Celebrating Our Heritage

Recently there had been exhibitions held in neighbourhood shopping malls to celebrate our heritage, and what other way to celebrate that than to bring back the food that we grew up eating?

I happened to be at the Bukit Panjang Plaza two weeks ago to do some grocery shopping and chanced upon this exhibition at the atrium.  Here are some pictures showing the food scene in early Singapore and some pictures of the food that we eat here.  Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane with these pics…

Before we start on the pics, here is a video I took from another mall, Lot 1 Shopping, which had the same event going on the week after I took the pics at Bt Panjang Plaza.  It’s a video of the Bhangra Dance performed by a dance group from a community centre (I think).

Now, off to the shopping mall…

A panoramic view of the upper floors of Bt Panjang Plaza

Stalls in the Atrium

Now, food, food, food…and exhibition panels

Dumplings Stall

Woman making ketupat (a type of rice dumpling that’s eaten by the Malay)

Kacang Puteh Stall – All types of nuts used to be sold outside cinemas.  The wrappers used to contain the nuts are just newspapers twisted into cone shapes.  See below pic…

Kacang Puteh Man (man selling kacang puteh on his cart)

Malay Kueh-Kueh and pastries

– Keropok (Prawn crackers,tapioca crackers, etc)

Chinese Pastries and Snacks – these are mainly appreciated by older generation.  Very traditional.

Traditional Chinese Biscuits and Pastries

Mobile Stalls that once doted the streets

Mobile Satay (kebab) Stall

Man making ice ball (Ice Kacang) decorated with colourful syrups and condensed milk.  Sweet!

Taste of Olden Day Singapore

Taste of Singapore Street Food

Lost Makan (Eating) Places

Porridge Stall

View of the Atrium

How food travelled…

Stall selling crabs – buns (left) used to soak up the gravy of the chilli crab (right).  These are more modern…can’t remember seeing them when I was a kid.

Chilli crabs, salted-egg crabs, black pepper crabs…YUMMY!

My loot from grocery shopping

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Heritage”

  1. A fascinating glimpe into the past and present Judy. xxx

  2. I just loved the energetic dancers…Would have liked to try that dance, in my younger days ofcourse……lol….Food stalls were interesting…but aside from the crabs and nuts I would need help selecting something….Fascinating to see all this…Thanks Judy..

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