Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Day 4 – Disneyland)

Day 4 – Disneyland, Hong Kong

After Ngong Ping and a spot of shopping at Citygate which is just beside the cable car station, we headed for Disneyland in its very own Disney train.


– Mickey Mouse train

Inside the Mickely Mouse train to Disneyland

Inside the Mickey Mouse train to Disneyland (Sis 2 and Sis 6)

With sis no. 4

With sis no. 4

My, what big ears I've got!

My, what big ears I’ve got!

Mickey Mouse Handrail

Mickey Mouse Handrail

I was stuck at the entrance because my ticket was faulty but it was quickly resolved by the staff.  It was mid afternoon then and the sun was a little unrelenting, although it would’ve been much worse in Singapore.

Outside Disneyland HK

Outside Disneyland HK

IMG-20130525-WA0016– Stuck at the entrance because of a faulty ticket 😦



Sisters 2, 4 and 5 (moi)

Sisters 2, 4 and 5 (moi)

My fav pic :)

My fav pic 🙂


The parade square

The parade square

Window display

Window display (animated cartoon models)

We were lucky to catch the parade not long after entering the park.  The following pictures were all about the parade.

The performers, especially the band which led the floats, clearly enjoyed the performance.  They interacted and flirted with the crowd and still never missed a beat.

The parade has started!

The parade has started!

The performers really enjoyed performing :)

The performers really enjoyed performing 🙂


























Then it was time for tea 🙂  We shared a Mickey Mouse waffle and a Po Lo bun (pineapple bun) with ham and cheese.  Delicioso!

Mickey Mouse Waffle

Mickey Mouse Waffle

Po lo bun with ham and cheese

Po lo bun with ham and cheese

It must be our lucky day because we managed to make it to the Festival of Lion King show with time to spare.  It was a 45-minute pared down version of the actual musical but still a spectacular show of light and beautiful singing nonetheless.


Lion King musical

Lion King musical








After the show, we headed for the Jungle River Cruise.  Here you get to choose the language of narration by the skipper: English, Mandarin or local (Cantonese).  We took the English one but quickly regretted it because even though it had more frequent rides, the queue was long.  The local one, although the wait for the next boat was long, had fewer people probably because not many locals visited the park (since it was a weekday).

By this time my phone battery was almost flat so I only have 3 pictures to show for the cruise, the rest were from Stef.

The house of Tarzan

The house of Tarzan

On the boat

On the boat

IMG-20130525-WA0018 IMG-20130525-WA0015 IMG-20130525-WA0011 IMG-20130525-WA0010 IMG-20130525-WA0008 IMG-20130525-WA0020


After the Jungle River Cruise we had a ride on the Cinderella Carousel and had a picture taken with Pluto which we didn’t buy 😦

IMG-20130525-WA0003 IMG-20130525-WA0002

– All that fun and excitement must’ve gotten to me cos I sure looked tired!


– I put my hand on Pluto’s nose but it wasn’t allowed 😛

After that, Lina dragged us all into the Space Mountain.  Irene knew what to expect and hung back, refusing to be dragged inside.  So Stef, Lina and me joined the very short queue and were soon on the space ship.  There was an instruction to remove our glasses but since the others were still wearing theirs and the staff said nothing about it, I left it on.  Well……

Lina said it was a fun ride and was very enthusiastic about it.  Stef had to sit alone since we could only sit in twos.  The ride started off very slowly and smoothly, going around the darkened tunnel at steady speed.  Then it all changed.

We were zoomed around inside the dark tunnel, flung left, right and center, and all this while Stef was cursing at being dragged to endure the ride of death, screaming ‘I hate you’ to Lina LOL  As for me, my fear of being flung out of my space ship was sort of negated by my fear of losing my glasses LOL

It as a helluva coaster roller ride made in lightning fast speed (ok, maybe not lightning fast but you get the idea 😉 ), made even more scary by the fact that we were almost in darkness save for the bursts of lights that represented the galaxy.

My glasses were practically pressed against my face by the force of the speed so I suppose that was what kept them on my nose LOL  At one stage I really contemplated taking them off but I didn’t have the courage to lift my hand off the safety bar 😛  But it was over almost as soon as it started.  Thank Gott!

Besides that scary ride, we also went for the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters where we tried to shoot targets with laser guns as we rode through the shooting gallery in darkness.  It would’ve been much more fun if I hadn’t found out then that I’m a lousy shooter 😛

After a bit of walking around, it was dinner time.  We had our meals at Comet Cafe but I can’t for the life of me remember what we ate LOL  Anyway, it was nearly time for the closing of the park and the eagerly awaited fireworks so we headed to the square in front of the castle to find us some good spots to sit down and wait.  The crowd was slowly building up…

The light and firework show was spectacular but too bad my phone battery went flat.  This pic is the only decent one from Stef since it’s really hard to capture the fireworks with a phone camera.


Fireworks and light show

We all had a fun time even if we didn’t take many rides at the park, what with our age catching up on us 😛  It’s a miracle we survived the space ride LOL  Perhaps it’s just as well we didn’t go too early or who knows what other death-defying rides Lina would drag us to?

It was sad to come to the end of a fantastic day and the ride back wasn’t something we all looked forward to since we were quite far away from our temporary home, aka, our hotel room.  And the ride back was tainted with a sense of sadness too because the next day, we bid goodbye to Hong Kong 😦

next…adios, Hong Kong 😦


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6 thoughts on “Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Day 4 – Disneyland)”

  1. Absolutely lovely photos Judy…..and I know what fun you had… When we lived in
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we went to Disney World in Orlando so many times…and
    each visit was magical… but that was many years ago…

    I can see the experience is still so marvelous from your photos… thanks for sharing.

    • Glad the photos brought back fun memories for you, Rosemary. I’m sure Disney World in Orlando is much more spectacular. Would be nice if I could visit it one day…


  2. Vickie Bell said:

    Thanks for sharing Judy, I feel like I’m right there on your trip… enjoying myself
    with you and your sisters.

  3. Judy,

    Loved rge piece…Very much makes me want to go back to our Disney World…Haven’t been there for years…Now for Space Mountain, one of my grandchildren had me go on it, and as fast as it was it wasn’t fast enough….my knees were shakingwhen I got off…the only good part was the dark since I am afraid of heights…LOL..Never again….Loved every other ride in the park….even the run away train….

    Looks like you all had a great time..Thanks for letting us join you..Pic were great..


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