Batam 3rd Trip – Easter Dinner & Birthdays

Batam – 3rd Trip: Easter Dinner and Birthdays

Since it was my son’s 21st birthday that same evening and my nephew’s a few days later, we told the hotel to arrange for their birthday cakes.  And it being Easter weekend, we were told that Easter dinner buffet was compulsory at about S$23 per person.  3 in our group were given free dinner in exchange for the double room that the hotel had requested us to give up.  Because the trip was in celebration of Nic’s birthday, hubby felt that it was only right that we foot the bill for the dinner.  It was money well spent cos we had a great time not just at the dinner but the overall trip.

The buffet was held outdoor, at the Pronto Pizzeria I think.  The spread wasn’t extensive but it was enough.  There were cold and hot station, and a dessert station.  Easter Bunny was on duty giving out Easter egg to little kids.  There was even a live band.

Happy easter Easter bunny at work













Easter Buffet Dinner

Easter Buffet Dinner

Sis in law Cat asked if we should play a prank on Nic by asking the MC to announce his name since it was his birthday.  I said no because I knew that not only he would hate it as he’s very shy but his father wouldn’t like it too.  So it was to our surprise that half way through the dinner, the MC called out the names of people celebrating their birthdays in April.  Nic and his cousin, Lucas, were called on stage.

They were asked to dance along with some hotel staff on stage and were each given a bandana and cake each.  While the staff were trying to get the birthday babies to dance on stage (they were all so shy), me and my sisters were dancing below the stage 😛  It seemed like the aunties had more fun than the young ones, or maybe we’ve lived long enough to develop thick skin 😛  The birthday song was sung and the shy ones were allowed to leave the stage.

Brother-in-law Raymond and his buddy, Alvin, even attempted to do pole dancing with a portable lamp post near our table.  Thankfully the pole didn’t fall on these jokers LOL   Again, it was the older ones that were merry-making while the younger ones just sat and laughed at their antics.  Generation gap???

Birthdays on stage3 Birthdays on stage2 birthday boys

Thanks to niece Shuwen for making these signs…

Nic's and Luca's birthday

Nic’s and Luca’s birthday


Nic's and Luca's birthday2

Nic’s and Luca’s birthday2

Isaac says he's Willy Wonka

Isaac says he’s Willy Wonka

Next, we went to the bowling arcade to utilise our free game.  The rental shoes were pretty old and worn out and smelly but still we had some fun.  None of us are good bowlers so the gutters were pretty clean by the time we left 😛



Up next…ESKA Wellness Spa Massage & Salon


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