Aloha Loyang

Our usual year-end get-together is at Aloha Loyang, where they have bungalows with 4 bedrooms, a big living room, a dining room and a decent sized kitchen where we can cook whatever food we wanted.  We’ve been booking the bungalows here for the past few years, cramping in around 20+ people from 6 families for a 4 to 5-day stay.  It’s a miracle we never felt like killing each other before the end of our stay LOL

Here are some panoramic views of the bungalows.  The BBQ pit at the back of the bungalow with the beach view:


The bungalow structure, bedrooms on the left outside the living room:


View of the kitchen and the front yard:


View of the front yard and the living room, one of the bedrooms on the right:


The bedrooms:


The front of Bungalow 6, tennis court:


The swimming pool:20121229_121548

The park and beach:


Self-explanatory sign:


Taking a watch by the beach.  Sadly the water of Pasir Ris beach isn’t fit for swimming…

20121230_101916 20121230_101935 20121230_102004_HDR 20121230_102220

Cycling path…there’s a bicycle rental shop nearby although it’s very expensive.

20121230_103208 20121230_103220

Signs within the resort:


May Ling the Hippo on the terribly uncomfortable bed that squeaks whenever you move a muscle.  The mattress and pillows are covered with vinyl sheets for protection against bedbugs and that makes them super hard.  Hardly slept at all while there.20121230_142328

Messy roomies…can you imagine 3 of us (hubby, me and daughter) squeezing into one queen-sized bed?  Son slept on mattress on the floor which I believe was more comfortable.


It was sis no. 4’s (Irene’s) birthday on one of the nights there so we had a little celebration… This orange cake was bought by her hubby:


This chocolate cake was baked by sis no. 2, Lina:20121228_221451

Seems like the boy has to have a hand in all the birthday celebrations LOL  Lost track of how many birthdays he presided over…

20121228_221639_HDR 20121228_221716_HDR 20121228_221720_HDR

Marketing on the day of the BBQ:

20121229_103337 20121229_103451 20121229_103500 20121229_103601 20121229_103619 20121229_103632 20121229_103748 20121229_103804 20121229_103814

Taking time out of busy preparation for a bit of fun…20121229_115757 20121229_115938

Yep, this is the time when the LZBs became slaves to the young ones…  Next year we’ll make sure THEY do all the work while we put up our feet!


The usual R&R…mahjong!


17 thoughts on “Aloha Loyang”

  1. I told you this before, … Your family is the best, and doing all these things together must make all of you oh so happy.

  2. I love mahjong! No one around here plays it. Soon I’ll have fogotten everything I learned.

  3. Judy,
    Sorry the beds were so uncomfortable, but the place looks delightful and the cakes looked yummy…Why did you have to cook…YES def get the younger adults or teens to start doing it…

    Just love how your family all get together so often..trying to get my scattered family all together is nearly impossible…Takes a wedding or funeral…lol..


    • It’s easier here because our country is just a tiny red dot on Earth. The distance between East and West will take no longer than 2hours of travelling time. So if with that kind of advantage and we still can’t keep it together, we’ll be a terrible family!

  4. can i know which unit was this?

  5. Hello! Can i use your pictures for my blog? My phone drowned in the pool and i lost all my photos 😦 so it’ll be great if i can use some of your photos of the chalet.. I’ll leave a credit for your blog!

  6. Hi may I ask the mahjong table, was it already there in the bungalow or did u bring it in yourself? 🙂

    • The tables and chairs were provided when we stayed there years ago. I suppose it’s the same even now. This place is good for big family gatherings. Hope you have fun there if you decide to book it.

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