Halloween Lunch and Tea (Seki Restaurant and TCC)

Today, my sisters, my daughter, a brother-in-law aka the driver, and two nieces had an enjoyable day having lunch and then high tea.  It was supposed to be a gathering for me and my 3 sisters, affectionately dubbed the LZBs (short for Old Ladies in dialect), but somehow the group ballooned to 7 people.  But the more the merrier and we had a good time at both restaurants.

Since I’d been to the Seki Restaurant Singapore a couple of times before and the food I had was almost always the same, I’ll not bore you with the details since I’d already blogged about it twice 😛  Here are pictures of some of what we ate today.  What was new to us was the softshell crab which was a tad too salty, and the squid which I really liked because it was grilled just nice and you can smell the charcoal aroma as you bite into it.

Saikoro Steak with Apple and Cheese $25 (Pan-fried rib eye cubes with fresh apple and cream cheese)

Ika Sugata Yaki with Teriyaki Sauce $16 (Squid charcoal-grilled and served with Chef’s special formulated Teriyaki Sauce)

Gindara Misozuke Yaki with Su Miso $22 (codfish marinated in homemade miso sauce and charcoal-grilled)

Salmon Sashimi $12

Soft Shell Crab Karaage with Ponzu Sauce $16 (Deep-fried soft shell crab served with citrus sauce)

We didn’t just enjoy eating the food, we had fun with it too.  The staff made a mistake with our orders and served us 2 salmon heads instead of one.  Well, since we were presented with the opportunity, we weren’t about to waste it.  After devouring the fish heads, we created some food art with what we couldn’t or wouldn’t eat: the eyeballs and fins.  Here are our work of art:

Salmon Head Food Art

Salmon Head Food Art 

After lunch we went to do a little shopping to try to walk off the calories in order to pile on more at The Connoisseur Concerto  It was a long-awaited high tea for me because I had sort of developed an obsession with the monthly high tea special but always couldn’t persuade hubby to enjoy it with me.  We had the Easter one which he found too light (didn’t fill his stomach) and that was it for him.  But this time, I managed to ‘entice’ my sis, Lina, with the Halloween special and we had a whale of a time enjoying the food and having fun with it as well 🙂

TCC Bugis

TCC Bugis Interior

A Spooky Feast of Ghoulish Treats ($13.90++)

A Spooky Feast of Ghoulish Treats

Maggots on a cupcake

Eyeballs, anyone?

Bloody Eyetini (cocktail) $13

Bloody Eyetini (cocktail) $13

Mentaiko Shrimp Martini

Let the fun begin…

The eyeball lovers

Blood-thirsty Stef

The group minus Lina

The girls

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and did not get grossed out by our ghoulish acts 😛

9 thoughts on “Halloween Lunch and Tea (Seki Restaurant and TCC)”

  1. I did get grossed out! LOL I can’t look at this at 8 am in the morning with a dicey stomach! 😛 But it looks like you had a lot of fun! And so much food! But those eyeballs……………BLECK!!! I know you were so looking forward to going and trying that drink……..I hope it lived up to expectations. 🙂 🙂 So glad you had a good time!

    • BLECK? Learnt a new word LOL. The drink was alright though I couldn’t make out what it was made of LOL. I was given a shot of some vodka to add to it and it made it taste better.

  2. Oh, forgot to say when I was a kid, my dad kept a jar of live maggots in the fridge for fishing. I don’t know why my mother ever allowed it. It was disgusting. I suppose she didn’t have much choice. But we were fascinated, my brother and I, and would sometimes open the fridge and look at them crawling around inside the jar. GROSS! 😛

  3. love your food blogs…Some of the food I know I could never eat, while some makes me want to come through the comp and eat..lol.. But mostly I love the way you and your family do so much together…Geographically it is harder for me and my siblings to get together…Just keep eating and having fun and oh yes blog it..


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