Best fried rice in 23 years of marriage…

Happy Call Pan Fried Rice

…in the words of hubby.

That’s our fried rice dinner tonight, cooked on my Happy Call pan.  It is so much easier than cooking on a wok or saucepan because oil doesn’t splatter and rice doesn’t stick to the pan, leaving it easy to wash. Cooking on the Happy Call pan also means less oil is needed so it’s healthier 🙂

I use the rice left over from Wednesday’s pork ribs soup dinner.  Overnight rice makes much better fried rice because it doesn’t have the moistness of freshly cooked rice so the rice won’t be lumpy, instead it will be grainy (if cooked right) which is how fried rice should be.

Being able to flip the pan around makes it easy to fry the rice without breaking the grains into tiny pieces which is what would happen if you stir the rice with a spatula too much.  I coat the top and bottom part of the pan with oil first.  Then I stir some chopped garlic until fragrant.  Next I add shrimp pieces with soy sauce and cooking wine and then add the rice, the anchovy stock and a pinch of salt.  I spread them evenly on the pan, shut it and shake it back and forth a few times before flipping it around, much like what a professional cook would do on a big fire with a wok (except that he didn’t flip the wok around :P).  He would hold the wok above the raging fire, toss the rice around in the wok and stir it only occasionally.

Then I add the beaten eggs, stir the rice to make sure the grains are coated with the eggs (real cooks would fry the eggs first before the rice but you need to have a big fire to achieve the desired effect).  Though the eggs make the rice soggy, the Happy Call pan dries up the moisture pretty quickly.  If I had used a wok (which was what I did previously), I would have to stir much longer so that the rice wouldn’t be lumpy and moist and usually that would break the grains which wouldn’t taste nice (and I certainly don’t have the strenght to toss the rice around in the wok because the wok is very heavy). I flip the pan around a few times before turning off the fire when I think the rice is dry.  The result is grainy fried rice coated evenly with eggs, just the way hubby likes it 🙂

Ingredients I use:


Chopped garlic

Shrimps cut into small pieces (can substitiue with diced chicken)

Seasoning (a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of Korean anchovy powdered stock (optional, if not using then add slightly more salt), a dash of soy sauce and a little Chinese cooking wine, Shaoxing Jiu)

Overnight white rice


Parsley and chilli padi for garnishing

shaoxing-chinese-cooking-wine (Picture from Food Herald)

I usually cook base on intuition, so the ingredients used, especially the seasoning, should be added according to individual taste.

That’s all folks 😉  And in case you’re wondering…no, there’s no more fried rice left 😛

On a side note, my pancakes failed miserably on the Happy Call pan 😦

7 thoughts on “Best fried rice in 23 years of marriage…”

  1. lau Gong said:


  2. Rosemaary Dearing said:

    What time is dinner, I will be right over…… Dinner sounds fantastic

  3. suberbabe said:

    Now I’m hungry…again!

  4. It looks delish…but I don’t have the right pan…Oh well, just have to eat

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