure?” At the wriggling of his brows, she laughed. “Guess not!”

In the shower, Joanne helped to scrub the paints off his arms and hands. When she was sure he was free of paint, she went on to gently scrub his back, occasionally planting little kisses along his shoulders, on his ears and the back of his neck, causing him to shiver in delight. She loved the feel of his hard muscles twitching underneath her fingers wherever she touched him. She turned him around and let her fingers trail lightly over his well-toned chest, playfully traced patterns on his chest hair. He grabbed her hands and looked down at himself. “I think you’ve done enough scrubbing.”

Joanne lowered her gaze and with a mischievous glint in her eyes, purred seductively, “Did you have to bring a weapon into the shower, Carlito?”

He threw back his head and laughed, then slowly worked his hands over her shoulder, down the front, paying extra attention to her beautiful breasts and causing her breath to quicken. Finally with a groan, he backed her up against the wall and lowered his head and tasted her, causing her to dig her nails deeper into his shoulders as she tried to stay upright while he continued to assault her senses.

Just when her knees were about to buckle, he pulled away and turned off the shower. He gave her a wicked grin as he led her out of the stall and quickly dried them both with a towel. Throwing away the towel, he picked her up and headed into the bedroom, placing her down in the middle of the bed before continuing where he left off.


David was surprised to learn that the location for the video shoot was in Denver, where his parents live, and where he, Claire and Amelia were now staying. The shooting location was in and around a beautiful chapel, called The Foothills Wedding Chapel. David and Sandra had originally planned to have their wedding there but because it was booked out at that time, they had to shift the wedding elsewhere. He looked around the place with nostalgia, remembering the time when he visited it with Sandra.

The song that they were going to make into a video was La Promessa, the title track of the album that they were promoting. It had a hauntingly beautiful melody and romantic lyrics which the guys were looking forward to performing live on stage. The script was simple but romantic, four guys and four brides, taking their vows in front of the altar and the priest. There would be some outdoor shoots of scenes before the actual wedding scene, and Carlos, Urs and Sebastien had a field day teasing David about it.

“You can stop sulking now. Take it as a rehearsal for your own wedding next week,” Carlos said as he patted David’s back as they watched the production crew set up their equipment.

They had two trailers on site for them to rest and change for the shoots and as usual, David and Urs shared one trailer while the Latino cousins shared another.

“Maybe we could get the script writer to write the vow for you,” Sebastien suggested.

“Claire would have his head if he read a vow prepared by someone else,” Urs chuckled.

“Alright, go ahead and have fun at my expense. Wonder what she would think when she found out I’m getting married before our own wedding.” David looked around at the set. Then his eyes caught a familiar face.

“What’s she doing here?”

“Who?” The other three Divos turned to look in the direction that he was staring at. There were four beautiful ladies standing and talking to the producer.

“Guess our brides have arrived,” Urs smiled.

“Know which one is yours?” Sebastien looked on appreciatively at the four women.

“Does it really matter? At the end of the day we’re going back to our wives,” Carlos piped in.

“Wonder if we have a choice,” Sebastien said as he continued to assess the ladies until Urs slapped him upside the head. “Ouch! I was just joking!” He glared at the Swiss.

“That was for Ginny.” Turning to David, Urs asked, “Which one are you referring to?”

“The tall one. We met on the plane after finishing our UK promo.”

“Ah yes, I remember her now. The Diva stewardess,” Urs replied after looking at the tall blonde lady who was now looking in their direction. She gave a little wave before excusing herself and walked towards them.

“Hi. So happy to see you guys again.” She smiled to all of them but it was obvious she only had eyes for the 6ft 3in Divo David.

“Hi, Lisa. What are you doing here?” David was a little embarrassed by the dirty looks the other guys were giving him.

“I’m one of the brides for the shoot. I quit my stewardess job and am now working as a model.” She smiled shyly at him.

“So you weren’t stalking David then.” Sebastien’s eye twinkled.

“Oh no, no, of course I’m not. It was just a coincidence that I met the assistant director a few weeks ago and he asked if I’d like to be cast in a music video. I didn’t even know then that it was an Il Divo video he was talking about.”

“Never mind him, Lisa. He’s a joker,” said David as he looked annoyingly at Sebastien.

Soon they were asked to assemble by their director, Carol Wright. She introduced the ladies to each of the guys and then briefed them about the scene they were going to shoot.

As fate would have it, Lisa was paired with David for her height. Urs got a cute petite brunette, Karen; Sebastien’s bride was a sexy and curvy blonde named Rosemary; Carlos got to wriggle his eyebrows at a pretty redhead, Caroline.

They shot a simple scene outdoor, each man taking turns in front of the camera singing his part and showering his attention on the woman in his arms as the real women of their lives, except for Claire, looked on from the side.

“I swear if he continues staring into her eyes like that I’m gonna take a flying pan to his head,” Ginny huffed.

“Awww, come on Gin. You’ve seen him doing this before so you should know it meant nothing,” Sam stared at her friend in amusement.

“Good thing we’re not home or he’d be nursing a very sore head,” Joanne giggled.

“You know my husband is always so friendly, he might just give the wrong impression to the poor girl.”

“Look at that little brunette. She’s making eyes at your Uber Lord, Sam.” Joanne pulled at Sam’s arm to make her look in Urs’ direction.

“She’s wasting her time and effort on him,” Sam said confidently.

“But he’s giving her a blinky-wink!” Joanne exclaimed in disbelieve.

“Gin, pass me the frying pan when you’re done with it,” Sam hissed, bringing laughter to the other two girls. Then she squealed in delight, “Oh look! Carlito is wriggling his bushy worms at the redhead.”

“I’ll take a shaver to those bushy worms if he does that again,” Joanne declared in mock anger. They all giggled at their own jokes, drawing attention from some of the crew members. “I think we better make ourselves scarce before we ruin a perfectly good take.”

“Poor Claire. Wonder what she’d make of the tall blonde gazing so lovingly into David’s eyes as he sang to her,” Ginny voiced her concern.

“She’ll probably shrug it off,” Sam said.

“No, I think David would be in deep trouble. Remember, Claire had never been exposed to the entertainment scene and this very public display of affection towards her future husband might just make her jealous,” Joanne observed.

“Come, let’s go. We can get her a rolling pin or frying pan as a wedding gift,” Ginny suggested to the laughter of the other girls.

Sam called Claire’s mobile and soon they met up in town for a little pampering. They had all texted their husbands to let them know where they were going. The children were in good hands being left with David’s parents.

Day one of the shoot was completed without much retake. The producer was happy, so were the crew and Il Divo. The guys went back to their hotel rooms to find that the girls weren’t back yet, so they had a quiet dinner in the hotel restaurant before retreating for the night since they had to wake up early the next morning to catch the sunrise for the shoot.


Day two went well too and they were told if everything went as smoothly as it had, they could finish up the shoot in a day or two. The ladies stayed to watch till the end of the shoot this time, and continued to have their own gossips about the four brides in the video.

“Simon should’ve asked us. I think we make better brides than them,” said Ginny, her hands smoothing down her blonde hair, feigned annoyance at Rosemary who was in Sebastien’s arms as he sang his verse, looking as if she was lost in his lovely green eyes.

“Yeah, we probably look better in those gowns, even if Carlito Junior is showing himself,” Joanne joined in their recently acquired hobby of commenting from the sideline, hands rubbing on her stomach as she pretended to look disgusted. Carlos was standing to the side talking to his partner, Caroline, as they waited for their turn in front of the camera.

“Seriously, that brunette will make a good mop with that mess on her head,” Sam remarked without taking her eyes away from her husband. Contrary to what Sam said about her hair, Karen’s long curly locks matched perfectly with Urs’. The other two girls stared at Sam, finding it hard to believe that she actually made that remark.

“Is this getting to you, Sam? Feeling your confidence shaking?” Ginny teased.

“No, of course not. She makes a cute couple with Urs with her curly locks,” Sam replied and her friends smiled. Suddenly she grabbed onto Ginny’s arm and pretended she was being held back, “Don’t stop me! Let me at her! Let me pull out Goldilock’s hair!”

Ginny and Joanne burst out laughing hysterically. As her friends tried to compose themselves, Sam grinned and turned back to look at her husband, mesmerised by his beauty. Sensing her staring at him, Urs turned to give her a blinky-wink.

“Awww, Urs is so sweet,” Joanne gushed, still slightly breathless. “Wish my husband would look my way for a little while, but he had to give that redhead all his attention. Hey, husband, I’m a redhead too!” cupping her hands around her mouth, she pretended to shout across to him. Sam and Ginny cracked up uncontrollably.

“This shoot is so fun! Wait till the guys find out what we’ve been up to, they’d be disgusted with us.” Sam continued to laugh as she watched Joanne gave a few sexy pose when her husband finally looked her way. It was the guys’ turns to crack up at the sight. Carlos quickly walked over, followed by the other Divos, Sebastien having just finished his take.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Carlos grinned at his wife.

“Reminding you the real brides are here,” she leant forward and kissed him full on his lips.

“Ha! You girls are jealous.” Urs looked well pleased with that.

“On the contrary. We were just having some fun at your expense.” Sam took Joanne’s lead and kissed him passionately, much to his surprise.

“Yeah, the joke’s on you guys.” Ginny pulled on Sebastien’s collar and lowered his head till their lips met in a searing hot kiss.

“Oh, come on, guys! What about me?” David whined as he looked on with envy at the special treatments his brothers were receiving from their wives.

“Go whine at Claire,” Urs broke off just long enough to get that out before continuing to taste Sam’s sweetness.

The screen brides looked on with amusement and envy while the crew hooted and whistled at the sight.

“Alright loverboys, get back here and finish this off!” Carol shouted at them, smiling and shaking her head, wishing she could shoot that scene for the video.

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