2012 Christmas Decoration at Downtown East

The Downtown East is an Entertainment Hub consisting of the Escape Theme Park with rides, the Wild Wild Wet water theme park, bowling centre, chalets, eateries, shops and supermarket.  It’s a place for families and youngsters and it is only a five minute drive from Aloha Loyang where my family members had a year-end get-together.

My sisters and I went to Downtown East for a birthday dinner treat to Irene and a bit of supplies for our BBQ at the Aloha bungalow and I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the Christmas decorations.

Here are the pics:

At the lobby…


20121228_200048 20121228_200107 20121228_200134

Trees outside being lighted up…


Christmas ‘trees’ made by various products:

Beer cans:


Toblerone chocolates:


Oreo cookies:20121228_205139



Yoguru yogurt:


Ice Age 4 DVDs:


Nissin Instant Cup Noodles:20121228_205229

The choo-choo train ride in the lobby:


A bit of refreshment…

20121228_200644 20121228_200708

7 thoughts on “2012 Christmas Decoration at Downtown East”

  1. Love all the ingenuity of the Christmas trees!

  2. How absolutely gorgeous these decorations are… Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great pictures Judy. The Christmas trees are so unique. Of course you know which one is my favorite!

  4. You have so many great places near you…So many feastive Christmas places with great decorations…Think I love Singapore…Wonderful family Judy


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