Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak (with anchovies, Otah (spicy fish meat), small fried fish and sambal chilli)

To take my mind away from some very disturbing stuff, I have decided to blog about food.  And looking at the picture, I have a craving so strong that I wish it’s time to shut down the pc and head home LOL

This is a traditional Malay food and the name nasi lemak translates to fatty rice.  The ‘fatty’ actually means ‘rich’ or ‘creamy’ (thanks, Wikipedia!) but then again this dish really is a fatty food.  The rice is cooked in coconut milk with pandan leaves (or screwpine leaves) added for the fragrance.  When I was much, much, much younger 😛  it was served with just a small piece of fried egg, a slice of cucumber, roasted peanuts, a small fried fish or anchovies and spicy hot sambal chilli (yep, spicy hot again!).  Now there is a wider variety of accompaniments like fried chicken wings, luncheon meat (or spam), beef rendang, hard boiled egg, the works…whatever you fancy.

The nasi lemak is traditionally wrapped in banana leaves and eaten as breakfast but times have changed and they are now sold in foam boxes or waxed paper, although the banana leaves type still remain.  And it is eaten as breakfast, lunch, dinner or even tea break and is no longer a dish limited to the Malay stalls.  Chinese now have their own variation of the dish although I would pick the authentic Malay ones anytime.

The fragrant rice and the sambal chilli are the differentiating factors in determining if one nasi lemak is better than the other.

Having introduced the dish, I must tell you my childhood memory involving it. My dad would sometimes go to a Malay neighbour’s house to buy packets of nasi lemak for us on his way to work.  Then he would shout to us from downstairs (we lived 4 floors up) and we would lower a basket tied to a long raffia string.  He would then put the breakfast into the basket for us to hoist it up.  Breakfast is served!

Now I really must run home and get this for dinner.  Nasi lemak, here I come!



4 thoughts on “Nasi Lemak”

  1. Rosemary Dearing said:

    Looks absolutely delicious… but my Weight Watcher leader would not approve. LOL

  2. The rice looks delic, but the fish …well not my bag…Don’t you just love childhood memories…they are great…One Sunday when my kids were little I decided to make them a typical Swedish breakfast like my Dad made every Sunday…I loved it, pickled beets and pigs feet in a jell,souse,hard boiled eggs, herring in wine sauce, 2or 3 different breads, and kineka bread (not spelled right)Really like a rye crisp. My kids wouldn’t eat it, they just didn’t like it…I forgot they did not grow up on Swedish food…lol

    But my memories of those breakfasts are wonderful..Just as yours are of your father getting you nasi lemak and hauling it up in a basket….loved that part..


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