Batam again!

Yep, the LZBs (Lau Za Bor’s – Old Ladies) and LTBs (Lao Ta Bo’s – Old Men)  were back in Batam again over the last weekend, this time without Alvin the LTB but with 2 nieces, Wen and Hui.  And this time we stayed in Swiss Belinn Hotel that has wi-fi, a very important facility these days.  I tried to blog while waiting for lunch at the hotel cafe, Swiss Cafe, but it’s muy difícil (thanks to Carolyn for introducing the word ‘muy’ in her Vivi y Carlos fic LOL).  I only got as far as the first few sentences before giving up so now that I’m back, here’s my review in a few parts (yeah, I know, I’m long-winded :P)

This time we bought the Groupon deal at S$42 which includes the ferry, 1 night hotel stay, 1 lunch or dinner and breakfast.  We had to pay terminal charges which was $29 per person so the whole trip minus the spending was only $71 per person.  Quite a steal, don’t you think so?

Anyway, please visit these pages for the reviews:

First part: The hotel, Swiss Belinn

2nd part: The massage, Isabella Massage House

3rd part: Dinner at the Windsor Food Court (again!)

4th part: Nagoya Shopping Mall and Departure

Hope you have fun reading them 🙂

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