Indonesian Cuisine Anyone?

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Tauhu telur - Beancurd and Egg

I just have to blog about this Indonesian dish I had over the weekend at a hawker centre.  For those of you not in the know, a hawker centre is a public building that has little stalls that sell mainly local food.  I don’t live in Indonesia so obviously this is not local, but our culture is closely entwined as Indonesia is one of our close neighbours.

About the dish, it is beancurd coated with egg and deep fried in oil.  It’s garnished with bean sprouts, shredded cucumber, carrot and finely chopped peanuts and eaten with a sweet spicy sauce.  It’s the first time I actually tried it and I just fell in love with it.  The outside is a little crispy with the egg and flour banter but the inside is as soft as it should be with the Japanese type beancurd (or egg toufu).  The sauce, as mentioned is sweet and spicy, so if you’re not a hot spice-lover, you might want to avoid dunking the beancurd into the sauce.  I was surprised to find the egg yolk at the base of the beancurd.  Not sure if that’s the way the dish is supposed to be cooked or if it’s the specialty of that stall.  If you’re around in countries like Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia, you should try it 🙂

Here’s a website that tells you how to make the dish if you are adventurous enough 😉 :

Here’s another dish we had that day…Ayam Penyet

Ayam Penyet- Smashed Fried Chicken

Ayam Penyet, literally translates to smashed chicken (Ayam = Chicken, Penyet = Smashed).  It is also an Indonesian dish that has become quite popular in Singapore recently.  The chicken is marinated, fried and then smashed with a mallet.  The purpose is to break up the crispy batter and separate the meat from the bones according to this website:

There are crackers, fried bean fritters, toufu some vegetables and sambal chili to go along with the dish and you eat it all with plain rice.  The chilli is also a main ingredient in most Indonesian food and it’s generally made with chilli padi, the super hot chilli.

Writing about these dishes has made me crave for Indonesian food.  Might have to go downstairs at lunch time today to the stall that sells Indonesian food.  But what to eat?  Tauhu telur or ayam penyet???

That’s all for my food blog.  I hope you enjoy the meals 😉

6 thoughts on “Indonesian Cuisine Anyone?”

  1. Rosemary Dearing said:

    Sure looks good Judy… may have to go get Chinese tomorrow… at least that is
    as close to your dish as I am familiar with.

  2. You know not only are you making me hungry, but you are making want to travel. I think I will avoid the dipping sauce. I’m a whimp. gig

  3. Lisa is right..You are not only making mr hungry, but you are sparking the travel bug in me..No dipping sauce for mr either..I am a double whimp…

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