Ham and Egg Wraps Up for Grabs


Ham and egg wraps

My cooking is always about whatever I can get at the last minute from the supermarket or whatever I have in the fridge so it’s always quite…unorthodox…and the same dish probably never tastes the same each time I cook it LOL

I decided to make wraps for dinner tonight though I ended up not eating any and stored them away in the fridge.  Made one for hubby and he said nice, so I made another small one for him.  This will be my son’s breakfast (I bought Chinese rice with black pepper beef for him for dinner – he likes rice for dinner), my lunch and hubby’s dinner for tomorrow (if he likes).

It’s just lettuce, tomato, chicken ham, and Swiss ham and cheese roll on wholemeal wrap.  Spread a little tartar sauce and cheese on the wrap before adding the ingredients, put it on a hot pan and voila! dinner is served 😛  There are 4 here and there are only 3 of us…anyone wants the last piece???

1 thought on “Ham and Egg Wraps Up for Grabs”

  1. Yes please xx

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