Kungfu Paradise…Cafe with a Kick!

Kungfu Paradise - Cafe with a Kick???

Following our late lunch last Saturday at Old Town White Coffee, hubby and I had a very late dinner that same day.  There was a revamped mall just outside the town where we live, called Junction 10, and it has this family restaurant called Kungfu Paradise that opens till 3 or 4am, depending on whether it’s a weekday or a weekend.  What’s tempting to me though is the 50% discount on all sliced cakes after 10pm.  If you haven’t noticed by now, I have sweet tooth, much like my hubby and my favourite Divo 🙂

So we set off just before 10pm, the ride was a mere 5 minutes drive from home but hubby missed the turn into the parking lot and had to go a big round. As usual, he didn’t take my word that the car park was just at the turn.  I swear most times he doesn’t listen to me but that’s another matter 😛

We went to the restaurant with about seven minutes to spare (I wanted the 50% cake :P).  So we took our time to look at the menu.  It was a brightly lit, cheery place and the staff there would shout ‘Welcome, disciple!’ when someone enters the restaurant.  It may sound weird but it is in line with the theme of the restaurant, or at least, the name of the restaurant, Kungfu Paradise.  But then, it would’ve been more polite to address their customers ‘Masters’ instead of relegating them to being just ‘disciples’!

Kungfu Paradise

Inside the restaurant

Talk about kungfu, I asked son if he wanted something to eat and he asked where we were going.  I told him Kungfu Panda.  He said ‘huh?’  I said Kungfu Panda again.  He said ‘What’s that?’  This time hubby came to the rescue and said ‘Kungfu Paradise lah!’ (note: ‘lah’ is a local word added to the end of a sentence for emphasis 😉 )  I must have enjoyed the animated film Kungfu Panda too much LOL

Back to the restaurant.  The staff, just like those in the Old Town White Cafe restaurant, were mainly Filipinos.  You would think that we, the Singaporeans, are the minority in our own homeland what with all these establishments choosing to employ foreigners.  They keep saying Singaporeans wouldn’t want such a job but the truth is that they’re paying peanuts that would mean more to the foreigners (Filipinos, Chinese PRCs, Indonesians, etc) than to a Singaporean who is already struggling with the high cost of living here.

Moving away from dangerous grounds (don’t want to rant since I had already ranted on the public transport today), let’s talk about food now.  Hubby ordered a bowl of beef brisket soup noodle and a Kungfu Style coffee.

Hubby didn’t like the texture of the noodles.  It’s like the thicker Korean instant noodles, a little too hard for his taste.  The beef, he said, could’ve been more tender.  The soup base, however, was just right, not too bland or too salty.  I tried the soup and thought it was good too.

Look at that bowl!


The coffee was nothing special at all, even though it’s stated as their special coffee.  It’s just local coffeeshop coffee (coffee powder blended with corn) with frothy milk.  Too thick and bitter for his taste.  I didn’t like it either.  As bad as the one from Old Town White Coffee.

Kungful Style Coffee (or something like that!)

I ordered a strawberry cheese cake, custard buns and honey lemon drink.  The strawberry cheese cake was ordinary, but at 50% off, I shouldn’t complain 😛

Strawberry Cheese Cake

Now, the custard buns are like the chocolate lava cake, except that it’s a Cantonese dim sum with a creamy, milky, salted egg filling.  It is steamed, making the buns soft and the custard inside moist.

Salted Egg Custard Buns

The trick to eating this and not squirting yourself or your companion with the hot custard filling is to turn it over and break it up from the bottom.  Be careful not to let the custard drip onto your hand because it’s very hot.

Custard Bun

The buns here aren’t soft enough but the filling is smooth and not too salty or sweet, just nice.

The honey lemon drink was too sour for my taste.  I wanted tea, but they only had Lipton tea, not my favourite.  Coffee at such late hours will keep me awake throughout the night.

Ordered a Mango Thai Chicken rice with a sunny-side up to go for son.  He lapped it all up so it must be good, or it just meant he was hungry since it was so late by the time we got home.

We probably would never go back there again because hubby ended up with a stomach upset throughout the night, going to the loo four times before I woke up the next morning and gave him two charcoal tablets to stop the ‘flow’.  We almost didn’t make it to son’s birthday lunch that day.  Kungfu Paradise – cafe with a kick?  A kick to the stomach perhaps!  Luckily he recovered well enough to enjoy a sumptuous Japanese meal in a hotel.

Yep, that’s right, another food blog coming soon.  Are you sick of it yet? 😛

5 thoughts on “Kungfu Paradise…Cafe with a Kick!”

  1. No, love hearing about different foods…And better you give us pictures…


  2. Meant to say better yet, you give us pictures

    • Thank goodness hubby always reminds me to take pictures before he digs in, knowing that’s what I would want to do. But sometimes his patience can run a little thin…especially when I’m not fast enough!

  3. suberbabe said:

    I’m a foodie in any country so please feed me again with another blog.

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