Jurong Bird Park

Hubby’s company held a family day event at the Jurong Bird Park recently.  There is always the lure of lucky draw prizes whenever the event is held but then hubby has never won anything at such events.  He said if he didn’t win anything this time he won’t be attending any more of such events in future.  So off we went, to market, to market, to buy a fat pig…no wait, that’s not our job 😛

Anyway, our lucky draw number was 8268.  The draw was split into 3 rounds, each round was 10 draws, held an hour apart.  In between the draws we were allowed to wander around the park.  There were some fringe activities mainly for kids before the official start of the event which was held at the air-conditioned Flamingo Lodge, thank Gott!  Anyway, the first round of draws ($50 shopping vouchers each) included the number, 826…7!!!  Hubby and I laughed at our rotten luck and went off to take some pictures.

An hour later, we trekked back to the lodge.  Again, we were wery close to winning a prize (this time it was $100 vouchers).  One of the lucky number drawn was 8269.  Ach mein Gott!  How unlucky can one be?  Ok, seems like next year I won’t be getting anymore free outing…  Off we trudged, this time hubby decided to go to his car to catch 40 winks.  I stayed in the souvenir shop and got acquainted with Miss Piggy and friends.

When the time came for the draw, I called hubby who said he would join me later at the lodge.  With his a** luck, it was likely a wasted effort.  So off I went on my own, being careful not to lose my way being a silly nose wombat with no sense of direction 😛

The auditorium was crowded with hubby’s colleagues and family members, all eagerly awaiting the grand draw.  I stood at the back, the seats were all taken up.  I waited…and waited… and drooled when prizes like the Acer netbook and Phillips Air Fryer were won.  Then it was down to the 2nd prize draw.  8…2…6…..of course the emcee had to tease us a little.  And of course I was thinking I couldn’t have such supreme bad luck.  Then he said ‘the last number is considered a very auspicious number by the Chinese’.  I knew it was mine even before shouts of ‘8’ rang through the hall.  I quickly dug into my bag to draw out the invitation card with the lucky draw number to confirm the number.  YES!!!

As I made my way up to the stage to claim the prize letter, I was thinking what the heck is an XBox 4GB with 250GB Kinect?  Anyway, if it was made worthy of 2nd prize, it must be good, even though I would much prefer the grand prize, the new iPad.  Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers LOL

More importantly, finally hubby can shut his colleagues up for telling him he would never win anything 😛

2 thoughts on “Jurong Bird Park”

  1. congratulations…Hoped you liked the prize…My fav number is 8…did not know it was a lucky CHinese number also..Some great birds there…Hope you and hubby enjoyed the day…


    • Thanks, Joan. The prize was an XBox game bundle which I sold off after my son said he doesn’t need it.

      The Chinese word for 8 sounds like the meaning ‘to prosper’ in Chinese so it’s considered an auspicious number.

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