Batam – 3rd trip

This travel blog is seriously long overdue.  It happened on 18th April 2014, my son’s 21st birthday, but I can only post now because my old pc was lacking in memory space.  Let’s hope I remember enough of the trip to put it here…

Me and hubby had been to Batam twice before, once staying at KTM Batam Resort and another time at Swiss Bel-Inn Hotel.  This time we stayed at Harris Waterfront Resort.  It was a very big group this time, 23 people all together.  We bought vouchers from for 2D 1N at $69 per person and extended 1 night with the hotel at $120 per room.  The vouchers included a 1-hr massage, one bowling game, breakfast, return ferry and hotel transfer.



At the Singaproe Harbourfront Terminal

At the Singapore Harbourfront Terminal


The clan (1)

The clan (1)

The clan (2)

The clan (2)

The clan (3)

The clan (3)

The clan (4)

The clan (4)


Isaac's Big Eyed Yang Yang

Don’t have Isaac’s family photo so Isaac’s Big Eyed Yang Yang will have to do  (My hippos didn’t make the trip but Isaac’s buddy did)

In the ferry

In the ferry

As it was Easter weekend, the Singapore Harbourfront ferry terminal was very crowded.  It took us about 45 minutes to reach Waterfront ferry terminal in Batam and even though it was crowded, immigration was a breeze.

Coming up: Harris Resort Waterfront Batam, Easter Buffet, Wey Wey Live Seafood and ESKA Wellness and Spa…

The hotel:

Easter Dinner and Birthday:

ESKA Wellness Spa:

Wey awey Live Seafood:

Last day – breakfast buffet:

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