Hong Kong Trip


Finally, after about 2 months of waiting, the LZB’s trip to Hong Kong finally arrived!  We booked the early Tiger Airway flight at 6.05am so imagine how early we had to reach the airport.  I woke up at 2.30am to get ready and reached the airport at about 4am. The other LZB’s had already arrived and were at the check-in counter.   Apparently they didn’t sleep at all because they were playing mahjong the whole night!  Lina turned up with red eyes and grumbled that the other 2 wouldn’t let her sleep but judging from the pictures of pizzas on their FB page, I’m sure they enjoyed doing graveyard shift LOL

We had something to eat at Toastbox after checking in our luggage.  Then it was time hubby said goodbye (he had to go to work 😦 )



Unlike my sisters who have been to Hong Kong at least once before, it was my first trip there so naturally, I was super excited.  I even planned the itinerary even though they threatened jokingly to just stay in the hotel room since they had visited most of the tourist attractions before.  So it was 3 generals and 1 foot soldier who set foot on board the Tiger Airways flight.


As with all budget airlines I suspect, the plane wasn’t that comfy.   The aisle was narrow, the seats were very cramped.   Well, you get what you paid for.  Thank goodness it was only a 4-hr flight and I had my iPod (hence, Il Divo) to soothe me and May Ling the Pink Hippo was there to cuddle up with as I tried to grab some 40 winks in a bid to ignore the discomfort.

20130520_063439 20130520_095628 20130520_104952  20130520_055153 20130520_055532

Soon the plane was preparing to land and as Stef and I looked out the window, we noticed that the plane was flying really low over the sea.  I was just wondering where the landing strip was when suddenly the plane touched down with a bang and we had landed.  It wasn’t smooth but thank goodness we landed alright!

Then it was a flurry of activities…clearing customs, collecting luggage, deciding on how best to get to our hotel.  Thank goodness the other 3 LZB’s are seasoned travelers and knew exactly what we should be doing.  If it was left up to me, I think I would be stuck at the airport for a long time 😛  I can barely remember what we did.   I just followed along, remembering only that we took the Airport Express and then a bus K5 before reaching our destination, the Royal Plaza Hotel.

On the express train…



Stay tuned for more pics and write-up of my 5 days in Hong Kong!


3 thoughts on “Hong Kong Trip”

  1. Love the part about the 3 Generals and the foot soldier….I cannot imagine lugging a big suitcase on a a bus…As always good info mixed wit humor…Keep it coming..


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