Upper Peirce Reservoir

Hubby and I had a walk at Upper Peirce Reservoir a few weeks ago after sending son to his Sunday class.  It was good to see so much greenery but I did wonder how long that would last.  With the government aiming for 6.9mil people to fill the tiny island by 2030, I think much of the greenery around the reservoir will likely make way for high-rise buildings and roads.  Already, large chunks of secondary forests beside expressways have already been sacrificed for wider roads to cater to more traffic brought about by the increase in population (mostly foreigners).

Anyway, enough of the grim stuff.  Here are some photos I took of the place.  I didn’t bring my camera along but I thought my Samsung Galaxy 3 did quite nicely 🙂

Panoramic view of the reservoir:20140323_103721

The Peirce Story:20140323_104255 20140323_104420 20140323_11080720140323_102513

A family set up a picnic down here (the white spot beside the tree) which invited two monkeys to investigate (2nd pic).  These monkeys (Long-tailed Macaque) are so used to seeing people that they are fearless of them.  Instead, they can be a menace if they thought that you are holding food in your hands so it’s advisable not to carry plastic bags because they associate that with food and will just snatch it away or attack you.

20140323_103101  20140323_103934

Long-tailed Macaque:

20140323_104126 20140323_104139

Magnificent trees:20140323_10333020140323_104449


Checking out the life buoy…



These tiny flowers fell on my head…20140323_104922

Trying to catch a glimpse of the fishy in the pond and saw a shimmery blue fish with a dot near its tail but it was too shy for the camera…20140323_104628

But the camera caught this beautiful pink dragonfly instead…20140323_105750

It liked the attention from the camera so it stayed for awhile longer…20140323_10583720140323_105908

Hubby and I played a game of football with this before we left to pick son up for home…20140323_110946

Hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂

7 thoughts on “Upper Peirce Reservoir”

  1. Very nice pictures Judy. Love the dragonfly.


  2. Judy,
    Just love seeing pics of your travels…It is beautiful there..Shame it will not last..

    Hugs Joan

  3. Thank you Judy. It looked very tranquil. I do hope it isn’t lost to high-rise! xx

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