2012 Christmas at Orchard Road

Sharing some pictures taken in Dec 2012 at Orchard Road, Singapore’s famous shopping belt.  The area was so crowded that at one stretch of the pavement we were stuck for more than 15 minutes because of the construction going on there and the footpath was too narrow for the throngs of people coming and going.  It was a good thing that everyone was patient enough to give way to one another while slowly inching their way forward.

The whole stretch of Orchard was decked out in lights.  Last year’s theme wasn’t very attractive I must say.


The gang, young and old:


The merry bunch…


Too bad hubby couldn’t join in or this would make a right romantic scene 😛


The shopping malls clamouring to outdo each other…


The Nativity scene outside one of the malls:


Cabinet ministers are not spared, not even LKY…


I believe I can fly…the giant Christmas tree inside Takashimaya shopping mall


More lights…

20121215_214420 20121215_21443920121215_215114 20121215_215914 20121215_220823 20121215_220859 20121215_220937

10 thoughts on “2012 Christmas at Orchard Road”

  1. Judy,

    Liked theme on FB and still like them…So colorful and bright and Christmasy…Thanks for posting them again..


  2. it was supposed to say…liked them…need to read before I click…lol..

  3. We stayed on orchard Road in 1985 Judy…think it was the Orchard Road Sheraton so you photos bring back happy memories. It was not New Year so we didn’t see the colourful displays you did. What a happy family group you look. I’m sure you had a wonderful time. xx

    • Irene, the Sheraton Hotel is along Scotts Road, another stretch of the Orchard district. We only walked the stretch of the main Orchard Road. I’m glad this brings back happy memories for you. Come back again if you can. This country has changed so much over the years, you won’t even recognise it.

  4. Those store owners really do out do each other… What a fun place to visit. I can tell you had a marvelous time.. All those smiles on all the faces of your family.
    What super family you have. You always do so many things together. Fantastic.

  5. Gorgeous decorations and your family makes them sparkle even more. I DO believe you can fly!

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