Il Divo and Orchestra in Concert 2012, Hong Kong – Il Divo

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Thanks to Thai Diva, Natcha, here are some of the Il Divo photos she took of the Hong Kong concert.  In her own words…

… this concert, their voices blending so well.  The union of their voice become “One Voice” even more than ever.  I am impressed with their progressing in quality of their voice and performance – Natcha
– There are 2 people who help us to achieve our goal, Loretta Lau (she is my friend’s friend – now mine too) who helped us obtained the tickets through Holly, her friend’s assistant (work @ HKCEC) who also booked the best seats for us (row 9). They were strangers to me as I never met them before but with their kind hearts, they helped us accomplished our mission. Nonie & I could not thank them enough.  And because of Il Divo’s incident we also get 2 new good friends.  So their music really has no boundary and is magical – Natcha

3 thoughts on “Il Divo and Orchestra in Concert 2012, Hong Kong – Il Divo”

  1. Gorgeous pics, Natcha. And thanks for sharing them here, Judy.

  2. Great pictures. Thanks so much to both of you for sharing them here Judy.

  3. Very much enjoyed the pictures..Thanks

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