Chapters 13 & 14

Chapter 13

They all converged at Urs’s place for a little get-together.  The little ones all crowded around Uncle David and waited patiently as he went through his luggage for their gifts.

“This one is for Nick,” he picked out one item and handed it to the happy boy.

“Thanks, Uncle David,” Nick hugged him and went to sit in front of his parents and started tearing at the wrapper.  It was a remote control toy monster truck and he was delighted.

“Now this is for little Tony.”

Little Tony gave a hug before walking away with a big grin and showing off his present to Daddy.  It was the same as Nick’s except that it was red in colour, and Nick’s was blue.

“Look Daddy, it’s a red monster truck!” the little boy exclaimed excitedly.  Urs gave him a blinky-wink and ruffled his son’s hair lovingly.

“Lily, I hope you like this,” David handed the girl a present wrapped in pink wrapper.

“Oh wow!  Thank you, Uncle David,” Lily gave him a kiss and walked over to Mommy and Daddy and slowly worked on unwrapping her gift.  She got a lovely pink dress and girl’s accessory set and was over the moon.  Sebastien laughed and looked at Ginny, “She’s just like you.”  It earned him a jab in the side.

“Hmmm, now who is Grace?  Oh yes, little Gracie,” David smiled at the patient little girl who sat watching with her lovely almond-shaped eyes as her big sister and brothers got their gifts.

She gave him a hug and kiss and shook the present a little before running over to Mommy, “Mommy, look at my present!”  Mommy helped her to unwrap the gift and her eyes lit up at the beautiful Barbie doll with two Barbie dresses and accessory set.  She immediately set to change Barbie’s dress.

Looking at Angel, David smiled, “What can I get for my little angel?”

Angel shrugged and smiled, “Anything I suppose.  I’m just happy that you’re back, Uncle David.”  A chorus of ‘Awwww’ rang out among the adults, and Sam and Urs exchanged a smile.

“Come here and give me your special hug, Angel,” David said.  The other adults watched as Angel hugged her favorite uncle who spotted a tender smile on his face.

“This is what I got you, Angel.  I hope you like it.”  He handed her a small little gift box.  In it contained a silver necklace with her name Angel beautifully hand-crafted and set in the middle of the chain.

He helped to put the chain on her and Sam gasped, “David, you shouldn’t!”

“Sam, I want to.”  Touching Angel’s face tenderly, he continued, “She’s my angel, my strength, my light at the end of the tunnel.  The few weeks I was here, she helped me to understand that I’m not alone in this world and I shouldn’t be living my life only for myself.”  Looking at Angel, he said, “Thank you, Angel.”

“Thank you, Uncle David.  I love my present.”

“So does that mean you are fully mended?” Urs asked as he looked at his friend closely.

“Let’s just say I’m more than half-way there,” David replied with a grateful look at all his friends.

“Did you have a little help with choosing the gifts, David?” Joanne asked.  “They are all very appropriate for the kids.”

The other adults waited anxiously for his answer so he smiled a little shyly, “Yes, I had some help with all the gifts, except Angel’s which I had it made specially for her.”

“And I don’t suppose your help came from the salesperson?” Sebastien probed.

“Nope!” he said and did an action of sealing his lips.

“Oh, come on, David!  We’re all dying to hear about her.  Tell us!” Ginny demanded.

“It’s late.  How about another day?” he smiled and somehow Sam knew he needed a little time to sort out his feelings before he was ready to let them in on that personal part of his life again.

“Yes, it’s late.  It’s way past bedtime for the kids,” she announced to the dismay of all the others, adults and kids alike, except Urs who knew what she was thinking.

“Yes, let’s meet up again this Saturday.  Dinner here at seven, but maybe you’d like to come at five instead.  We can have a little chat first,” he laid out the plan and everyone agreed.

After goodbyes had been said, David rode with the Marins’ to his London apartment which wasn’t far from where they were staying.  The Izambards all piled into the family sedan and headed home; the kids promptly falling asleep in the car clutching at their new toys.


When the guests had all left, Sam got the kids to do their nightly routine and tucked them into bed, while Urs saw to the locking up of their home and switched off all the lights downstairs before heading to the kids’ room.  Angel had chosen to sleep with her twin siblings even though she had her own room.

“Angel, Daddy and I are very proud of how you’ve made Uncle David happy again,” Sam sat beside her on the bed and spoke to Angel, gently stroking her hair.

“Is that why he gave me this beautiful necklace?” Angel asked sleepily.

“Yes.  And we all think you deserve it,” Urs joined in the chat, sitting at the other side of the bed from Sam.

“Does that mean Uncle David doesn’t miss Aunty Sandra anymore?”

“I’m sure he does still think about her at times, but it won’t make him sad anymore,” Urs told her.  Her eyes started getting heavier and he tucked her in properly.  “Night, Angel.”  The twins had already fallen asleep.

In their own room, Sam turned to Urs and asked, “Do you think he’s really on the mend?”

“Yes,” he replied as he hugged her, breathing in her scent.  “He’s sensible and strong; he knows what he needs to do.  Stop worrying about him.”  Then he kissed her, holding her so close that she was left with no doubt what he wanted from her.

Sam loved it when he started kissing her shoulder and she began tugging at his t-shirt, pulling it over his head.  With his torso revealed, she started caressing his muscular chest, loving the feel of his chest hair tingling her fingers as he continued raining kisses on her shoulder and neck.  She moved her hands across his flat abs feeling the muscles contract at her touch.   He broke their kiss to look at her with desire in his eyes, a sensual smile playing on his lips.  She smiled wickedly as she slowly slid his jeans down together with his briefs, trailing little kisses along the way.  It drove him crazy when she lingered a little longer at the heat of his desire.  Clutching her head tightly against him, he urged her to continue what she started and she gave a little laugh, her sound muffled against him.

When he felt he couldn’t take any more of the teasing, he pulled her up and recaptured her lips in a fiery kiss, his fingers digging into her arms with the sheer force of his excitement.  Sam was swept along by his excitement, her nails digging into his taut bottom exciting him even more.

He broke off from the kiss to whisper “I love you, Sam,” before claiming her lips again in a searing kiss that made her moan with pleasure.  He hurriedly removed her clothes and carried her to the bed.  Her breaths came in short gasps when she felt his hands on her body, first covering her supple breasts, caressing them reverently, and then stopping one hand on her stomach to make light circular motions.  She writhed in exquisite pleasure when his hand continued further down, gently stroking the fire in her.

When he felt her readiness, he shifted between her legs and raised them with his hands.  Her gasp mingled with his grunt when they were joined.  Making love tenderly, they slowly built up the rhythm to full height before the rapturous finale that had them clinging tightly to each other.  They shared a deep, passionate kiss as the last shudder of release ended their earth-shattering act of love.  Cuddling up against each other, they fell into a deep, contented slumber.


The first thing that David did when he got back to his apartment was to call Claire.  The phone rang three times before it was picked up.

“Hi Sunshine!” came the cheery voice of Claire.

“Hi!  How did the interview go?” he asked as he opened the fridge to check what was in there.  Urs had been in to help him stock up and he was grateful to find a carton of fresh milk staring at him from the fridge.  Taking it out he poured out a glass, put back the carton in the fridge and went into to the living room to sit on the lounge chair as he listened to Claire’s account of her job interview.

“So that’s it.  I have to sit and wait.”

”Think you have a chance?”

“I don’t know, there were two other women waiting to be interviewed after I was done.”  Claire knew it wasn’t easy getting a job without a very extensive portfolio.  She couldn’t help it as she had never been very interested in school, only excelling in English language and literature.

“Don’t worry about it.  If they don’t hire you, it’s their loss, my gain,” David grinned.

“Oh really?” Claire didn’t know whether to be happy about that.  She didn’t want to be dependant on another man again but she was tempted to just throw caution to the wind and put her happiness and that of Amelia’s in the hands of this wonderful man whom she had only known for a few weeks.

“Come live with me Claire.  I’ll take care of both you and Amelia.”

“David, do you know what you’re saying?”

There was a long pause.  He didn’t expect this to come out like it did, he had wanted her to join him in London and see how they could progress from there.  But the more he thought of it, the more he was sure that he wanted both mother and daughter in his life.

“Claire, it’s been only less than a day and I’m missing you like crazy.  What we have together is so special, don’t you feel it?”

“Yes, David, I feel it too, but it’s such a big step for me and Amelia, I need time to think it through.”

At least she wasn’t saying no.  “Alright, I won’t pressure you, but please think about it.”

He went on to tell her about being met at the airport by the whole gang, young and old, and how happy the kids were to receive their gifts.  He also mentioned the meeting and dinner on the coming Saturday.  “We will be able to work out our schedule by then, hopefully.  Then I’ll know when I’ll be able to fly back to LA again.”

“Amelia misses you already,” she told him.


“Uh-huh.  When I picked her up at my friend’s place after the interview, she asked when you’d be back.”

“And what did you say?”

“I told her you’d be back when your work is done, and she kept asking when that would be.  I had to divert her attention with ice-cream to keep her quiet.”

David chuckled.  He was pleased that Amelia was on his side and hoped that she could sway her mother into changing her mind about moving to London.

“I don’t know what you did to her, David, she was never so talkative before but today she just kept going on and on about how she wanted to visit the zoo again and play ball with you at the park.  I don’t think she had ever spoken a full sentence to her father.”

“Well, kids have an uncanny intuition of the people they meet.  Remember Angel and the woman who asked me out for a drink?  Angel didn’t like that woman within the first few seconds of meeting her.”

“Really?  So you’re saying Amelia knows you’re the good guy and that her dad is the baddy?”

“As far as I know, he is a baddy for treating you the way he did and ignoring his own daughter too.  As for me being a good guy, well, you should know the answer to that.”

There was a brief pause before she replied a little huskily, “Yes, I do know the answer.  And that’s why I let you make love to me.  I’ll never forget the time we spent together in each other’s arms and I’ll be dreaming of you every night until we meet again.  Then I’ll want my dreams to come true.”

“You got it, babe.  I’ll be dreaming of you too, day and night.  I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again,” his voice thickened with passion.  He was going to tell her he loved her when he heard Amelia shouting out for her mother in the background.

“I have to go now.  Amelia is awake.  I’ll log on to the video chat this time tomorrow and we’ll have a chat, ok?”

“Sure.  Take care.  And give Amie a kiss for me.”

The moment he ended the call he sat back and tried to sort out his feelings.  Was he really going to say those words?  Was he really ready for another relationship?  He thought about Sandra and he was even more confused.  Was it really possible to love another woman after loving her?  He picked up the phone and dialled a number.


“Urs,” David said when the phone was picked up.

“David, is something wrong?  It’s two in the morning,” a very sleepy and tired but happily satiated Urs whispered.

“Sorry, I forgot about the time,” David replied sheepishly.

“So what’s up?”

“It’s alright, I’ll call again in the morning.”

“Well, it is morning right now and you’ve got me wide awake, so why don’t you just spill.”

“Well, it’s about…” he struggled for the right word, “women.”

‘Women?  How many?” Urs made his way out of the bedroom after slipping on his robe, whispering as he gently closed the door.

“Let’s see…there is Sandra and there is Claire, so it’s just two.”

“You should know it’s only just one.  The other exists only in your heart now,” Urs paced the corridor outside the bedroom as he tried to talk softly so as not to wake Sam or the kids.  For a while he thought David had gotten involved with more than one woman and was relieved that it wasn’t the case.

“I don’t know, Urs.  Am I being unfaithful to Sandra, falling in love so soon?”

Urs could hear the confusion in David’s voice and was glad that he called to talk about it.

“David, she’s gone, but you’re still here.  There’s nothing you can do for her now.  You have to move on.  Think about it, if you and Sandra were to trade places, would you rather she remain faithfully yours for the rest of her life or would you rather she move on to another man she fell in love with?”

There was a brief pause before David’s voice could be heard over the phone, “Thanks, pal. I just knew you’d have an answer for me.”

“The next time you call at this hour I’m going to charge you triple.  Right now I’ll settle for lunch at the club house tomorrow, after I drop off Angel at her class.”  He couldn’t wait till Saturday to hear more about the new woman in David’s life.

“Fine.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  Gym?”

“Yup.  I’ll see if the other cousins are coming along.”

“It’s too early to call.”

“I’m glad you noticed,” Urs chuckled, “I’ll call at the appropriate time.”

After the call ended, Urs tip-toed back into his bedroom and removed his robe before gently getting into bed.

“David?” Sam mumbled as she turned to face her husband.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you.  Yes, David.  Affairs of the heart,” Urs replied as he hugged her closer to him and she put a leg over his, joining them both at the hips.  She burrowed her face in his chest and breathed in his manly scent, letting his chest hair tickle her nose.

“Everything settled?”

“I think so.”  He planted a kiss on her forehead.

Sighing, she said, “I can’t get back to sleep now.”

Smiling to himself, he replied, “Maybe you should get up and bake some delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast.”

She raised her head and looked at him in disbelieve, but when she saw the wicked laughter in his eyes, she smiled, “You’ll get your cinnamon rolls in the morning.  Right now I believe you’ve got some work to do.”

And so he began slowly making love to her for the second time that night, kissing her passionately and teasing her mercilessly with his hands until she could take it no more; wrapping her legs around him, she invited him into her warmth.

Chapter 14

“Are you going to tell us about her, or are you going to make us wait till Saturday?” Sebastien asked as they sat in the Jacuzzi pool.  It was a sunny day and there weren’t many people around at the club so they practically had the whole pool to themselves after working out at the gym.

“You’ve all met her before,” David smiled as he looked at his friends and let the powerful jet behind him massage his body.

“Wait a minute.  You mentioned her name was Claire.  Isn’t she the one we met at the airport?” Urs asked, his arms spread out and resting on top of the pool’s edge as he relaxed, kicking his legs occasionally.

“I have to hand it to you, Urs.  Don’t you forget anything at all?”

“Only things that don’t matter to me,” Urs shrugged coolly, trying not to look too smug.

Shaking his head at the Swiss, Sebastien probed, “You mean the one with the cute little girl.  What’s her name?  Amelia?”

“Yes, that one,” David gave his boyish grin.

“You said we’ve all met her before, but I wasn’t at the airport with you, or was I?” Carlos was confused.  Up until then he was scanning the pool for anything beautiful that walked on two legs and wiggling his eyebrows at them.

”You were, but you had already gone through the departure gate the day you left to go beg Joanne for forgiveness,” Urs reminded him.  “And if you keep that up you’re going to have to do another round of begging.”

The others chuckled while Carlos grinned sheepishly.

“Ah yes.  That fateful day,” Carlos replied pensively after a while.  “So I’m the only one who hasn’t met her.”

“No, you were the first to meet her.”  That got Carlos’ attention.  “She was the damsel in distress we saved when we left the pub one night.”

Carlos searched his memory for a moment and came up with an image, “Ah ha!  Now I know who we’re talking about.  She’s married and with a kid?  Is that why you couldn’t talk to us about her in front of the women?

“No, Carlos.  She’s divorced, well, after we met again in LA.”  David began telling them about his meeting with Claire and how comfortable they were with each other.  He told them about Amelia too, that she and he got on very well together.

“I’m not surprised at all, you’re a natural with kids,” Urs told him.

“That’s because he’s a big kid himself,” Sebastien teased.

“So will we be meeting her soon?” Carlos wanted to know.

“I asked her to move here, but it’s a big commitment and she’s not ready for that yet, seeing as how her first marriage ended so badly,” David frowned.

Patting him on his back, Urs tried to console him, “Look on the bright side: the time and distance apart might make things a lot more interesting when you meet up again.”

Turning to Carlos, David told him about Claire’s first impression of them both.

“What?  She thought we were gay?” Carlos exclaimed in astonishment.  “How could that be?  Look at me!  Tell me which part of my body says I’m gay?”  The other guys were left howling with laughter at the indignant way he defended himself.   Then in a quieter tone and giving a look of uncertainty, he added, “I’m not sure about you though, David.”  This got Sebastien and Urs laughing even louder as David playfully splashed water at him.

“Alright, enough about me.  How about you and Joanne?  Is everything ok now?” David asked when the laughter died down.

“Yes, you haven’t really told us what happened when you finally went back to her,” Sebastien chipped in.

So Carlos went on to tell them all about how he and Joanne finally resolved their differences with the help of Mama.  They were all happy to hear the couple was planning to start a family and wished Carlos good luck.  He then told them about their planned appearance for the soap opera that Carmen wanted them to guest star in.  They were supposed to be in Madrid in two months’ time to film their parts, which should also coincide with their promotional tour.

Finally deciding they were getting wrinkled by being in the water too long, they made their way to the shower, but not before being stopped by some female members of the club for a chat.  When they were finally let off to go into the shower, the women stood where they were and admired their attractive rears.  The men gave each other an amused smirk as they could see themselves being ogled from the reflection on the glass door leading into the shower area.

After that, they went their own ways, with Urs picking up Angel from her class, and Sebastien picking up Lily.


Carlos got home to find Joanne visibly distressed.  She looked like she had cried and was a little jumpy when he touched her shoulder.

“What’s wrong, Joanne?” he tilted her chin up to look into her eyes.

She sniffled and pulled him towards the laptop.  Clicking the mouse a couple of times, she opened up an email and showed him the content.  It was an email sent by one of her friends in Spain.  In the email she attached a small article that carried a picture of her and Felix.  The Spanish article said she quit the job because she was romantically involved with the producer and was found out by her husband.  To salvage her marriage, she decided to quit hosting the documentary.  It quoted a close friend of hers as their source of information.  Her friend also mentioned that a few papers had run that same article with slight variations.

Carlos was incensed, “Do you know who did this?”

She shook her head, “I never told anyone about our problems, only Ginny and Sam, and Mama.”

“Then it must be the scumbag who went to the press!” he spat out disgustedly.  “Wait till I get my hands on his neck!”

“Carlos, this is not the time to lose control of your temper.  He’s trying to drive a wedge between us.  I don’t think we should let him have the satisfaction of thinking he has succeeded in doing so,” Joanne had calmed down sufficiently to think straight.

“So what should we do now?  Your reputation is ruined.  I cannot have that.  We must find a way to expose that liar and make your fans trust you again.”

“It doesn’t matter, Carlos, as long as you trust me.  The rumours will die down sooner or later.”

“Are you saying we should just let it be?  I can’t just sit and do nothing, knowing that he’s out to ruin you.”

“Carlos, this isn’t just about me.  It’s about you and Il Divo as well.  Time will tell who’s lying and who’s not.  Besides I’m not really bothered now since I’m giving up my job.  I’ll host the show that Miguel wants me to do and that would be my last assignment.  Maybe what you can do for me is post on your website that this is just a rumour and I’ll do the same on mine.  Once our fans start seeing us being so happy together when we’re on tour, they’ll know it’s not true.”

“Alright, if that’s what you want.  But if I see that bastard again I’m going to bash his head in.”  Carlos had such a ferocious look that Joanne shudder at the thought of seeing her husband losing total control over his temper at Felix if and when their paths did cross.

That evening, they had a quiet dinner of seafood spaghetti with white wine.  They chatted on mundane stuff and shared a few laughs as soft romantic music played on the stereo.  Carlos was happy and content as it seemed like a long time ago since they had a peaceful and romantic evening together at home.

As soon as dinner was over, they sat down in front of the laptop and posted a message on their respective websites, both not really surprised at the speed the rumour had spread among the fans.  The Administrators and Moderators of the Il Divo forum had to remove several postings on the discussions of the article since it was just a rumour and discussions of the Divos’ private lives were prohibited as a mark of respect to the men.

Both of them had taken great care with their posts and made sure the fans knew the real reasons behind Joanne’s decision to quit the show: that the shooting of the documentaries coincided with Il Divo’s planned tour and they were working to start a family.

Prior to posting, Carlos had spoken with the other three Divos of what he intended to do and they had all given him their support.  They all agreed to let the information of the planned tour out since they were determined to do it.  Both Carlos’ and Joanne’s publicists were informed of the rumour and their action plan and what message they wanted to convey to the masses if and when any one of them was contacted to comment on it.

With the serious stuff settled, the computer was shut down and Carlos, taking Joanne’s hand, led her into their bedroom.  There, he took her into his arms and smiled into her eyes before slowly lowing his mouth to claim hers.  It was a deep and toe curling kiss and it brought a soft moan from her as she pulled his head closer so that she could taste him better.

But before they could get any further, Joanne pulled away slightly, “Please promise me you will not do anything rash with Felix, Carlos.  I don’t want you to get into any trouble for me.”

“Joanne, you are worth all the troubles of this world, but I promise I’ll try and walk away from him.”  However, in his mind he added ‘When I’m done with him’ and gave her his most charming smile.

Hearing his promise, she moved a hand between them and worked on unbuttoning his shirt, lightly caressing his chest as they continued kissing.  He brought both hands slowly down her back, across the small of her back and finally settled them on her firm rounded bottom, playfully giving it a squeeze and a slap.

She giggled and broke free from the kiss; she could see his eyes darkened with desire.  She stepped back from him and seductively started to remove first her blouse, then playfully wiggled her hips as she removed her tight skirt.  He gave a little smirk and held out a hand to her.  She took it and was immediately back in his arms again.

He helped her remove the remaining clothes and finally she stood in front of him looking every bit like the goddess of his wildest dream.  He bent his head and took her lips once more.  This time, she managed to remove his shirt completely before working on his belt buckle, and soon, he was only in his briefs.  Lowering her hands to his bottom, she playfully slipped her hands inside his briefs, squeezing his rear lightly the way he did to her.

“Are you going to help me remove that or not?” he growled.  She giggled again and begun lowing his briefs and lowering herself in the process.  Holding on to her head, he arched backward as he felt an exquisite sensation course through him as he let her pleasure him for a while longer before he picked her up and placed her on the bed.

Moving over her, he slowly kissed his way down from her eyes to her lips, then from her neck down to her chest, drawing a gasp from her as she curled her fingers in his hair.  Then the journey continued southward across her flat abdomen, causing her to squirm and moan.  Down he went again and finally she felt it, the amazing, tingling sensation as he finally reached the core of her desire.  She clutched at his hair as she felt herself being brought to a joyous height as she screamed out his name in ecstasy.

Carlos waited patiently while she slowly recovered from the dizzying sensation, gently stroking the length of her body and raining kisses on her face.  When he was sure she was ready again, he brought her on top of him and with another kiss, joined them completely.  They rode the waves in harmony, moving slowly together, savoring each and every sensation that each movement brought them until finally, they peaked together.  Moaning in exquisite pleasure, Joanne finally collapsed on top of him breathing heavily.

When their heartbeat returned to normal, he turned over on his side and deposited her gently on the bed.  With his arms and legs wrapped around her, they made little chitchat until they finally fell asleep peacefully.


“Honey, did you check Lily’s homework?” Ginny called out from the kitchen.

“Yes, and she did really well,” Sebastien called back from the family room, winking at his daughter.  Both Lily and Nick were doing some coloring with their dad as they spent a quiet moment together while mommy washed the dishes after dinner.

“Alright, kids, time for bed,” Sebastien announced.

“But Daddy, it’s only eight-thirty.  We usually sleep at nine,” Lily protested with a pout.  Sebastien looked at her and immediately Ginny came to mind.

“Sorry, Lily, but Daddy’s really tired today.  We’ll visit the zoo tomorrow morning if you like.”

“I don’t want the zoo!” Nick exclaimed.  “I want to go to Uncle Urs’s house tomorrow!”

Sebastien raised his eyebrows and said, “We will visit them in the evening for dinner.”

“But I want to play with Tony.  Can we go early?” Nick asked, looking at his daddy with his lovely green eyes and long eyelashes.

“Lily, you want to go early too?”

Lily nodded.  And so it was, a trip to the Buhler’s residence the next morning.  As Sebastien picked up the phone to make arrangements with Urs to bring his kids over in the morning, an idea came to his mind.

“Urs, can I leave my kids with you for two nights?  They’d like to play with your kids,” he asked a little too enthusiastically and Urs immediately picked up on the signal and smiled to himself.

“Sure, send them over.  I usually charge the usual rate of a nanny and since you’re leaving them overnight, I’ll charge twice the full rate,” he teased.

Slightly embarrassed but still laughing at himself, Sebastien replied, “Thanks, buddy.  I owe you one.”

“What are friends for?  Besides, Sam wouldn’t be pleased if I had said no.”

After telling Urs that they would be over in the morning and Ginny could help with the dinner preparation for the whole Divo clan, he herded the kids upstairs to their respective rooms to wash up and get ready for bed.  First he sat with Nick and read a story for him.

After tucking him in, he went to Lily’s room and read another book.   She requested for a song and he sang to her in his sweet tender voice.

“Daddy, why are we staying at Uncle Urs’ place for two nights?”

“Well, because Daddy and Mommy have to go over to our Paris home to make sure everything is fine there.  We haven’t been there for a while so it’s important for us to go and check the place out.”

“Can’t Nick and I go with you?”

“It’s a very short trip this time, Lily, so it’s better if you stay and play at Uncle Urs’s.  Next time when we have more time to spend there we’ll all go together.”


“Yes, promise.  Goodnight, princess.”  Kissing Lily goodnight, Sebastien switched off the light and went to his own room and got ready for bed.

A little while later, Ginny walked into the room and saw her husband in bed and all bundled up in the bed cover.

“What’s wrong, Seb?  Are you feeling alright?” she walked over to him and touched his forehead with great concern.

He reached out both hands and grabbed her waist, flipping her onto the bed.  She squealed in surprise and the sound was soon muffled by his kiss.  When she felt his hands up her t-shirt, caressing her with great urgency, she started to moan with delight.  And when she worked her hands on his back, she was delighted to find that there was no barrier to her exploration.  She moaned even louder as she kneaded his bare bottom as the kiss continued.

“Shhhh, the kids might hear you,” Sebastien cautioned her.  Though he loved to hear her moan when they get intimate, he always worried that the kids might be awakened by the sound of their love-making.  And it didn’t help that Ginny always made a lot of noise when they were in the heat of passion.

Ginny giggled and playfully nibbled at his earlobe.  Then she started to kiss his neck, licking and sucking at his skin.  With a groan, he held her face and kissed her deeply.  Soon, he helped her out of her clothes.  Moving his hands freely over her and marveling at her smooth skin, he whispered words of love and then slipped his tongue into her ear, causing her to tremble with pleasure and excitement.

Working his way slowly downwards, he tasted her sweetness and expertly brought her to a trembling release.  Chuckling wickedly, he moved back and covered her body with his own.  Wanting more of him, she wrapped both her legs around his hips and urged him to complete their union, letting out a soft sigh as he obliged.  Very slowly he teased her into blissful oblivion, carrying her with him to full height and continued to move with her until he was spent.

Before they fell asleep, he told her about his conversation with Urs.

“You didn’t!” Ginny couldn’t believe what she just heard.

“I did, and he said yes,” Sebastien smiled happily.

“And what would we be doing?”

“We’ll take a little break, go to Paris.  I’m sure Sam will be delighted to have the kids.  We need a break, Ginny, before the tour starts.”  Then with a cheeky grin, he added, “And you can scream as loud as you want to when we make love, no worries about the kids.”

“Oh you!” she smacked his arm and he laughed softly.  Catching her hands he kissed her passionately again.

“I would make love to you again right now but then I think we should wait till we’re alone in our Paris home tomorrow night.”

“You’ve booked our flights?”

“Tomorrow morning all will be done,” he said as he settled down to sleep, hugging her close to him.

8 thoughts on “Chapters 13 & 14”

  1. Love it that Angel said she didn’t need a present, having David back with them was all she really wanted. She is such a sweetheartm truly an angel. Claire is missing David as much as he is missing her, hope they soon can be together again.
    So much love in the Divo families….all is right with the world.

  2. Connie Lee-Love said:

    Hey, it’s me again….

    More please!

  3. I read both of your stories now, and they’re great! It is very nice that you made long parts, so you have actually something to read 😛 i hope you will write more!

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