Hungry Ghost Festival – Dinner

These are the food that were served with at the Hungry Ghost Festival dinner that I attended with my family on Saturday.  It’s a typical Chinese 8 -10 course dinner that can be served at any occasion, Chinese wedding dinner, celebratory dinner, etc.

Appetizers, Cold Dish, an assortment of century egg, spring rolls, bbq pork, salad prawns and baby octopus

Decoration – Flower made of tastless biscuit

Fish maw soup – Eat it with a dash of black vinegar and pepper…you can add brandy if it’s provided.  This replaces the Shark’s Fin soup that used to be the must-have as a symbol of wealth.  Shark’s Fin Soup is now no longer served in many Chinese restaurants because of the efforts of wildlife conservationists to save the sharks.

Herbal Duck

Poor Ducky

Deep fried prawn roll with pickles

Steamed pomfret

Vegetable and abalone mushroom

Drunken Prawns – Prawns cooked with wine

Kong Bak Pau – Braised pork and steamed bun

Dessert – Potong Ice-Cream (Red bean flavour)

Dessert – Potong Ice-Cream (Corn flavour)

7 thoughts on “Hungry Ghost Festival – Dinner”

  1. Good thing I don’t live there because I would probably only eat the spring rolls. 😛 Everything else is too exotic for me. I’m not very brave when it comes to food. I could never survive in Singapore. Rice and springrolls isn’t really a very balanced diet. LOL Oh, maybe I would try the pork and bun – that might be okay.

    I think I might be a picky eater. 😛

  2. Oh, lovely … there is nothing there I wouldn’t love. Are the deep fried prawn rolls done in beancurd skin?

  3. Most looked delicious, the prawns both ways Etc….Don’t think I could do the centuary eggs, but most of the rest looks yummy….But my question is: After trying it all can you still walk to get home? …I would be to full to


    • No wonder you’re so slim 😛 Well, the dishes are shared by 10 people at the table (9 in our case) so everyone just have a portion of it. Still it can be too much if you’re not a big eater. Anyway, by the time the first dish was served we were so hungry we could eat a horse! Chinese dinner never starts on time. Bad people!

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