Batam – 3rd Trip: Last Day


Batam – 3rd Trip: Last Day

Our 3D 2N trip was almost up and the consensus among our group was that we should’ve booked for 4 days instead of 3.  There are so many activities offered by the hotel and we didn’t get to enjoy them except bowling so we told ourselves we had to come back again.  Isaac was reluctant to go home probably because he got to stay up late to play and chat with the kor kor’s and che che’s(big brothers and sister).  The boy can really talk, I tell you!  He will converse either in Mandarin or in English, depending on who he’s talking to.  What a smart boy!

The hotel breakfast buffet at the Harris Cafe was nothing to shout about. In fact, the only meat we got from the selection was cocktail sausages for both mornings.  There were pancakes one morning and waffles the next morning. Egg station served omelets,fried eggs, scrambled eggs. There were porridge, nasi lemak (coconut rice) with ikan bilis (anchovies) and other condiments, cakes and local pastries (kueh kuehs), baked beans, potatoes, fruits, cereals, yogurt… see, no other meat!  But it was ok cos we are not picky eaters and we eat just about everything.  The company is more important than what’s on the table, just as it is more important than where we are because it seems that no matter where we go as a group we always manage to have fun 🙂

Breakfast  buffet

Breakfast buffet

Buffet breakfast

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet

Before we left for the  ferry terminal, we had a light lunch at the cafe.  The food was good although a tad expensive but since the resort is far from town we didn’t have much of a choice.  The pizza was very nice.

Oh, big sis Rose realised her mini ipad was missing when we were all congregated at the lobby but thankfully, with the help of the hotel staff, Kervin, Rose’s son, was allowed to enter the rooms to search for it.  It was left on the bed in Lina’s room. Phew!

Lunch before departure

Lunch before departure – chicken nuggets

Lunch before departure

Lunch before departure – chicken wings

Lunch before departure

Lunch before departure – keropok (prawn crackers)

Lunch before departure

Lunch before departure


Lunch before departure

Lunch before departure – pizza

Something for the memory…

The crazy gang

The crazy gang

The end.


Ps: Another blog about Batam is coming up. This time it’s a different group, hotel and spa. Stay tuned if you’re not bored yet 😜


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