East Coast Park

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After sending my daughter to the Max Pavilion at the Expo for a concert by a K-Pop band, we (hubby and I) stopped by the East Coast Park for a short walk.

It seemed like there had been a sandcastle building competition happening there previously because we found an area of the beach full of sand sculptures.  Most of them were partially destroyed but we managed to find two that were still standing tall and proud.  There were initials carved into the sculptures but we don’t know what they stood for.   My guess is that the initials were the name of the company or institution that organised this event.  Not all the creations were of castles, at least, one of them looked like Ninja Turtle 😛 which wasn’t that nice so I didn’t snap a picture of it.

Here are the photos of the two sandcastles I took, plus a permanent castle-like structure built for whatever purpose I’m not very sure, and one of the sea and darkening sky.  Photos were taken with my iPhone so they aren’t so sharp.


East Coast Park Beach

East Coast Park Beach

East Coast Park Beach

1 thought on “East Coast Park”

  1. Sounds like you both had a relaxing time xx

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