Marina Bay at Night

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Marina Bay Sands boardwalk

Marina Bay Sands boardwalk - water mist sprays from the blue-lighted structure

Marina Bay Sands boardwalk - Plaques of countries that participated in the Youth Olympic are embedded at the foot of each palm tree

Marina Bay Sands Hotel - SkyPark at top (50 storeys up)

Marina Bay Sands Hotel - An infinity pool at the top that makes it look like water is flowing down the edge of the hotel rooftop

Artscience Museum

Artscience Museum

Artscience Museum

The Helix Bridge and Singapore Flyer

The Helix Bridge and Singapore Flyer

Indoor skating rink - inside MBS mall

Mauro Corda Sculpture - inside MBS mall

Marina Bay City Gallery

Inside the Gallery - Marina Bay City layout

Inside the Gallery - Marina Bay Skyline Posters

Night View of Shenton Way (Central Business District)

Night view of Shenton Way (Central Business District)

Night view of Shenton Way (Central Business District)

6 thoughts on “Marina Bay at Night”

  1. Judy, I’m loving the scenic tour of Singapore! What a lovely city you live in. The structures are so modern. Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks, Nora. Singapore is a cosmopolitan country/city so you’ll feel quite at home here 😉 Signs are in English so you won’t get lost, though you’ll have to get used to our Singlish (Singapore English) 😛

  2. I remember seeing the Flyer from our hotel room. They were still working on the Marina Bay Sands Hotel when we were there. it’s so beautiful, Judy. I want to come back so we see it up close. Can you see our hotel in any of the pictures?

    Now you’ll have to go to the Night Zoo, with your camera of course.

    • Well, the MBS hotel is up and running now so you’ll have to come back again to experience the rooftop garden and it’s infinity pool 😉 Guests of the hotel get to visit the SkyPark for free while others have to pay to get up there, so don’t forget me if you decide to check in there 😉

      I had to ask hubby if the Ritz-Carlton Millenia is in any of the pics and guess what? It is! See the picture with the word ‘Museum’? Well, the building behind it is the Ritz-Carlton 🙂 Happy memories…

      Night zoo? I have been thinking of going to the Night Safari but hubby doesn’t want to 😦 It doesn’t help that a tiger escaped in 1996 because someone forgot to lock the gate. Poor Giggo had to be put down when they found him 😦

  3. Love your tours…You do live in a beautiful country/city…It is so nice to tour with you since I will most likely never see it in person…Divas are great ladys..

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