Batam Again! – Nagoya Shopping Mall & Departure

Nagoya Shopping Mall

The last day of our trip we were taken back to Nagoya again by Isabella’s driver in the morning after breakfast at the hotel.  There, we indulged in some shopping.  The mall is huge and is separated into two sections, one for food, the other for goods.  Wanted to have Japanese food but they only have a small sushi restaurant which wasn’t even open.  There were many shops selling imitation goods, especially of branded bags, and there was a hypermarket and a Matahari Departmental Store where we got our swimsuits and underwear.

The damage for me?

– One swim suit for me (I’m taking up aqua aerobics in Dec) – @ S$24 it’s a steal.  And it hides my pregnant-looking tummy 😛

Swim Suit

– A pair of shoes for me S$10

My rubber shoes (muy cómodo, very comfy)

– 2 bras for me (not showing pics 😛 ) @ S$17

– 1 pj for Mel S$10

– A pair of fitflop imitation sandals for Mel S$22

– A Man U mug each for me and hubby

The mugs – Hubby’s on the left, mine on the right

– A Man U car decal for hubby

– A Man U watch for son (sadly he dropped after wearing it once and it broke 😦 )

(All Man U stuff $26)

There was an A&W restaurant where we had our root beer float but sadly the drinks machine was out of order. The root beer wasn’t fizzy at all and tasted like sugar water.

Raymond had time for another massage at Isabella while we shopped.  He took the 1.5hr no-frills massage which cost RP 200,000 (S$26) and was happy with it.

We had lunch at the mall before departure and despite there being so many restaurants to pick from, we still ended up with the wrong choice.  We picked Coffee Town Kaya Toast and had a belly full of laughter amid a lousy lunch.  Here’s why…

The waiter couldn’t understand English at all and managed to mess up our orders.  But that’s not the main point.  Look at this picture.  It is Kok’s nasi lemak.  Notice the pathetic chicken drumlet?  It’s the size of hubby’s pinky.

Kok’s Nasi Lemak

Can you see the drumlet here?  I wouldn’t blame him for looking so surprised LOL

Kok and his drumlet

Despite that, he still managed to polish off the whole plate.  Well, it wasn’t THAT difficult, given the size of the serving LOL  We had a good laugh at his expense.

Stef’s Yellow rice nasi lemak

Hubby ordered something else but was served with omelette rice instead, which was what I ordered for myself.  The chili on top of the omelette was super spicy.

Omelette Rice

The burbur hitam (a kind of dessert with black rice and coconut) Irene and Steven ordered was terrible as the black rice grain tasted of soil.

And to top it all off, Wen’s Fish and Chip did not arrive because the waiter completely missed it.

No more next time, Coffee Town (insert angry emoticon here), even if we did have a good laugh.

We went back to Isabella’s and the driver took us back to the hotel to pick up our bags and then drove us to Harbour Bay terminal for our departure.

It was a fantastic weekend and even before we left the island, we were talking about coming back again.  Next year.  April.  It’s a date 😉

On board the Wavemaster waiting to leave Batam

On the home stretch…

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

11 thoughts on “Batam Again! – Nagoya Shopping Mall & Departure”

  1. Sounds like another fantastic family weekend. The massages sound heavenly, a bit of envy showing here. 🙂 Glad JuliURS and May Ling got to go along. 😀

  2. Haslinda Amjat said:

    That thumb size chicken story is hilarious!! U must come to KL Judy!! We can go to meatworks and eat steaks!

  3. Just read the whole series…sounds like you guys had a great time…Really felt bad that you and hubby got such an awful view when all the other rooms had nice views..The message sounded devine..maybe because I just worked all night and my body is love your travel stuff..would even without the It makes me feel almost like I was there..

    Thanks and Uberhugs

  4. Only just caught up Judy….looks lovely….so pleasd you enjoyed your weekend…like your purchases…esp the shoes…..and your Man Utd mugs lol xx

  5. I got hungry looking at all that food… And I love your new shoes..

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